Former President James Michel gives up party leadership Speaker Patrick Pillay stepping down

The former president has announced that he will not seek re-election for the post of party president for Parti Lepep. This announcement came at the extraordinary congress held on Saturday 08th April at the ICCS.

“However, I would like to reassure you that I will always be there with the Seychellois and I will always be SPUP, SPPF or Parti Lepep. I will never abandon my principle and conviction and it is because of this that I love my party  and those who believed in me, which have made my decision that the time have come to allow the new generation to lead the party and our country. It is with much pride, honour and a clean conscious that I am moving aside…….”, President Michel said.

Political observers are saying that President Faure will now take over the leadership of Parti Lepep. All things considered this is a natural progression anything else will be a disaster for Parti Lepep. If we are to go with the results of the last National Assembly elections Parti Lepep is still the biggest political grouping outside the LDS, which many believe is a loose coalition that is certain to disin-
tegrate before the next election, be it presidential or legislative.

There are a lot of bickering going on in both camps; LDS and Pl. The LDS has done a better job at masking their differences, however, evidence has now surfaced to suggest that LDS is also on the same collision course. We are publishing here a letter sent by email from Speaker Patrick Pillay to the LDS chairperson, Mr. Roger Mancienne. We have titled it: ‘Beginning of a split’. It is clear that Patrick Pillay has had enough both physically and mentally and will not last the duration of his mandate as Speaker or even as elected member for Anse Boileau. Even if he praises Wavel in the letter, we all know his disdain for the man.

The fact that Pillay is now proposing Philippe or Alexia as the new Speaker; one proportionally elected LDS member will have to leave the National Assembly. The question is who? If Philippe is appointed as the new Speaker then Jany will have to make her exit. However, if it is Alexia our money is on Flory who will have to be ejected from her seat. Is the LDS strong enough to sustain this kind of rupture at this early stage of its unification? Time will tell!

Beginning of a split!

Monday, April 10, 2017 6:30 PM

Dear Roger,

I am writing this after much soul searching, meditation and prayers. Lately I have been feeling
my age under the pressure of the speakership of the National Assembly. I turned 68 last Saturday!! I know you are one of the LDS leaders who will understand where I am coming from because I have been observing you and you are also tired… I had promised myself that I would fight to the end to see the back of SPPF/ Parti Lepep and to get them out of State House. Lately however, the attacks on my integrity and my reputation coming from my side of the political divide has become unbearable and has deadened my appetite to fight the common enemy. I have done my best. Wavel is doing a sterling job as LOTO and I am proud of him.

The little energy that I have can carry me through as MNA of Anse Boileau until the next NA elections.

I would like to suggest that that during the assembly recess which starts this Wednesday, the LDS Executive Council should consider and decide to appoint either Philippe or Alexia as a PR MNA in the Assembly and vote him/her as Speaker. Alexia would do well as the first Woman Speaker. She is a lawyer after all and has the necessary competence and knowledge to lead the Assembly to greater heights.

On another note, I do not feel comfortable sitting around the same table as somebody who is bent on smearing my name to gain stardom or martyrdom….. I hope you do not read more than what my simple intention is in taking this decision. I am aware that I will disappoint some people in taking the decision that I have. However, if I do not look after myself, nobody will.

I am copying this to all the LDS leaders so they are in the loop with regard to my decision.

With best personal regards



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