Colonialist writes Rene Book For Money

President James Michel has launched the book entitled ‘Albert René – The Father of the Modern Seychelles’ at State House this morning. The first full length biography analyses Mr Rene’s early years, political awakening, and his struggle against colonialism, which was written by Dr. Kevin Shillington, a British historian.
During the book launch, President Michel traced President Rene’s inspiration and his vision for a better life for the people of Seychelles where there is justice, freedom, fraternity and equality.
“The foundation of the Seychelles People’s United Party by President France Albert René opened a new chapter in the history of Seychelles. It is thanks to him that Seychelles achieved independence. Under his leadership, the people of Seychelles gained freedom and respect. They recovered their dignity. Under the leadership of France 

Albert René a new social order was established. An equitable one, providing for equal rights for all Seychellois, free health care, decent housing, free and compulsory education, a safety net for the more vulnerable members of our society, protection for our children and the elderly,” said President Michel.
Mr. Michel described President René as, “A man of few words, but given to deep reflection. A man of vast experience and wisdom, but also of wit.. But I also know him to be a man of deep conviction – uncompromisingly so – and demanding where loyalty, commitment and devotion to the cause of Seychelles is concerned. A canny leader, obstinate and sometimes impatient… Last, but not least, I know of France Albert René as a courageous patriot and a true son of Seychelles”.
President Michel also highlighted his reasons and support to Dr. Shillington’s project in the publication of this book.
“But as a close associate of his, I felt that the story of the man and his accomplishments needed to be told from a somewhat different perspective.  From a different vantage point to bring him closer to the hearts of all Seychellois, revealing in the process – to some extent – the complexities of his character, his strengths and his frailties, his triumphs and tribulations, his zest for life and his passion and enduring love for Seychelles… This needed to be recorded for posterity. This much – and much more – we owe him,” he said.

He commended Dr Shillington for the ’impressive biography’ and thanked Vice President Danny Faure for his considerable help in the coordination of the project locally as well as other individual for their contributions.
President Michel ended his speech by presenting President René with the book.
“President René, This is your story and very much the story of the land that you love so much. The land, whose modern history, you have played a significant part in shaping. I present to you, as a measure of our deep respect, gratitude, esteem and affection for you YOUR book. YOUR story. The story of France Albert René”.
The launch event was attended by Vice-President Danny Faure, a great number of dignitaries as well as friends and family of President Albert René.

Source: State House


  1. Still does not hide the fact that Mr Rene took power illegally.

  2. There is two things dictators like doing--one is butchering their people and when they not perpetuating the former they writes books about themselves in an attempt to lionize,canonize,themselves as Hero..For instance the new North Korea Dictator has already written about 10 books including books for Children.Redicule is the first and last argument of fools.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Those Marons feel compelled to write books to prove their genius and thus justify their absolute power and reinforce their sense of mission.It is a way of positioning themselves as the supreme wise men in our societies.Mao,,Stalin,Hitler etc all wrote verses--it is very unusual to see Dictators write fiction-let alone novel.

    It seem that now that those morons have got old and frailing they are in competition between themselves oto see who would write more books,who will be the greatest author .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Why does Misel or albert write one on Manchanm as " The man I overthrew" in 1977.

  5. Seychelles First4 June 2014 at 06:02

    Just another attempt to rewrite history, like George Orwell said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

  6. PP me I gona write a book about the coup 1977 and about Seychellios peoples they murder on that day.

  7. Mr Obama said in meeting with Polish prime minister that country who sick help for freedom US will help may be slowly slowly sfp must have more contact with the white house for our freedom and democracy.

  8. Because they have got Mancham disef in between a vice serjoin in Creole.Mancham is a very selfish man who like money by leeching on the poor seychellios tax payer money.Every June when sppf is about to fucked an orgasm in his ass,he run away out of the country.Then a few weeks later,he is back sucking the sppf coke again.

  9. Pp is trying to glorify Albert Rene before he dies. The entire true story of the life of Albert Rene has not been told yet and had the Coup d'Etat failed, he would been portraited as a traitor and wicked man. Dr. Shillington, here is a little bit of truth - Albert Rene has been an opportunist from the very beginning, his education was provided by the Catholic Mission on the pretense that he would join the priesthood together with is buddy Ralph Adam. They both quite the religious order, got married in England and had children. The opportunistic trait and betrayal were further illustrated when he joined Mancham in a coalition government but planed a coup d'Etat within one year. He continued to betray his own Ministers and many others, like Dr. Maxime Ferarri who was beside him throughout the coup. He betrayed the Catholic Mission by abolishing their educational establishments - Regina Mundi and Seychelles College the very schools that he and his wife attended as children. The dark side of Albert Rene's life has never been told and yet it was there and cannot be covered up. The fiasco of the NYS and the debaucheries that were perverted there by his right hand man Pti Klod. The broken homes and forced exiles. And the disappearances, the murders etc. etc. Looking at the picture at the signing of the book, the family looks sad, were they thinking of the quote from the bible " the blood will go down on you and on your children!" ?

  10. The result of Mr Rene's love for his country? A bankrupt economy and had to be bailed out by "capitalist" IMF which ordinary Seychellois are still paying a heavy price while he is one of the richest men in the world. Mr Faure should go to Cuba and Uganda for more funding to keep Rene's marxist experiment going, not to "capitalist" IMF.

  11. Seychelles First4 June 2014 at 11:10

    Seychelles First is committed to the maintenance of Seychelles national sovereignty and independence. Our people must enjoy full self-determination, free from the interference and meddling of foreign organisations, such as the African Union, that threaten the integrity of our people. National sovereignty rests with the Seychellois people.

  12. I wonder if Jam will congratulation Assad he had re elected himself to continue make his neighbouring country pick up the pieces and continuing with his genocide and butchering its peoples,

  13. They are all from the same mould those fucking bastards, in the old days they use to kill slaves, now they kill their own people who actively resist their lies so they can fill their own pockets. Their mothers should have had an abortion.

  14. I thought Pinochet was dead!

    1. At least Pinochet took a side.

  15. Congratulations to James Michel, what a wonderful tribute for such a great President like Albert Rene. Vive SPUP.
    Albert Rene is the best leader Seychelles ever had, I hope he stays with us for many years to come.

    1. You cannot be serious? Maybe you are........ It is a strange world !! ///

  16. What a croak! How can Michel said that Rene gave Seychellois their freedom and respect when in fact the Seychellois experienced for the first time in their life things like curfew, decrees, occupation by Tanzanian and North Korean troops, and in the end they finished with a bankrupted the country!
    How can Michel said that Rene made Seychellois recovered their dignity when in fact Seychellois today are second class citizen in their own country and foreigners are real owners of most Seychelles businesses, the police force is manned by Irish and Gurkas, the Supreme Court judges are Africans and Sri Lankans, and Seychelles Government survives by continuously extending the begging bowl for grants and loans!
    Seychelles could have been far better off without treacherous Rene and Davidson Chang-Him would still be alive today the 5th. June 2014!

    1. Respect to you man, you said it as it is........ Criminals never admit to any crimes.


    Just repent SIR before you hit the BUCKET.
    Its not too late.
    Do it before dementia takes place.
    And YOU will be loved....MAYBE!

  18. Where is James Richard Marie Mancham in the picture? ou tayer baise ou maman,come and celebrate with the man that decapitate you from power.Do you get flashback and that why you have to run away kouyon?

    1. If Rene were to ask Mancham to drop his trousers and bend over so PL could fuck him up his ass, he probably would. Appeaser !!

  19. Assad, another one from the same mould as Rene and Co, his security services shot peaceful demonstrators asking for change. When his people took up arms to defend themselves, Assad calls them "terrorists". There were no terrorists back then when they started shooting innocent people with snipers. Now to a fake election, why? Because millions of his citizens cannot take part in the election. As for his supporters, well it's like catholic priests voting for the pope. Assad thinks that he can still fool the rest of the world. If this is not criminal, then there is something seriously wrong with this fucking planet....... Who allowed jihadists into Iraq via Syria to fight the Americans during the Iraq war? Yes Assad. What goes around comes around Mr Assad. His name says it all, an Ass !!!!!! ///

  20. The kid of Davidson got nightmare at night stated dreaming of A BIG WHITE DOG!
    Go figure out>
    Don't look too FAR> who is responsible>

    No respect for Francis Rasel too>
    Not even some flower for him>
    For Zomlib ! YES>
    UNITY start by calling all the family who lost life that faithful day>
    the day swadizan LIBERASYON>
    wE know PL can't turn the clock back>
    But RECONSILIATION with lost family member can CLEAR your mind to rest in peace. < If you do the above no one will get PISSED>

  21. Spu-pi reopen its door.PP put some pictures also on your wall or board and saw the young generation and your foreign friends who don't know your past those peoples you murder 1977 till today.Seychellios ask british their freedom but Rene and co took AK-47 and hijack our freedom.Hey vive spu-pi if we make a coup to remove criminasl and this corrupt regime what you will say?

    Burn spu pi

  22. Russia say Syrian election was fair and transparen for you communist was fair not for all Syrians peoples!!f**all communist countries and dictators.

  23. Mr. Michel described President René as, “A man of few words, but given to deep reflection. But I also know him to be a man of deep conviction – uncompromisingly so.

    A man of deep conviction - so much so that he would kill anybody who opposed him!
    A man of few words.... who wanted nothing else but power.
    Power he got by the use of force and the AK47.

    Rene and Michel are both murdering criminals!
    Both of them are cowards and the only thing that keeps them standing is the people's fear of the bullets that dramatically and loudly broke the peaceful tranquility that existed before June 05, 1977.

    A man of deep reflection - Rene is not.
    He has never addressed the question about the disappearance of people.
    A man of deep reflection with blood on his hands would have broken down to confess.
    Rene has a heart of stone filled with deep hatred of a large number of the people of Seychelles and Michel is his non-repenting servant!

    Both of them will burn in hell!

  24. What example has Rene and Michel set for the future generations of the people of Seychelles?


  25. Somewhere in hell Pti Claude and Marengo is upset with Colonel James Alix Michele and Frane Alber Rene of removing Zomlib to the present location. That was heard the opening of the SPUP Musium.

    1. And somewhere in heaven Far can hear the word from Felix Paul repeated in his eras everyday" Alber wa pe fer lo sa later"

      Pov dyab Alber i oule confese me THE DEVIL i pli for.
      Do you see he look very confused in every photo opt.
      Not even a smile.....( smile or you lost your muscle)

    2. If this is true i see snake among the hard core.
      Now i see why ton albert don't show up.
      the smartest man!

  26. Charlatan Rene apocryphal book,rather his ghoulish Gospel,is full with rhetorical challenges and dilllusion that buck Human nature but also leaves room for magic.

    With the ghostly hands and pen of his foreign witch-Doctor,at first glance,historical revisionist Rene attempted to excorcizes himself with sagacity,then metamorphoses as gallant visionary King-warrior and finally deifies his devine cosmology by literally incarnates himself as a direct descendent of Sun goddess RA(Ra:the Pharoa^s Sun God)and who had a divine mandate to salvage Seychellois from the sacrilege called Democracy.(He demonized Democracy and mystified Sadism).

    Motivated by love and directed by divinity,his callused handstouched wounds,and his compassionate words Like "Sesel Pou Seselwa" touched Seychellois hearts.(He is the salt of the earth).

    But as beautify as his act of incarnation and compassion was,it was not the Zenith.Like a master painter God,reserved his master piece unitl the end.The angel hushed and the Heaven paused to witness the finale.

    Hence,on the 5th June 1977,the gregarious Diviner decided to go rampage to supposedly free Seychellois from bondage.The exalted Hero,the Knight in shining armor,who waited in the shadows armed then impaled(in David v:s Goliath like) the colonial beast with his piercing lance and recued The children of Israel from an Apocalypse.-------That a walk in the dark led us to wisdom,delivered us from impurity and the sins of Democracy and brought us closer to God.Since unbroken line tied our Nation to the divine(if we believe Rene's trash).

    One wonders what memories the cold blooded maron conjured up on the morning of the 5th June,as he witted others tortured and many innocent Seychellois were blown dowm to the Gale.(it seems for him,the faith's role coupled with hy geography(tale of sainthood) provides him Spiritual justification for his evil and sinistered act.)

    The problem with Rene search for sanctity,is the fact that his chronicle of terror is amply documented,not only in the records of history ,but also in the eyewitness testimony of all those he betrayed including his gang members-in arms.The imagery of your atrocities is gravened in the victim's memories, and those blood stains on your hands just cannot be washed away.

    This deperate attempt to re-write,un-write,over-write and distorted history,in order to canonize,mystifies,lionize himself ,provides us in fact with a well-documented,detailed Testimony of his Culpability,and ripe for a criminal investigation.

    Cult personification is not just a sin,but also a malediction.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  27. CORRECTION: the faith's role coupled with hygiography(tale of sainthood)

  28. Seriously, this man need help.
    I know FAR.
    He is a friend.
    FAR is not the Far we all know.
    Do like JAM.
    Visit the Pope.


  29. Does not matter who writes the book about FAR. Bottom line he is the butcher. History can't be changed or rewrite. Of course JAM with his tainted blood hand trying to fool this
    young generation that it never happened

  30. IMf ,World Bank and the European Bank the TRIOKA--are surely parcitipating in the ruin of Seychellois lives together with PP.One former Economist of the WORLD BANK MR JOE STIGLITZ pointed out to top executives that every countires that the IMF)WORLD BANK got involve is ended up with:
    -A crashed Economy
    -A destroyed government
    _Sometimes inflamed with riots

    What could Pp do to pay off our pharaonic debt.?
    Governemnt Debt as share of GDP can be reduced or eliminated in a numbers of ways.
    -By running a surplus to pay off the Debt
    -Run a deficit less than growth of nominal GDP,so even if you continue to run a Deficit ,the DEBT/ GDP ratio shrinks.The government may have to run Surplus before interest payment in order to achieve this.This imposes a lower cost on taxpayer on the short run,but raises the cost of debt over time.
    --Inflate your way out of Debt,.if the inflation rate is high enough,nominal GDPcan grow faster than the deficit reducing -DEBT/GDO ratio.
    Pp can choose--Economic expansion which improve tax revenues and reduce spending on benefit.

    -Efficiency--reduce wastes
    -JOb creation for locals(that includes reducing Exapts which cost us over 2 billion in lost annually


  32. There are rumour that a coup detat is being prepared by the army.

  33. We will welcome it.

  34. A coup repeated will be great those sell-out and fake opposition like Pierre and fake politician like Ram can find a job for a iving and stop living like spiders.Seychellios can have a fair vote transparent and a fair elecetion to the road freedom to democracy.

    Burn communist.

  35. News are out Far sent a message to fire Morgan. See I told you so. There is s snake amongst them. Rene pas couyon . I kontou ki PE pass.

  36. There is not only one snake lots of snake in pp camp.

    My dream is that one day I wake up that Seychelles soldiers have taken back our country they will get my full support.

  37. Colonial writer seems to be one of those obsess guys who dremt on walking in the foot steps of Shakespears if not excel him,but his lack of imagination,creepy writing failed him,that now he must go around and offer his service to dictators hoping that this would help him gain fame.

  38. Yet nothing on his British wife name Karen and the other one who followed him to Seychelles. Monsieur le Docteur Kevin Shillington, you only wrote about the good. How about the bad and the ugly?


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