State House Sends Bad Image of Seychelles To Google and World Via Seychelles News Agency.

1. "49 year old Seychellois man found dead."

2. "9 year old boy dies in fatal car accident on Praslin."

3. "Two Seychellois get 10 year sentences for drug offences and $US 7,000 seized, says NDEA."

4. "Fatal road accidents in mid-2014 surpass previous years total."

5. "Seychelles Attorney General's office orders court inquiry into Robin Freminot's death."

6. "Man found dead at his residence on Seychelles Island of Praslin says Police."

7. "Seychellois man confirmed dead after he is removed from his car which had plunged into the sea."

8. "Man found dead at Pointe Larue."

9. "Seychelles Police seeks international expert to solve tragic death."

10. "A place to get clean-Seychelles heroin users join volunteer rehab on Coetivy Island."

11. "Drug cartel dismantled in $813 thousand drug seizure by NDEA."

12. "Seychelles police offficers accused of stealing are discharged from the force."

13. "Seychelles police investigate possession of turtle meat."

14. "Man from western Mahe district is found dead."

Seychellois man confirmed dead after he is removed from his car which had plunged into the sea - See more at:
Man found dead at his residence on Seychelles island of Praslin, says Police - See more at:


  1. Through out history the Seychelles Nation has been seen and considered as a Peaceful.welcoming,open-minded,friendly,tolerance,honest Nation.This Title has also been confirmed and supported through history by World dignitaries such as MAKARIO;KING PREMPE, and many other Dignitaries who found exile on our soil.

    Today under Pp gang of thugs ,Seychelles and Seychellois are being considered as criminals,our country seen as a an unsafe place to go,too much risks of being killed,robbed,raped,by her people (almost falling in the same category of AFGANISTAN,PAKISTANS --something which is disturbing,unaccpetable, for our people and distructive for our Land and as a touristic destination.

    This image is a result and produce of Pp gang of criminals-----But worse it is hidering Growth in Tourism in our country(our main source of revenue):Seychelles is becoming the worse country to go outside a War zone------And when you hear braibnless President going public preaching about fighting Terrorism,Piracy,Hard Drug trafficking etc.. this make things worse---Because the world think -when the President say it too--then it must be extremely dangerous,and risky so better not even try to go--

    Moreover,it does not only destroy or affect our main Industry the TOURISM Industry but also discourage potential FDI to come --for they just donot feel the country is safe and stable thus a financial risk for them.

    PP criminals should stop immediately with the criminal world activities---we asa people could not longer tolerate that a gang of marons destroy our country image abroad and give Seychellois epeople a bad reputation in the eyes of the is much harder to accept it because it has nothing to do with ordinary Seychellois people but a gang of criminals.

    After bankrupting us,Seychellois especially in the TOURASIM INDUSTRY are being forced with all kinds of taxs to pay for the failure of Pp gang.that make individuals in the tourism who are amking extra sacrifice and investing more than the should to advertise our country ------blood boil.Hence it is time for them but also All ordinary citizens to start thinking seriously if we just sit and look at a gang of maron tarnished our country's and people image or take actions against this gang of maron.

    There must be a limited of tolerance,Pp has long crossed the line of tolerance ,we should then be ready to take things in to our hands and get those maron out of power ,and that by all means.

    We cannot tolerate that an illegal government continues to tarnish our country beucase of their Intenrational orgasnized criminal activities.Else as it is already the case ,the world will continue to think --Seychellois people are similar to TALIBAN,primitive,practice carnibalism,and wicked.

    We as a proud ,honest ,welcoming people have a duty and right to stop those marons destroy us.

    Time for actions.Seychellois!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. What Pp thugees practice is known as CRIMINAL SOVEREIGNTY8A word use to define North Korea state-organized criminal activities).That is,Pp uses State as a cover up and means to secure themselves from International laws and courts.It uses State Sovereignty to project itself from external interference in its domestic affairs and while decating a big portion of its government to carrying illicit Interantional activites in defiance of International and domestic laws.

    Seychellois must start asking themselves--should we continue to tolerate that a gang of marons who had already do so much harms to our country and people ,be left alone to continue to commit their crimes?I think it is high time we screw up those marons once and for seems only force can and will stop them.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Paradise!!!!!!

  4. Clearly Sarjana Janosevic a Fabrike Serb cannot be that stupid. She promotes herself as being smarter then everyone and now she is doing this?
    It shows what we suspected all along: Sarjana works as a double agent for Mauritius and she is deliberately destroying Seychelles image to help Mauritius.
    So far she is doing an excellent job and I have been told the Mauritius principle told her you have done an excellent job we will double your bonus. We are amazed that President Michel never found you out. If it was not for these bloggers, our scheme would work for years and years until BI and Karanja ghost ships would be the only passage to Seychelles once every 6 months.

  5. This is a disgrace to James Michel Administration.

  6. Knock, knock, any one there at State House.

  7. All of them will pack up and run away 2016.

  8. SARJANA was born in Seychelles--from a Father and Mother imported by Pp from Yogoslavia as Doctor (GOP) they never returned to their home,PP gave then as it is a common practice under PP our Nationality instead of asking them after their contract ended to go back home as our rule of law says.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. This President of Seychelles continues to impress me every single day the way he treated his own people like second class citizens. What else can I say, without a telepromter he is nothing. Once he started with NWA GETE or NWA GET LADAN for sure he get nothing else to say just bla-bla-bla. Go play with dolls with your daughter atleast you will do something good.

  10. A criminal in confession---his crimes are giving him psychological problems,fear of facing justice especially as international pressures increase.He is feeling more and more vulnerable,Criminal Sovereignty can no longer protect him for committing crimes.So Proclaiming he is God,he thinks,could avoid him facing justice.

  11. Brave woman refuses to hand over bag despite being repeatedly punched by a thug at Anse Boileau.

  12. And partilepep police where none to be seen.

  13. Kerry said human trafficking come from most corrupt countries in the world country like Malaysia Seychelles ect and Seychelles is on the list.Shame on you pp crooks.

    And say they will be punish and I hope Kerry stop arabo and pp and take tough action soon with a sanction on pp goverment fes teach them a lesson they never forget.Kerry sent your team to the Seychelles.

  14. Now SARAJANA is bringing all Russian mafia and Serbian koni as Yougo all over EU on our soil may be next President of Seychelles will a be YOUGO naturalize Seychellios .
    But before its happen we are preparing for it not to happen.
    Yougo,Russians Arabo etc go home before 2016 we will not responsible for any foreigners safety this is a early warning after don't say we did not warn you.

  15. Sarajana ,I donot think so,but surely communist educated MERITON, he has been appointed by Michel to be a kinds of RUSSIAN mafias representative in Seychelles,he is their press chief,their adviser,.But Morgan also is activily involved.EG.when Morgan unilaterally passed a illegal law that says"Any foreigners who invest I mliion rupee can illehally obtain Seychellois birrthrights,"What that mean`?it means that Russain mafias with millions made from illegal businesses could invest I million rupee(peanuts)then stay in our land and benfit the same conditions as Seychellois but most importantly they can laundered all their criminal money into our banks and finally continue operating their mafiosic criminal businesses with impunity directly from our shores.Morgan and Meriton even gifted them the best part of our patrimony illegally to build themselves big villas,though constitutionally Not FORIEGNER could buy or posses LAND in our country.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc


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