Glenny Savy Stands firm to LDS Demands

The LDS National Assembly Members are lining up to have a go at the IDC/GICC and Mr. Glenny Savy. So much so that several people are alleging that they want GICC to build houses for them. This follows information that GICC allegedly helped build a house at St. Louis and also donated generously in the reconstruction of a church at Bel Ombre. The vultures are furious that they didn’t get to partake in that kind of generosity. This is a typical case of ‘abuse of public office for private gains”.
I le plis Ek Son Ban Dalon

We all know that the church at Bel Ombre was built almost entirely by donations from Dr. Ramadoss, Franky Petrousse, UCPS, IDC/GICC and others. However, the Church still had to fork out SR4.2 million to pay the construction company. Into whose pocket did that money go is still a mystery until today? There are allegations that GICC was also providing Indian construction workers for free to work for people in the leadership of LDS. It was being done in the name of philanthropy, but it is now becoming a big problem, because the minors in the party also want to cash in on the patronage of the benefactor. It is really a case of killing the goose that was laying the golden egg.

They are launching attack after attack LDS National Assembly Members want houses from
GICCon the IDC and its CEO with the hope that he will cave in to their deceitful intents.
Even the Seychellois in its 1st Edition of the year had a front page article dedicated to the
cause. Maybe, Uncle Tom is planning on building a mansion? So far IDC is standing firm
and not giving in to the local terrorists.



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