The cohabitation will FAIL!

The cohabitation between the LDS majority in the National Assembly and the Parti Lepep Executive will fail to achieve favorable results for the people. This is our prediction. We hope that we are wrong for the sake of this country. It will not succeed because it is not being done in the national interest or in the interest of those who voted for change. This is a little arrangement between old friends (Patrick Pillay, Simone, William, Noelie, Ahmed, Clifford and their friends in the Government of Parti Lepep) and political opportunists (Wavel, Bernard and others) to look after their own selfish interests - the people’s need and welfare are not being taken seriously, it is getting only lip service.

The welfare of others in the top executive of PL and LDS are also at the core of their agenda. The first thing that the new Government and National Assembly negotiated was to lower the pension age for ex-Ministers and ex-National Assembly Members. It must be noted that the Government of Parti Lepep was well and truly cornered by the results of the National Assembly elections and for the first time in forty years they found themselves without a working majority in parliament. In certain respects they had no choice; however, the LDS does have a choice.

They have decided to protect those same persons they said were not doing a good job running the country. They had told their followers they wanted change and could only achieve it with a win in the National Assembly Elections (2016). They got what they wanted, and are now using it to make deals. They have deceived their supporters!    

The LDS is in this cohabitation for the wrong reason; they are in it to “wheel and deal” and they will negotiate away the interests of the people. Both Pat Pillay and Wavel Ramkalawan have a track record of doing exactly that; we can all remember when Wavel and compatriot in the SNP voted for the 2008 Budget, no questions asked. Pat Pillay knew all about the SPUP/SPPF atrocities against this country and the people, yet he jumped at the first opportunity that was provided to him to join in the plundering that was taking place.

For the first time in a long time the PL Government is apprehensive and not in control of everything something that they are not use to…... In 2017 they depend on the good will of the opposition for the smooth running of the day to-day affairs of the country. This situation has presented the LDS hyenas with an opportunity to sink their teeth into some fresh meat or rotten meat for that matter, something they have been waiting for, for several decades. Their lust for privileges, power and fame cannot be ignored it is being displayed openly in the National Assembly.

Patrick Pillay is trying to defend the un-defendable he has acted unethically by allocating two key positions with hefty (unjustified) salaries within the administration of the National Assembly to his sycophants without advertising the posts – destroying the notion of equal opportunity in the process. This is corruption, something, which the LDS said they would fight against. Patrick Pillay is yet to provide details of all the land he acquired from government and how much money he made from the properties, that he eventually sold to foreigners; he must do that in the spirit of transparency. This was another typical case of using public office for private gains. We are highlighting these matters here so that the people can be motivated to keep their eyes wide open over the next four years. “In fini tro tar pou fer Seselwa dormi boner”.    


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