Editor Meetarbhan gets controversial

Now that Nichole Tirant has been appointed Ombudsman and enjoying the perks and privileges of her Office, a Mauritian has taken it upon himself to replace her as chief spokesperson for the Opposition. In the process, his hatred of and contempt for James Michel oozes as slime through his editorials in TODAY in Seychelles.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in R. Meetarbhan’s editorial of Monday 24 April. The Mauritian – a guest of this country – has the impudence and the impertinence to question a decision of the Court of Appeal to maintain the ruling of the Supreme Court that the Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA) was right to refer Judge Durai Karunakaran to a tribunal of inquiry into his conduct.

Meetarbhan has already concluded that there are no merits to the case of Karunakaran. In addition he urges the tribunal in question to take into account the perceptions of the public “about circumstances having triggered the Karunakaran affair”.  For him, the whole “affair” is politically motivated and the suspension of the judge was a unilateral decision taken by James Michel, purely out of political motives and revenge, by-passing the recommendations of the CAA. The CAA, it must be pointed out, was abundantly clear in its recommendation that Judge D. Karunakaran be referred to a Tribunal of Inquiry in relation to his conduct.

Meetarbhan, quoting extensively from the Constitution, goes further to advice the CAA to recommend to the President the revocation of the suspension of Karunakaran.

Where else in the world would a foreign “journalist” be allowed to interfere in a host country’s judicial process? Where else in the world would the public at large be incited by a foreign journalist to constitute itself into a court of law or tribunal with the sole purpose of exonerating a person even before a judgment is pronounced. Only in Seychelles – even though we ceased being a dependency of Mauritius in 1903!

Meetarbhan, it would seem, is unaware of this. He is a shame to his country, a shame to the profession he purports to represent, and a shame to the cordial relations between Seychelles and Mauritius. His compatriots making a decent living in this country and who have integrated in our society would do well to denounce him for the scoundrel that he is.

This paper would like to know how and why did R. Meetarbhan obtain a GOP and, in the process, a licence to insult and humiliate the Seychellois people. Or maybe he is only fronting this sham for someone else??? 



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