The true colours of Wavel Ramkalawan revealed

The Honourable Leader of Opposition’s head is getting too big for his stumpy body and soon he will topple over. It is obvious that Wavel’s populist politics have no boundary and that he will stop at nothing to try and get ahead of the pack, even if it means destroying the country in the process. The latest evidence of that came at the Seychelles Pension Fund symposium this week, where Wavel said that the official retirement age should be reduced to 55yrs. This is not the words of a wise leader. This is the words a man who is hungry for power and hence will stop at nothing to try and get there.

The statement by the Honorable Leader of Opposition was met with applause and cheers from the crowd – it is not known if the clapping was to show approval or shock. However, after the meeting the reality and implication of what the man had said had sunk in and the crowd left the hall in a somber mood; muttering to one another about the proposition from the man who wants to be President of Seychelles one day. It was a shocking reality even to some in his own circle. They started to realize the implications of what the LDS leader had proposed and the impact it will have on the wellbeing of the country and the people.  

The verbal diarrhea came after the presentations, when members of the public had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and get answers to all their queries with regard to pension. This is when the clever little fellow from LDS dropped his bombshell. Even Donald Trump would have struggled to better that one – it was a masterstroke from the millionaire priest.  

Now, it is important for the Leader of the Opposition to provide the public with more details on this proposition of lowering pensionable age. And if it was a mistake he should also come out and say it before it becomes a national storm like his 13th month salary shenanigans that backfired in a big way. It will be the responsible thing to do!



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