Fake News? Read Le Seychellois!

Wavel is throwing bricks from a glass house.

The article published on page 7 in the first issue of Le Seychellois for 2017 is highly satirical; it is a case of the monkey laughing at the tail of the chimpanzee. Wavel is exceedingly frustrated with Parti Lepep because (according to him) State House and L’Espace Building are disseminating totally different messages and he doesn’t know who to believe. ‘It is high time they sort themselves out’, he wrote.

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Can the Honorable Gentleman explain the situation between LDS and SNP and LS, why is he sitting at Arpent Verte, when the headquarters of LDS is across the road from the hospital? Why, is he still sporting his green wristband even at funerals and green shirt in the National Assembly, when the party colour is Blue? Who is Wavel trying to fool? This is a clear sign of division, if proof was ever needed.

The official leader of the LDS is Mr. Roger Mancienne - why are we not hearing from him? Who is the real leader of LDS? This situation is similar to the two Presidents he is accusing PL of having. We agree with many points he highlighted in his article, but, things are not different with the LDS; where permanent disarray exist between him and Patrick Pillay; just last week they were fighting (like two old women) over who should have visited Marie-Louise prison. Subsequently, Wavel is doing his own thing with his SNP in preparation to ditch Pillay; remember Roger Mancienne is an SNP stalwart and LDS leader, he will side with Ramkalawan. Patrick Pillay is not sitting idle he is back  forging a fresh relation with his former political colleagues in anticipation of fresh elections; Pillay is also determine that Wavel never becomes president. “It is high time they sort themselves out”.

This newspaper is an independent observer. We are committed to unmask the politicians in their attempt to fool the people. Parti Lepep has a lot of problems, which must be sorted out fast to stop the hemorrhaging. The LDS is not faring any better, there is a big pretense that all is fine, but one just has to scratch the surface. This current situation with the two biggest political organizations, present the country as a whole with a climate of instability. It will impact negatively on the socio-economic wellbeing of the country, unless they start to behave responsibly by getting their act together.  

It must be noted that PL is in charge of the Executive and LDS the Legislature - and the fact that they cannot agree on anything in public and has to deal behind the scenes is another big problem. The fiasco with the 2017 Budget is causing stagnation in the economy. Instead of finalizing the debate on the 2017 Budget to allow for a smooth
start of the financial year 2017 - they chose to go on holiday – and now they are blaming each other for the uncertainty that is creeping into the real economy. Wavel is trying to exonerate himself of any blame through the said article on page 7 in Le Seychellois, Issue No 1. He must accept 50% of the blame for the mess he helped create.      



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