Stella Afif ("Manzer Koson") the biggest foul mouth!

Stella Afif is now the undisputed Queen of sleaze with one of the biggest foul mouths in the country; not so long ago she wanted to know if former President Rene was in pampers. We just wonder if her sister would have said the same about the former president. Stella has now gone further with her latest insults directed at her brother-in-law and the Islamic faith, the spiritual faith of her husband. This woman has now stepped out too far with her insults and must be reined back before she does more damage with her lousy mouth. She has managed to push JFF, the King of insults, back down in second place a hard feat to attain.

However, Stella Afif is muted on the two pieces of land she bought from government, which this newspaper has been asking her to explain – when government policy only allow for one plot per person, without land. The way in which she executed this fraudulent activity goes to show that the lady a schemer and devious woman.

On the 25th March 1994 parcel No. H3013 (898 sq.m) was transferred in her name for only SR40, 000. It is clearly stated on the transfer document that: The Transferee shall before transferring the property to any other person within the first five years of this Transfer first offer the property for sale to the Transferor.

We have no knowledge if that was the case, but, what we know is that in the same year, in fact barely six months after; on the 28th September 1994, she transferred ½ of that property to her husband; Mr. Ahmed Afif, making him a party to that fraud - And almost twelve months before buying another piece of land from government on 4th August, 2006. She transferred the other ½ to Ahmed Afif. On 27th April 2007 she bought plot number H6296 (2,860sq.m) from government.

So, before Stella goes off to insult another member of her husband’s family or anyone else – she must explain the circumstances surrounding the purchase of the two plots of land from government. It is clear that her husband was also a party to the deception and he too must now offer an explanation on the matter, especially now that he is an elected member of the National Assembly – more than ever before he is accountable to the electorates of Anse Etoile. We will publish their response in the spirit of the people’s right to information; the people who voted for him to be elected.

Ahmed and his wife have been shouting the loudest coming up to the National Assembly election about corruption. This is an opportunity for them to set themselves apart from the corrupt people in government with a simple explanation on the matter.



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