Wavel Broadcasting Corporation (WBC) a la Seychelloise

The abbreviation WBC is supposed to mean “World Boxing Council” in international terms. It is the body which regulates all issues concerning the sport of boxing. Here in Seychelles we have a new meaning for it which has nothing to do with the combat sport at all. Locally the definition of WBC is “Wavel Broadcasting Corporation”. Since LDS won the National Assembly Elections last year, WBC has replaced the “Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation” (SBC).

Wavel Ramkalawan wanted an independent SBC and he has got it. But its independence must benefit him and no one else.  Lately he has been given the license to constantly go on the airwaves and spread his doctrines of persecution and revenge. As the Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of the “Finance and Public Accounts Committee” (FPAC), he gets more than enough time to make known his views in the National Assembly, but he still wants more. The Seychellois public in general has had enough of him. Everything around him must have coverage. It does not only constitute news, but very lengthy interviews as well. To put it down in plain Creole terms, “Wavel pe barbot partou   lo televizyon SBC.” But there are a few things that are not normal with this situation.

A visit was organized to know what is happening at Anse Royale two weeks ago. As we know, the district has been earmarked to become the second largest town in Seychelles after Victoria. But what did we see on SBC television. It was Wavel Ramkalawan and Flory Larue, one of his colleagues in LDS, who were doing all the explaining. They both lost their constituencies in the 2016 National Assembly Elections. Larue was the losing candidate at Anse Royale. What gives her the authority to speak on behalf of Anse Royale residents?  Television coverage of the event gave Sylvianne Lemiel, the Parti Lepep elected MNA for Anse Royale, only brief seconds to make known her views.  It was also only after Ramkalawan and Larue had danced all over the screen. Something is definitely not right somewhere!  So where are we heading then?

Something else that is very interesting happened only last week on SBC television, or shall we call it WBC TV. Very early in the morning, there was a programme on Alzheimer’s disease in “Bonzour Sesel”. It started off well with the presenter, as well as participants, exploring the best ways to help patients suffering from that disease to the maximum. But it ended on a bad note.  So the point is: what has Alzheimer’s disease got to do with political asylum and freedom of speech? The answer is nothing! The lady was simply using WBC to make known her political views and doing some campaigning as well. Is that the new and independent SBC which Wavel Ramkalawan staged a protest in order to get? If yes, then it is being subservient only to his own political ambitions and benefiting no one else. There might be people who are O.k. with that, but a large segment of the population is bored to tears. Most Seychellois do not believe in protests, but there will come a time when they will be left with no choice.

Since SBC got its new management, it appears as though it is operating under the command of LDS. There are even stories that some journalists are colluding with politicians to fulfill an agenda. If that is the case, and it is looking more and more likely to be so, then there will be no end to our trouble. We cannot replace what some people said was bad with what is even worse.  At this point in our political history, Seychelles cannot afford anything else. It must either get the best or nothing.



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