Dear President Faure, We the residents of Port Glaud have read of the forced return of the 10 plots of land which were sold by government to an investor.

Now we are openly requesting that you summon Hon Patrick Pillay and request that he returns to the Seychelles government and the people of Port Glaud the property at Port Launay, which is protected land being a reserve of the “Sou Souri Banann” nesting place.

When Mr. Pillay applied to purchase from government the prime beach front property at Port Launay, the MNA for Port Glaud in the National Assembly, Mrs. Gamatis, raised strong objections because Mr. Pillay had previously already benefitted from buying several government properties and did not therefore qualify for government land and was not a resident of Port Glaud and there were several Port-Glaud residents on the list waiting for land. It was a clear case of abuse of his privilege and position.
Mr Pat Pillay

However, the sale was sanctioned and the MNA’s voice was not heard. On top of that Mr. Patrick Pillay also purchased the plot mentioned above which falls in the reserve of the protected ‘Sou Souri banann’. There was a condition that he would not develop this property but use it as a buffer and for landscaping. As it is well known Mr. Pillay later sought permission to develop this same reserve (it is there on record) and he applied lots of pressure on the authorities because he had found an Arab buyer for the land. The Ministry of Environment and the Planning Authority stood by their decision and he was not given permission – something which angered and frustrated him very much.

We the residents of Port Glaud therefore do not trust Mr. Pillay to honour his agreement to keep this land as a protected reserve in the future when he can use his position of influence AGAIN to get permission to develop the land.

We therefore now appeal to both you Mr. President and Speaker Patrick Pillay to do the honourable thing and return this reserve to the people of Seychelles – more specifically to the people of Port-Launay.

Speaker Patrick Pillay has already benefitted from the purchase of prime beachfront property to which he was not entitled, plus 4 to 6 plots of farming land which he then sold to a Belgium naturalized Seychellois, plus ex Savy house at Fairview. We believe he has received enough favours when he was holding high positions in the government.

Let him now lead by example and return the protected land to government and take back his money which he paid – AND NO MORE PROPERTIES IN EXCHANGE PLEASE.

Residents of Port Glaud



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