The ACCS is already in a mess

This newspaper attended a press conference a while back for the launching of a survey by the ACCS to try and establish the level of corruption in Seychelles. The ACCS has sent out 15,000 leaflets by post for the public to fill and return with postage fully paid for by ACCS with the collaboration of the Postal Services. During the said press meeting we noticed that the CEO was not present for such an important event, when we queried that fact we were told she was on overseas mission. But, what about the Chairman, where is he? We haven’t heard from him in a long time.

We have since learned that the lady was in the UK to recruit a foreign firm for the investigation into the disappearance of the fifty million (50,000,000) dollars, which was a donation from the UAE. The money was transferred by the Central Bank of Seychelles into a Bank of Baroda account in the UK. This little exercise of hiring a foreign firm is going to costs millions and this news will come as a big surprise to the people; that the ACCS cannot carry out this task, which would involved following the paper trail.

We have also learned that the lady likes traveling and since her appointment she has taken the plane at least nine times and clocked up a total of three hundred thousand (Sr300, 000) in travel allowances in the process, it is alleged. It is also alleged that the lady has moved to a luxury apartment at a costs of twenty five (Sr25, 000) thousand rupees per month to the taxpayers. This we believe was not part of her original contract, however, after her appointment; she managed to convince the power that is she needed luxury accommodation with round the clock security. The lady is already on forty five thousand (Sr45, 000) rupees per month. She is also getting five thousand (Sr5, 000+) rupees+ for car allowance. However, it is alleged that the ACCS hired vehicle is being used to ferry her around during working hours.

We can safely state that things at the ACCS are not moving at the pace that it should. They raided the IOT earlier in the year and everything that they confiscated are still lying around the offices on the fourth floor at Victoria House; nothing is being done to extract evidence from the items. The ACCS is also adopting strong arms tactics towards other institutions just to give the impression that they are hard at work.

This newspaper has received information alleging that the ACCS is taking instructions from politicians in LDS on who to go after and who to protect, based on the concept of ‘ek nou pa ek nou’. In the next few editions before the end of the year, this newspaper will publish several allegations of corruption; we will also be forwarding details to the ACCS for them to take appropriate actions.



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