The BIG conspiracy

LDS and the PL Government are involved in a big conspiracy behind the scenes. Everything that you see being played out in public is a charade to fool the people. This newspaper is speaking out to stop the pretense before too much harm is done to society. This prevailing situation is not in the people’s best interest. It is a case where the politicians are taking care of themselves and their own first and foremost. This situation was kick started by the LDS in an effort to provide financial security to many of its top executive, who had not won National Assembly seats or were not qualified for Ministerial or National Assembly pension because of the age restriction.  This included people like Ms. Simone Decommarmond, William Herminie among others, who had not reached the retirement age of 63yrs. Parti Lepep didn’t have this problem because they could just create a position for their own in government with a big salary and problem solved! However, the LDS doesn’t have this kind of luxury so they had to strike deals. Subsequently, the law was changed by this parliament as a favour to LDS to provide former ministers and ex-national assembly members with government pension before they reach 63 yrs old.  

We can state, with conviction, that in a meeting that took place at State House in the last quarter of 2016, between the LDS Executive and the Head of State, the LDS made several unethical demands with the sole intention to provide financial assistance to certain persons in their top executive and inner circle. We know that Wavel pushed hard in the meeting for MNA’s pension age to be lowered to 55yrs. The amendment to the law was made soon after the meeting to bring down the age limit to 60yrs of age or 55yrs of age if the member had been in the Assembly for 144 months (3 terms) or if the member retired on medical grounds.  The evidence of the deals is clear for the enthusiastic observers to see: Why would the PL Government be overturning a decision they made barely ten months ago? If it was not a favour for the LDS?

The National Assembly is another place, which the LDS is using to good effect to provide well paid jobs to people close to them. Daniel Caesar has been rewarded with a lucrative deal as the legal counsel for the National Assembly, apparently he has set up shop - lock, stock, barrel and kitchen sink included, at the National Assembly; no pun intended. The LDS candidates for Pte Larue and Port Glaud have also been provided with a cozy little earner each – if they decide to jump up and down because of this article we will publish their salaries to show the corrupt nature of the LDS.

However, LDS’s partner in crime, PL is totally mute on the orgy in the National Assembly. Is it a case of, see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil??

We also firmly believe that the appointment of both the new Chairman of IDC and the Mayor of Victoria are favours accorded to the LDS leadership by the ruling party. What are they giving in return? The people must start looking and thinking and not following blindly - before it is too late. You have been warned!!      



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