SHTA Elects New Chairman


  1. Seychelles First6 June 2014 at 03:27

    More ways for the elite to reward family, friends and those who cannot make a living in the real world. Promotion of corrupt practices, rarely a real competition for the jobs. They are not interested in the best person for the job. They wield influence by offering Grace and Favour jobs in return for support etc....

  2. Yes Pp appointed some just to ensure that they are no out of jobs(which for Pp Polite Buro means less supporters) but no necessarily with the best qualified .Some have been already serving in Pp administration and have proudly shown their ineffectively.
    We would see if they could listen to those who are experts on the Board or remain stubborn in defending party's and individual interest.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. PP crooks should soon give us a statistic on heroin addict on this little,because more and more is out of control youths are dying like flies three in just a week.PP can not control it and stop it coming on our shore in those Russian private plane pp crooks working with them pp you out of control on heroin, those sucker themselves are escobar in power how those mother f**kers can stop it and their up for dirty cash I call dirty cash because its a criminals act and its dirty money going on their Swiss account.And they can not stop our youths losing their life that young and being a(poutana) on the streets at night that young with this f**king toxic.

    Burn dem crooks

  4. PP appointment!!That's why Seychelles is stuck and moving backward same tactics with those old crooks.Put them crooks in coffin buried them alive and sent them to hell

    We have a university I wounder what future for Syechellios students after their study.Will pp will choice by fingers like always or those vacancy for those students are already occupied by foreigners or we are going to see she or he on the streets selling their body or in heroin?What a future with communist suckers old bags of loser.

  5. We have a University---because in the first place Seychellois students are passing since the last 2 decades A-levels with grade C to D minus( Grades)--thus too Bad to enter or get access to Western Universities----so the Butcher Michel decided to built his own University .Moreover,`STUDIES offer by Michel University do not MATCH/Apporpriate to Demand of ^job markets and the real need in for instance the right experts the country nneds now and for the future.That is ,Lots of students as we already see now,sutdied subjects and after the study could not ffind jobs in the field they studied---Thus ,that is why PP is still and deliberately continuing to recruit, and import GOP,EXPAT to our land.

    The studies,subjects,knowledge,skills acquires at Universtiy Michel just donot amtch Market demand,future innovation,use of technology,etc....EDUCATION IS HUMAN CAPITAL----University Michel is failing to provide this balance.Hence,University Michel is becoming a waste of tax payers money for it keeps youths longer away for employment makrtet but in the end the still ended up with low skills,the wrong proffesion,etc... a real waste of tax payers money.

    In modernize societies--government has institutions in palce that monitor,make researches,analysis and provide on an annually basis information on for instance,What kind of jobs their country would need in the future or would lack thus allow sutdents to not only opt ofr a job they sure to be able to exercise after their studies but avoid wastage of tax payers money to trained individuals in the worng proffesion(that profession they could or would not find a job after).

    Look at JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION --which an illegal youth financial support foundation (to keep them busy instead of jobless and have control over then in order to indoctrinate them with false ideology) instead of having a National Recognized Youth Foundation for all Seychellois equally.JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION is therefore a good example of how Michel and Pp has failed ,degraded,retarded our education system and our youths--should we have trained them in the right subjects(right proffesions and given them the appropriate ,high quality educations we would surely not have hundreds of healthy,workable youths teeming the Hall of JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION but being active citizens participating in the country's development,instead of depending on DOLE because PP has fialed them.

    So the more you see JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION teemed with HEATHLY YOUTHS-- it is does not means a success for the country ,but the failure of the exisiting government of providing the right education to our youths.JJ SPIRIT looks more like a LEDERLY HOUSE8teem not with elderly,retired old men and women but workable youths)-

    That typifies a failed State.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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