Everything is OK in the cohabitation in Seychelles… ...But is it really?

Recently Seychelles read with interest a long interview by a big property owner on the existing cohabitation and how good it is, others have spoken proudly about their era of cohabitation saying that all is well…. but is it really ?

As the leaders are enjoying a coffee here, a discussion amongst friends and a sip of good wine or a blue label whisky at a cocktail of the powerful the Stevedore Workers took the law into their own hands and staged a strike. These brave people were tired of questions and answers at the National Assembly that continues to bring nothing for them. Even their extra payments for working on a Sunday were hush hush. They said they got tired of all the continuous talking, but see no action that will make a difference for them and their family as workers. This is what some are saying is OK.

The Stevedores were followed soon after by the fishing boat owners. They wanted more as well and the Leader of the Opposition who has been in the Assembly for close to a year has not seen it fit to table a Motion to benefit these hard working Seychellois, but the same National Assembly passed a Motion for the Offshore Businesses where big money is in play. This is what some are saying is OK.

Nurses will do their part by holding a march this weekend for better conditions. Again the Opposition has not seen it fit to bring a Motion or a Private Members Bill in the Nation Assembly to help the Nurses. They will continue to pay lip service, but for the Offshore Industry, where big money is in play a Members Bill was tabled and passed. This is what some are saying is OK.

The land issue is an area that the Opposition has brought much light to the existing situation. The ruling party will be giving some land back it is believed, great news indeed. I personally just got a plot of land from my defacto. This is very good for me, but all those who benefited of two plots of land and more are sitting in the National Assembly, be fair to the ordinary Seychellois by keeping one plot of land, but please give the others back. This will enable you (MNA) all to address the National Assembly without feeling you are just fooling the people and people will start believing in you. This is what some are saying is OK.

The judiciary and the CAA is becoming the laughing stock. Mention Client’s Account of Lawyers and the CAA gets goose bumps. “Let the system in place continue, and so what if the poor people do not get what is duly their money”, somebody said in the market in Victoria. Seychelles judiciary is now sliding down the drain all because we have politicised it. We wanted a Seychellois, but not an independent one. This is what some are saying is OK.

Assumption Island will have an Indian Military Base, this is today confirmed. The Opposition are “Nil by Mouth” on the subject leaving everyone to speculate who got what to make this deal happen. Seychelles looses an island and the National Assembly is saying nothing. But Wavel Ramkalawan and his Assembly Members enjoyed days in the Outer Islands and the need to save Assumption Island did not come up.  Transparency in this period of cohabitation is bringing about a new level of taking people for a ride. This is what some are saying is OK.

For years the Opposition have screamed about the corruption of selling Seychellois Citizenship and our passports. The State was doing it and the Opposition sat in a corner in the cold with no teeth and spoke out strongly on the matter. Today all can be made right because the same Opposition can bite and can oppose all they do not like, but what do we see? The selling of passports continues, but the money does not go to the State Coffers but to some individuals who speak with their hands under the desk waiting for their kickback. This is what some are saying is OK.

As a pretty, young, but still unmarried Seychellois professional, I start this new weekly column with these comments to show that we have a lot of talk and no action…. so we have a lot to talk about. I am well placed to speak as I am in the know because my much older defacto partner is as angry as I am with the situation today, but he says nothing for fear of his bitter partner. And again this is what some are saying is OK….. but is it?

Bye for now, till next week

Pretty Kelly



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