Seychelles Tourism Down Badly Air Seychelles Continues To Rip Off Travelers

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From: Jenifer Abdulhafeez <>
Date: June 25, 2014, 3:14:17 PM GMT+04:00
To: Danby <>
Subject: Re: Flight
There is but would be 2075 per person 

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Danby <> wrote:
No chance  flight 9am ?

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On Jun 25, 2014, at 9:28 AM, Jenifer Abdulhafeez <> wrote:
Good morning Mrs Gill
Unfortunately we have only available price @ scr 1687 per person, the following flight is completely full for other timi
 1.   HM 3095 V   TH26JUN  PRISEZ HK2   0930 0945   DHT  0                           2.   HM 3146 K   TH26JUN  SEZPRI HK2   1445 1500   DHT  0                    

 Jun 25, 2014 7:55 AM, "Danby" <> wrote:
Dear Jennifer

We will like to book 2 seats to go to Mahe Tuesday 26th at 9 am and back at 2.45pm
Names ; Danby & Christopher

Send Invoices.  The end the month we will make all payment .
Thank you

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Jenifer AbdulHafeez
Ocean Air travel

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  1. this is normal isn't it? Rip off normal people so that PL goons can travel free of charge

  2. This robbery in day light.She somehow has the most expensive ticket available fo the peron making the booking(chris) is a business person.Though businesses have increase in the past decade on Praslin including hotels Pp has done nothing to adapt to the change.Literallly the amount of planes to service Praslin/Mahe has not increase or even attempted to put more or bigger aircrafts on this routes though tis importance to our tourism industry and economic in general.

    Usually airlines overbooking in common to ensure aircraft is fill up.By Airsey it is the opposite Demands exceed supply and Morgan does not do anything to solve this problem but instead keep the status quo to rob business person and tourists with astronomic ticket price.

    If you cannot buy new aircrafts Pp,for you have bankrupted us,,Take our Aircrafts from IDC --for now Gleeny is just using those aircrafts to illegally transport salted turtles,bird eggs,and drug to our shores.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. The pharaoic price wold soon be increased due to IRAK conflicts and that in Negeria-----Of course Adam and PP have not done anything -for instance by ,pruchasing more7extra stock of oil before it sky -rocket and that pre-meditatedly for it would allow them to find an excuse to suck Seychellois with higher ticket prices.

  4. This is a dis grace. 2,400 plus for a one way ticket 15 minutes in a kerosene plane. The couple will spend 4,800 to Mahe and 4,800.00 to Praslin. 9,600.00 rupee.
    James Michel and PL are indeed screwing the people of Praslin and ripping off Tourist.

  5. the agency makes 10.00 Scr per ticket.

  6. It seems AIRSEY has different price tickets(though no different classes--Economy,Businese.First class) on same aircraft,same seat seize and for the same route.It seems all depend on who making the booking-Can Morgan explain himself on this discriminatory and robbery act ?

  7. Ticket prices vary, but class structure or service, does not vary. The same old plane does not very. The bad service at check in on Mahe is perhaps the worse in all of Africa. Praslin check in is efficient and the girls are pretty nice most of the time.
    Fair Trading mr. Tirant needs to focus on this issue. He has been a
    Weeping on it for too long now. The doze and snooze makes hi, look weak, meek.

    Minister Joel Morgan needs to address the issue urgently. He too has been sleeping on the Job for too long on this issue. I spoke to him three weeks ago on the matter, his reply was that he was not aware of the matter.

    Well, now Mr. Minister, you are aware. If you could share your email address with us we could quick step issues for you.

    Time is money these days.

    Christopher Gill

  8. Trashly planes,that Michel refuse to flight with,he flight private jet(the later is another financial burden on tax payers)In age of technology(the later are abandone and cheap)Ticketing could be done by using ticketing machines thus reduce cost of personals, Morgan/PP do not see( that is called as technology illiteracy).They put in place dectector macihnes costing a fortune to operate(for what PP?Are Seychellois who are mostly chiristains terrorists or Pp is afraid of the potential of terrorism by the teorrist they breeding at Khalfia^s mosques on Mahe? And moreveor,each times you go through those machines without and without metal pieces etc.. it RINGS and officials donot even dare about it)Again wasting of useful tax payers' money.

    Partilepep/andAirSey director Mr PAPA/MAMA is ordering two twin Otter planes instead of ordering two planes that would have more seat capacity of les say 40/60 seats instead they ordered two planes with 19 seats similar as in for 25 years when demands was lower.In fact Canadian produce Twin otter planes with 60 plus seats literally the same seize with same motor power,therfore not necessarily more fuel consumpted planes but Morgan/Pp do not see that.

    I advice Morgan to take IDC planes paid with taxpayers^ money from Gleny Savy and immediately compensate the lack of service on domestic routes---stop killing Praslin bussieses and robbing toursits Morgan----it is also a bad publicity for our land.You cannot continue investing millions of tax payers' money for advertisement ask tourists to come and visit us when they come you robbed them.For when they go back home,they speak about this bad experience they made to their friends who would have like to come to visit us,but when they heard the robbery stories of their friends they opt to go elsewhere not Seychelles Morgan.The refuse to be victims of your robbery.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. St. Ange says minus 14 percent.
    One operator told me the real numb is minus 25 .

    No matter what the numbers really are, it is a fine mess that needs all hands on board to resolve and turn around the country.

  10. Should a liter of Gasoline at the pump be charged to some more , to some less because of socio-economic,standard of living of an individual,or if you a business person or not,or just because of your family name ?This is equal to Aparthied partilepep?

  11. 03.58
    He is ashame of the disaster he is creating .He is ashame to open his mouth and simply tells Morgan that "your deals with ETHAD/AIRSEY and the lack of direct flights is killing the tourism industry thus our economy"He prefers to make us believe that RUSISAN arrivals decrease/DROPS and somehow this means the WHOLE EUROPEAN market is Russia and thus EUROPE is not providing enough clients.CAPO VEDE President can tell you you are lying when you say such shit St Ange for his country though not as beautiful as Seychelles is excelling and attracting one million plus European tourists annually.The real problem St Ange is lack of connectivity and if you would have asked the CAPO VERDE PResident what he thinks is the problem he would have told you the same things as Seychellois professional in the Tourism industry is telling"NO DIRECT FLIGHTS FROM OUR MAIN MARKET".there is no secret about it,and there is no need in attempting to tell Seychellois overwise,for when you do so ,experts know you are lying.

    Just try what experts have already advised you to do---Put direct flight from and to our main market and you will see for yourself the result St Ange.Stop playing Khalifa game,for it is killing our economy.Be a patriot defend your country interests before that of foreigners St Ange.

  12. Breaking News Breaking News

    Mahe to Praslin going to 10,000.00 one way July 2014. Round trip 20,000.00.

  13. I was going to holiday in Seychelles. I think I will cancel my trip. We do not like getting ripped off.

  14. Ripped off by Eithad,Ripped off by high domestic flight ticket, is rip off everywhere,anythere, is parti Kriminal national sport.To avoid smassive street protest maybe partilepep should form before is too late a unity government that ewould calm down angry population.They would not stay quiet at home this time around.

  15. 900.00 from airport

  16. I will not go I a, afraid it is a rip off.

  17. Seychelles is too expensive. how can we afford to island hop at these rates??

  18. During RENE rules he used to say Sesewa need to visit and know your OWN island before traveling to other countries to visit. HOW CAN SESELA VISIT THEIR OWN PLACE WHEN THEY GET KICKED OUT ON LANDING ON SANT ANNE OR SILHOUETTE. MOST OF ALL IT COST YOU AN ARM AND A LEG.


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