Who will investigate Sarah Rene for corruption?

This newspaper has waited for twelve months to allow time for the new presidency and the LDS majority in the National Assembly to settle down in their new responsibility. What has resulted out of the last twelve months has shocked a big majority of the people. The Executive has gone into cahoots with the LDS majority in the National Assembly to serve their personal interests and that of their close friends. In the last year they have collaborated with the intention of conspiring against the people of this country. It is now time to tell the story as it continues to unfold in the second year of their mandate.

The LDS made a big deal about the land issue to gain maximum political mileage. We will not go into details as the stories have been all over the local media; television, newspapers, radio stations, blogs, YouTube and facebook. They have now practically gone silent on the issue or at least not as aggressive as before. The reason for that is to protect many people in the LDS and especially those very close to the leadership; who have been involved in acquiring land fraudulently from government. We know that the lady who was shouting the most in LDS about land has this information that is being published here, but she decided to sleep on it to protect her aunt, who has also benefitted tremendously during the reign of SPPF at State House.

This week we bring you four plots of land; B2311, V6795, V6811 and V8948 that were transferred to companies with links to the former first lady; Mrs. Sarah Rene:

B2311 is a massive piece of land by Seychelles standards situated at Barbarons covering 80,484 square meters of land. It starts at the main road and go right up to the sea side. B2311 was transferred to Capricon Estate Ltd in January 2004; three months before presidential power was handed over. Mrs. Sarah Rene has strong link with that company, which is based at Salamat House, La Pordriere Road, Victoria. This is one plot of land that the Government of President Danny Faure must take back to share with Seychellois who don’t already have a piece of land. It will provide 100 pieces of land of 800 square meters each. What were the motives for LDS to keep silent over this particular piece of land? When they know it will benefit many families if it is taken back.

V8948, V6811 & V6795 are three adjoining parcels of land at the Providence Industrial Zone; all together the three plots constitute about 2300 square meters of reclaimed land. These plots were sold this year (2017) in May to Laxmi Trading of Aux Cap, Mahe, Seychelles by a company named Emerald Holdings; which is owned by Mrs. Sarah Z. Rene 67% shares and a Mr. Kan Kim Sun 33% shares; Sarah Rene made millions in this deal. The Government of President Danny Faure gave sanction for the sale of the lease to go ahead; with the full knowledge that Laxmi Trading already had land at Providence. This land should have been returned to Government to be allocated to applicants on the waiting list.

This transaction also went down with the full knowledge of the LDS Leadership. They did nothing. WHY??

We also know that Sarah Rene is selling many pieces of land that she has an interest in especially land that were acquired from the government. The buyers are put on notice that they might be going down the wrong road, if it turns out that they had knowingly bought a piece of land that was fraudulently acquired in the first place.



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