Who broke into the National Assembly? It was an inside job!

This newspaper can confidently report that the office of the Speaker, who is also the Chairman of the Anti-Victimization Committee, was never broken into – all indications are pointing to an inside job, allegedly orchestrated by the ‘illegal counselor’ – an area of expertise. The deadline to submit the filled out forms by the victims of victimization to the office of the Chairman was set for the 10th April, and the office was conveniently broken into on the weekend that followed (14th, 15th,16th & 17th April); which was the Easter (long) weekend.

This newspaper has had information suggesting that people who visited the LDS office at Mont Fleuri were being encouraged to filled out the forms to complain about victimization by certain specific persons they wanted to target; one of those was Mr. Martin Aglae. This in itself defeats the whole purpose of the exercise and renders the process fraudulent.

In addition to the above - the whole story about an intruder or intruders in the office of the Speaker was a hoax to cover-up, their intent to derail the work of the Anti-Victimization Committee. At least half of the forms submitted were complaints against former ministers, former army officers, business people and former high officials in government, who are now supporting the LDS. This is a big problem for the Anti- Corruption Committee and this is why the break-in was engineered to derail the whole process.

The National Assembly is well protected by close circuit television (cctv) and security guards on a twenty-four hour basis. If someone had come from outside he/she would have been spotted. It is clear that whoever entered the office of the Speaker must be a person on the inside. Now, your guess is as good as mine as to who the cowboy is, who could have done it and why?



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