What has Seychelles gained from an LDS victory?

As the first anniversary of LDS victory in the 2016 parliamentary elections is being celebrated, people, especially ordinary working men and women, are asking themselves one question. What have they, and Seychelles as a country, gained as a result of the LDS victory? The answer is a fat zero. LDS posed itself as a group of professional musicians who were about to perform a spectacular show, but one year later, they are still fine-tuning their instruments .It is a disappointment, embarrassment and disgrace for all who believed in them.

Pat Pillay or better known as Ton Pat is one of the LDS leaders. He is known to be strange, very reckless and at times even eccentric. But he made a very valid point some weeks back in an interview with the newspaper “Today in Seychelles”.  What he said, was that before LDS won its victory in the 2016 National Assembly Elections, there were lots of talks about corruption in the government of Parti Lepep. That message came out strongly throughout its election campaign. But one year on, no one from the ruling party has ever been prosecuted. LDS has never had a solid case against any high government official, past or present, or they are just not working hard enough to fulfill their commitment to those who voted for them.

Pillay’s comment speaks volume, and it is a clear indication that the people of Seychelles were being misled all along.  Pillay however had something else on his mind when he made such a statement. He was speaking to one person in particular and that person is no other than Wavel Ramkalawan. Wavel is the Chairman of (FPAC) and comes from the LDS opposition. Therefore, the onus of proving that someone in the government or affiliated with it, has defrauded the country and thereafter mount a solid case to bring the individual before the Court rest on him and him alone. Pillay is obviously farting into the face of Wavel, but the latter cannot do anything about it. Pillay is the king pin in LDS.

Wavel Ramkalawan as the “Chairman of the “Finance and Public Accounts Committee” (FPAC) was concentrating all his efforts on money which he says got lost in the NDEA and FIU. He was also harping on the alleged 50 million dollars, which according to him, disappeared during the Presidency of James Michel. But one year in control of the National Assembly, what has LDS been able to do in order to retrieve at least one single cent from all those vast amounts of money it says got lost then? Ahmed Afif, the elected LDS MNA for Anse Etoile, was also the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Finance during that era. If he cannot help the (FPAC) of which he is today also a member, then who can?  It is indeed a much incapacitated Police Force which claims to know that there has been a theft committed and the names of the culprits, but yet is unable to effect any arrest and put those responsible behind bars.  It is clear that the Seychellois people have been deceived by LDS.  The LDS coalition is like a dog with loud barks, but without even a single tooth in its mouth.

How many ordinary Seychellois men and women can today stand up and claim that daily life within their families has become better following the victory of LDS in last year’s National Assembly Elections? It is certain that none will be able to do so. In fact there are presently signs that life may become harder and harder in the days to come.  The possibility of the country  plunging back into the foreign exchange abyss which at least  the former President, James Alix Michel, did his very best to get us out of, should not be overlooked. Human beings are in the habit of recognising what was good for them only after they have lost it.  May the habit never become a painful reality for Seychelles!

Despite having nothing to show for ordinary Seychellois, one year into the LDS victory in the National Assembly Elections, some of its members have really known changes in personal fortune. There are those who can afford to buy vehicles that cost nearly R 1 million. There are others who can afford the luxury of abandoning their already luxurious house to live in an even more luxurious apartment.   We cannot forget the one who can afford to build a house for his mistress, buy a brand new jeep for a fluffy tail (lake ponpon) Secretary and on top of everything changes cars himself on a monthly basis.

This is only a sample of “Pil Lo Li”. The real thing may be yet to come, depending on how Seychellois look at politics.  But the eye-opener is there already for everyone to see, one year after the LDS victory. More elections are around the corner.



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