Biggest Crime against the People so far by this Administration

In our last edition two weeks ago on the front page, we published an article in regards to a ruling by The Constitutional Court. That same week, the court ruled that the amendment to the National Assembly Members Emolument Act that provides the MNA s and Ministers with early pension as soon as they vacate their position was illegal.

It held that the 2008 Amendment was ultra vires the powers of the National Assembly and therefore falls to be declared unconstitutional and void.

The court made the following order:

a. The provisions of sections 2(1) (c), 2(2) (d), 3(1) (c), 3A (1) (d) and 4(d) of the National Assembly Members Emoluments Act are unconstitutional and void.

b. This order will have prospective effect. No order is made with regard to payments already made under the Act.

c. Notice of this finding of unconstitutionality is to be served on the President of the Republic of Seychelles and the Speaker of the National Assembly in terms of Article 130(5) of the Constitution.

After, the ruling both Wavel Ramkalawan of LDS and Charles Decomarmond of PL wasted no time in igniting the process to amend The Constitution of the Third Republic to overcome the latest hurdle between them and an early special pension for MNAs and Ministers. When the ruling that declared the amendment void and unconstitutional was being made at the ‘Palais De Justice’, the National Assembly was in full session and someone had texted Wavel to inform him of the Court’s decision. According to a member of the National Assembly, Wavel tried desperately to get Charles to look at the text message he had sent him informing of the Constitutional Court’s ruling. They got together to discuss the matter straight after the National Assembly. It was agreed that they will move quick to amend the Constitution. It was done at neck breaking speed without following proper procedures and with the full backing of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The amendment was not on the “Order Paper” for the 11th and 12th April, with absolutely no debate or mention of it during the last two (sessions) days of the National Assembly deliberations, before they went on vacation. It was all a hush-hush affair between them. This is how Parti Lepep and the LDS are repaying the people who voted for them. The cohabitation is now one big conniving exercise between PL and LDS to look after their own interest and that of their friends and associates.



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