41 million rupees for the National Assembly in 2018

The National Assembly will cost the taxpayers 3.42 million rupees every month according to the 2018 National Budget to be proposed at the end of this month. This will include sixty thousand (60,000) rupees per month for the salary of The Speaker with an additional seventeen thousand (17,000) for constituency allowance; on top of that he has a driver, cars, fuel, bodyguards and other expenses all covered by the National Assembly. He will also get the end of year gratuity of two hundred thousand (200,000+) rupees+. The Speaker is costing the taxpayers at least two hundred and fifty (250,000) thousand rupees per month, if not more. And to top it all up at the end of his term of office another cheque for 1.7 million rupees will be deposited in his bank account.

No wonder The Speaker is now importing live cows by airfreight from Kenya. This newspaper has information that Pat Pillay will bring in twenty cows from Kenya. This activity could have serious health implication for the whole country. Full story next week…….. with so much money at his disposal Pillay has also decided to leave the main island of Mahe to go and live among the millionaires on Eden Island. He has literally abandoned the poor people who voted for him to go stay with the South African.

In addition to Pillay, the other two (government/opposition) leaders’ in the National Assembly gets fifty five (55,000) thousand each as salary with cars, drivers and bodyguards all paid for by the National Assembly; constituency allowance of fifteen thousand (15,000). They are also paid bonuses for every other committee that they sit on. They will also collect an end of year gratuity of one hundred and twenty (120,000) thousand rupees each. They are costing the taxpayers at least one hundred and fifty (150,000) thousand rupees every month. Is it value for money?



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