Fake principle revealed

The “Fake Opposition” has now gone into frantic over-drive.  This is easily seen through their efforts of trying to present a credible alternative to forty years of self-righteous cults of personality that has inundated the local political landscape.  It has now upended with the fighters for democracy, freedom of speech, opinion and expression clutching at all that is contrary to their cause to advance their cause!

They go as far as supporting Robert Mugabe a murderous dictator, and a shame to the African Union, just to get their two pence worth.  How much lower can you go or will you go?

These are the true colours of people who want change in Seychelles.  Their dark and evil agenda is slowly and surely coming to light.  The fetid and cantankerous imaginations that are revealed should have warning bells ringing loudly in everyone ears, anyone with half a brain that is.

People who are used to getting their way, and believe that the only way is their way should not have their hands on any of the levers of power.  We have had forty years of this and in no stretch of imagination do we need more of the same.

Democracy means equality at all times in any form and not just to suit the tastes, personalities or whims of a disgruntled few.  To end my letter I quote Ralph Volcere who said “Democracy is not a rule of the few, by the few, for the few”.

In short if the rules allow Mr. Alain St. Ange to be a candidate for the UNWTO post, let the rules be used to decide the outcome of the post and not the opinion of the “Fake Opposition”.



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