Francois is A Liar

Access to the beach is a fundamental right under the laws of Seychelles. However, over the years there has been a myriad of confusion regarding the issue. The fundamentalists have
wasted no time in howling their disagreement whenever there was a violation of this basic
birth right. The political establishment has also made capital of the issue to try to gain
popularity with the masses;

This newspaper is taking a fresh look at this situation and we will be publishing a series of articles to establish the level of violation in 2017 where it does exist. We know that the Beau Vallon Beach is totally opened to the public twenty-four hours a day, even if it has at least five big hotels along the beachfront. Access to the Anse Royale Beach is also unimpeded and the beach can be accessed at several points along the main road. In comparison with Beau Vallon, access to the Anse Royale Beach is on a par.

Several beaches in the South end of Mahe have been the cause of controversy in the past as far as access for the general public is concerned. One such place is at Baie Lazare, at the former Plantation Club, which is now under the management of the Kempinski Hotels. The Kempinski Seychelles Resort at Baie Lazare possesses one of the best beaches in the country; it stretches along the full length of the hotel and its beauty is incomparable. The locals have been enjoying this gift from the creator since time immemorial. The trouble with access started when the new owners changed the (original) public access to the hotel and the beach; a new access road from (Anse Soleil Road) the other side of the property was constructed. The original access road became a private entrance for the owners and the administrators of the property. The general public was not ready for that change and it was not taken lightly. However, things have now settled down and normality has been restored to this part of paradise.

The Baie Lazare ‘Kempinski’ beach can now be accessed at two different locations, without constraints; through the main entrance to the hotel, which is (100m) on the left along the Anse Soleil Road, which leads to the Four Seasons Resort or you can carry on straight along the Anse Soleil Road and do a left just before the car park at Four Seasons, this vehicular access will take you straight down to the beach. They are both much longer than the original access, but it is worth the time when you get there.

Our reporter went to the Baie Lazare Beach through the hotel main entrance along the Anse Soleil Road, recently. He was met by a security guard at the gate who wanted to know the reason for his visit; having been told that our man was going to the beach, the barrier was pushed aside and our man was allowed to drive through without problem. And on the beach he met with many locals, who said that they had no problems accessing the beach.



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