PL Adopts SFP Leader Position on Independence Day‏

PL has announced it will move National Day to June 29th which is 
Independence Day. 
This has been the positioned highlighted by SFP leader Christopher Gill 
for many years.
Additionally June 5th the Leader has proposed should be scrapped 
from the calendar and declared a Day of Treason and time for national 
reflection on the potential evil of men.


  1. it has been for a while that Pp introduce SFP proposition/position--SFP forced Then to dismount ZONM LIB,now celebrate the real Independence Day,and Yes 5 th June must be declared a Day of treason,Infamy and a time of National reflection -Pp could also use it as a day for National reconciliation as FAR is calling for and not just make speeches about the latter.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Who killed Andy Laurence,Claude Monnaie,Ryan Cedras,Dhamandra Eulentin,Ricky Hermitte,Daniel Adrienne,Terry Jules ,Andrew Poponeau ? James Alix Michel tell us.

  3. If a person is not evil what makes him evil to become evil in life?
    People are not evil but surely born with a self ego.We all born with sin(orginial sin)but God did give us the Church so that we can sign up to it to clean out our sin(it the salvation God proposes) which atheist Michel has always refused to do.Instead he used until recent to worship a piece of Steal call Zonm Lib.When you refuse Ogd salvation ,Satan takes over them.

    For wicked to the likes of the Butcher is goes even further than just Orginal sin.----

    it seems it is a combination of genetics and the events of a personal's life too.itcould be that the butcher was born with interuptions in the chemical signals of his brain.mental disabilities,difficult childhood,etc..

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Partilepep marons want to give us the impression 5th June was the real Independence Day .Is that what the history Book taught them?Partilepep does not even know our country's history.Partilepep says They have reasons to celebrate Michel the guy who butchered innocent Seychellois.Those guys must all be mentally ill.

  5. Hey guys did you saw Faure in his shirt sp-u-pi.Faure you will never be next President me tell you so.On Praslin no Praslinios know a maron like you,

    MICHEL has mad pig diseases.

    1. We have to watch Danny Faure, he is the future of Le Pep and a foreigner. SESEL POU SESELWA!! Fuck off back to Uganda Mr Faure !!!!!!!

  6. Why was Albert Rene MIA for the celebration? Can someone tell us why?

    1. He is a man who bankrupted the country, thousands of his fellow citizens left the island to live in other countries due to his marxism policy, a man who tore up the constitution agreement made between him and Mancham, smuggled weapons into the island and armed his supporters to the teeth, a man who brought Tanzanian soldiers to our shores to kill Seychellois who criticised him, a man who took Seychelles into the African Union, a man who brainwashed our children with his version of political education in schools, NYS and Young Pioneer movement, a man who brought terrorism to our beautiful place, refusing to pay tribute to our Seychellois heroes who fought and die in both World Wars, no wonder he was missing.

    2. Albert Rene is delusional. (PERIOD)

  7. You talking about celebrating Michel?
    I will tell you why!We in absurdistan,Seychellois are not surprise of the absurdity they see.After removing ZONM LIB Pp atheists need a new idol,they chosen UAKARI MONKEY as idol.Of course Seychellois know that MAN is SUPERIOR among all animals,and wonot worship a monkey and no one other than our creator GOD.

    Rene who has a brain refuse to participate in the absurdity and he who is the real master.But there was nathor thing that caught my attention,namely that FAURE was not wearing those silk REd shirts sponsored by Chinese Communsit ,he was wearing the SPUP cotton shirt which supposed to symbolize /or which back in the old days Symbolized SESEL POU SESELWA--That in itself was a refuse by FAURE of recognizing monkey Michel as saint.Not a good sign at all for the butcher.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Faure was not enough in seychelles cenkantanpase.
    still in tanzania chasing monkeys in the jungle.
    no wonder sesel is like a zoo now.>>

    1. Do not forget that Faure was born in Kilembe, Uganda, yes my friends, another bloody foreigner. Bez sa ek en baton!!

  9. A fews on JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION/Similar to HITELR?S SS --an indoctri-Nation machine.

    Seychelles as a nation should have a Nationally recognized National Youth FOUNDATION that serves all itsyouths equally without discrimination.

    Atheist Michel has instead created a HITLER'S STYLE YOUTH FOUDATION(HITLER^S JUGEND ,SS) with the same principles,aims and objectives as HITLER namely to have total control over our youths in order to indoctrinate them with communist/atheist ideology.
    As HITLER,Michel thinks Youths come as more of a clean slate which are much more vulnerable to ideological manipulation,thus pirvides the vehicle which the future generation of Seychellois could be shaped,their beleifs,thinkings and actions minds and bodies into perpetuating and securing communist/atheist REICH.

    Like HITLER's SS,particular aspect of JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION is emphasizing in training programmes such as sports and outdoors activies coupled with communist ideology,creating the perfect warrior who will exemply willpower,hardness of temperament and aprty purity.

    Youth leaders use tightly control group activities and stage propaganda events as mass rallies,full of rituals and spectacles to create illusion of one National community reaching across class and religious divisions that characterizes Seychellois.

    As HITLER.Michel looks at religion as one of thr most dangerous enemy.He then needs to coherentdoctirne that would set religion apart.The setting of his illegal foundation based on PAGAN and political precedents meant to wean our youths from their reliance on Christian festivities etc....This in turn,would made them obedient to criminal orders Seychellois Youth with the purpose of maintaining Social Order Brigade to perfrom Check to see if youths are maintaining ideological purity and perpetuating Communist/atheist REICH.

    And as HITLER's FOUNDATION in JJ SPIRIT foundation instructions are aimed to preduce party-conscious,activism,self-sacrifing Seychellois who woud be willing to dies for the dear divine Leader and for that the youths who join thefoundation probably swore allegiance to the Dear leader and pledged to serve the party and its man-gods as future soldiers.

    This illegal JJ SPIRIT FOUNDATION sponsor from stolen tax payers' money must be dismantled and A NEw Nationally REcognized National Youth FOUNDATION which benefit all Seychellois must be put in place immediately.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. It will take a heck of a long time, but this is the only way to restore the Seychelles back to the status of Paradise Islands where there is peace, love, harmony and joie de vivre.

    Scrap all and anything that has links to Rene, Michel, spup, sppf, pl and their ideologies.
    That's a tall order, but SFP has taken leadership and will need all the support you can provide, however big or small.
    Do it for the love of Seychelles. Do it for the next generation.
    Seek the truth and you will find happiness.


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