Seychelles Political Scene-37 Years Of Trash


Freedom in the World 2014


During the year, the Seychelles government signed a bilateral trade agreement with the European Union (EU) and took steps to strengthen bilateral economic relations with China, including the signing of a mutual visa waiver agreement. Corruption and extensive drug trafficking continue to plague the archipelago.

In 2011, the country modified its law to allow pirates captured anywhere in the world to be prosecuted in the Seychelles. In February 2013, the EU transferred nine Somali pirates to the Seychelles for prosecution. In October 2013, 11 Somali pirates arrested in 2012 by the Dutch navy were convicted by the Seychelles Supreme Court and sentenced to between 18 months and 16 years’ imprisonment. Somali pirates make up approximately 20 percent of the Seychelles’ prison population.
Political Rights and Civil Liberties: 

Political Rights: 25 / 40 [Key]
A. Electoral Process: 8 / 12

The president and the unicameral National Assembly are elected by universal adult suffrage for five-year terms. The head of government is the president, who appoints the cabinet. President James Michel, running for the People’s Party (Parti Lepep, or PL), won a third term in May 2011 with 55 percent of the vote. The opposition Seychelles National Party (SNP) boycotted parliamentary elections held later that year, citing alleged misconduct by the PL in the presidential vote and Michel’s failure to implement electoral reforms. Of the National Assembly’s 32 members, 25 are directly elected and 7 are allocated on a proportional basis to parties gaining at least 10 percent of the vote. The PL holds all the elected seats and 6 of 7 allocated seats. The ninth seat is held by the Popular Democratic Movement, formed by a dissident SNP member who disagreed with its decision to boycott. Despite the boycott, both the 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections were generally regarded as having met basic international norms.
The Forum for Electoral Reform, made up of representatives from every registered political party, was established by the Electoral Commission (EC) following the 2011 parliamentary elections to review existing electoral registration. In 2013, the Forum completed these reviews and made recommendations to the EC. The proposed reforms were subsequently published by EC.
B. Political Pluralism and Participation: 10 / 16

The ruling PL—formerly the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF)—remains the dominant party, having held continuous power since 1977. The leftist SPPF was the only legal party until a 1992 constitutional amendment legalized opposition parties. A proposal to increase the number of signatures needed to form a political party—currently just 100—was pending at year’s end. The centralist opposition SNP has claimed that its sympathizers face job discrimination in the public sector and police harassment. The conservative Democratic Party has endured reduced support in recent elections.
C. Functioning of Government: 7 / 12

Concerns over government corruption have focused on a lack of transparency in the privatization and allocation of government-owned land. A December 2011 report released by the auditor-general revealed nearly two decades of dysfunction in government finances, including unprofessional book-keeping, illegal procedures, and embezzlement. President Michel launched an investigation that was pending at year’s end. The Seychelles was ranked 47 out of 177 countries surveyed in Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index.
Civil Liberties: 42 / 60
D. Freedom of Expression and Belief: 11 / 16

The government controls much of the nation’s print and broadcast media, including the daily Seychelles Nation newspaper. Strict libel laws are sometimes used to harass journalists, leading to self-censorship. The first domestic commercial radio station, Pure FM, began broadcasting in August. The government can restrict the broadcast of material considered to be objectionable. The board of directors of the officially nonpartisan Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation includes several non-PL members, though coverage is biased in favor of the ruling party. There have been reports that the state monitors e-mail, chat rooms, and blogs, and opposition activists claim that the government blocks access to opposition party websites.

Religious freedom is constitutionally guaranteed and respected in practice. Churches in this predominantly Roman Catholic country have been strong voices for human rights and democratization, and they generally function without government interference. Academic freedom is also respected, though PL loyalists are reportedly favored in high-level academic appointments.
E. Associational and Organizational Rights: 9 / 12

The constitution protects freedoms of assembly and association. While public demonstrations are generally tolerated, the government has occasionally impeded opposition gatherings. In 2012, the Electoral Commission submitted a proposal to President Michel outlining a new Public Order Act to modernize outdated statutes accompanying constitutional guarantees for freedoms of speech and assembly. Passage of the law, which would allow political parties to hold public meetings upon giving five days’ notice to the police commissioner instead of requiring permission, was still pending at the end of 2013.

Human rights groups and other nongovernmental organizations operate in the country. Workers have the right to strike, though strikes are illegal until all arbitration procedures have been exhausted. Collective bargaining is rare.
F. Rule of Law: 11 / 16

Judges generally decide cases fairly, but face interference in cases involving major economic or political interests. The majority of the members of the judiciary are naturalized citizens or foreign nationals from other Commonwealth countries, and the impartiality of the non-Seychellois magistrates can be compromised because they are subject to contract renewal. Security forces have at times been accused of using excessive force, including torture and arbitrary detention. Prolonged pretrial detention and overcrowding in prisons are common. Pretrial detainees account for approximately a quarter of the prison population, in large part due to inefficiencies in the judicial process.

The country’s political and economic life is dominated by people of European and South Asian origin. Islanders of Creole extraction face discrimination, and prejudice against foreign workers has also been reported.

Sexual relations between men are illegal. However, a 2006 amendment to the Employment Act prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the Seychelles pledged in 2011 that it would decriminalize homosexuality.
G. Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights: 11 / 16

The government does not restrict domestic travel but may deny passports for unspecified reasons of “national interest.”

The Seychelles boasts one of the world’s highest percentages of women in parliament: 14 women were elected in 2011 with no quota system. Gender discrimination in employment is illegal, but most women are engaged in subsistence agriculture. Inheritance laws do not discriminate against women. Despite a 2008 National Strategy on Domestic Violence, rape and domestic violence remain widespread.


  1. Either it is free or not free. Partly free does not exist in the engish vocabulary!

  2. I like to call it "Goldilocks" politics. Great for a bedtime story, but never seems to work in real life, ///

  3. PP is a GANG OF TEORRISTS and must be and would be eliminated in the brutal imaginable way(their elimination dealine is 2016),Pp terrorists have turned our Land in to a CRIMNAL SOVERIEGNTY similar to North Korea whereby teorrists hijacked our country institutions in order that they could be used to cover up,protect themselves from both National and Interantional prosecutions.

    Our country has been turned from colonialism to neo-clonilailsim whereby our country's economy is controlled by froreign thugs and clooabroators in order to better control us.WHO CONTROL A country's economy, control also it political lives and people.Natives become slaves of foreigners and depedne on them.

    Seychelles sovereignty has been robbed,destroyed by Pp toerrists and the punishment must be to the level of their crimes that is no justice system would deliverd the punishment they deserve that WHY I WOULD ORDER TGHE BRTUAL ELIMINATION----I refuse any punishment that involve sending them for 5 years imprisonment that wouold be a farce ,a disrespect of Seychellois and all those innocent who where butchered by those thugs.

    I repeat to those Terorrists they have until 2016 to change themselves if not I am going to bring change to them.And no one would be spare.

    When I say Change--I means giving the people back their country immediately,revoking all our passports sold ,gifted to foreigners ,our patrimony sold to foreigners,bringing back our billions robbed by PP,reducing EXPATS,,In a words allowing Seychellois to control their land,to benefit from their economy,having land from generation to come,and decide who will or not be their friends.

    I WARN pP YOU WOULD BE ELIMINATE .No foreigners colonisators to the likes of khalifa the arab terorisat would be able to save you for himself we would have to run for his lives.Seychelles for Seychellois -we will resote and take our land back.

    Niw you choose now you want us to take our land back--yoz have two options---you change yourselves or we going to change marons.You will be executed in the most brutal way.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne Dârc

  4. There is one thing that the whole world agrees namely that Terrorism wherever organization groups or state terrorism must be eliminated by all means.Partilepep would not be an exception.There is no reason that we let a gang of old frialing aron enslaves Human beings in the 21st century-Either we stay passive and let them continue their crimes on our people or we can stop them by eliminating them all.Tge alter seem enevitable for partielpep teorrists have been perpetuating their crimes on the majority for 5 decades and they have been failing to change themselves instead the accentuates their crimes and though the people including Interantional bodies tell them to stop ,it seems they so addicted thjat we would need to distoxicate them with the appropriate medication call the use of forced.

  5. Human need justify terrorism in any kind.,regardless one is Christian,muslim,jews,whatever,becuase it is the axis of evil and devastation of mankinds.Those old marons have became worse than White colonisators ,The later bring far more to Africa than they took form it.The standard of living under colonial cannot be match to that under Pp gang of criminals although millions of dollars in aid from ex-white colonisators.

    We learnt about Jews Holocuast but what we have been enduring under PP teorrists is our own Holocuast.We have the choose between being passive and suffer in sicilent or wake up and eliminate those Pp Nazist.Redicate those pests from the face of our Land.If we failed to do so,in a decade from now we would experience the same faith as The black South African endured under White colonisators.On my part ,I would never allow my kids,my people to live that the Black South Afircans lexperience--I am ready to make the use all means including that of TALIBAN to free our people from a gang of locl toerirsts and their foreigner conspirators -neo-colonailists from Arbs to Chinese whatever their nationalities.As a patriot ,I have a duty and I am determine to free my people from neo-slavery and no one of those toerirsts be it local or foreigne coloborators would be spare.

    Look at the way our society is_-Khalifa a dopet Islamic fanatic --is planning how our Capital,the capital of <Christian soveiregn country would be--He built himself a bunker of our mountains making it the landamkr of our Christian land.Our institutions from justice,Ambassies,police or defence forces illegally control by foreign mercenaries.Our patrimony though COnstitutions stipulate clearly that no foriegners can buy or owes land in our country are being sold ,even our birthrights are being slod by PP toerirists.Our economy controlled by foreigners and Seychellois are left with peanut and cannot benefit from their own economy--and it seems Pp terrosists find it normal.Our outer islands have been given to Glenny Savy it seems he consider it his personal assets and PP think outter islands are not our patrimony.

    Expats are brought by thousands almost a third of our population to please foreigner businesses ,destroy our social standard and emporvish Seychellois and in return Pp thugs pocket birbes from those foreigners they have allowed to do as the pleased in our soveiregn land.And the list is endless.

    Should we allow those toerrists to continue rape our land,people's rights and soveiregnty? the answer is No and no country or nation would allow this--sop it is imperative to eliminate those pests once and for all including their foreign colloborators.And they will be eliminated.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. This is a report that would be acceptable 3 years into a multi party democracy, not 21 years. It is a gross statement on the state of affairs in Seychelles and a report of gross failure by first Rene and then Michel.


  8. Morgan you have to your f**king name on this board at this new room open at international airport control tower,its seem you ministers in Seychelles are king every you open your name on it one day we will remove all those names.

    And the new market at Roche Caiman look like get take 4 or 5 peoples under it to sell their good the way I seat to small saving money pp or no money to built it bigger?

  9. SCORES:
    Partly free.
    With only a marginal freedom rating.
    With partial civil liberties.
    And a political rating that is neither here nor there!

    In short:

  10. Army is growing restless. They want SFP to run the country to guarantee Sesel Pou Seselwa.

  11. When one unrolled in this swa-di-zan army, Payet the BOLSHEDICK make sure he/she is a PP supporter and that the way PP is counting their votes every five years. This is one way I'm sure there are other ways. It is up to the other mass to make that change and they need to stick to the point of sesel pou seselwa and not let PP buy their vote with honey because this honey will taste vinegar after the election.

  12. Morgan,Faure ,Mcihel all monkeys,each time there is a new opening of a toilet,someone built a new PIROGUE you see them around ad if all happened because of them.There is no normal societies in the world where you see ministers,President on opening of every little new building etc..Such things happen in dictatorship--you see it in North Kore not even in Cuba or Zimbabwe.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Europeans wirte book on "blue economy"after robbing with the help of Paretielepep for 5 decades .They made trillions of dollars on our back and we earned peanuts and they take us for fools that they donot even hiesitate to writte a book to show us how they have rob us .And partielepep monkeys applaud.Multi-millions of bycatch (worth tirllions of dollars)discarded in to the Ocean and partilepep applaud.If you not a monkey can you do that?If you nor brainless can you allow foreigners to rob you dry?

  14. In regars to the fire that broke on the Tuna Seiner--Fire comunique said"we were ther in two minutes"yes you were but the problem ill-equipped,no fire flighting equipment for Marine fire fighting,that explain that even you were in two minutes there you could not dealt with the fire rapidly.Where is the mARINE FIRE FIGHTING BAOTS,WHERE IS THE OIL SPILLING BOATS,WHERE ARE THE RAINED mRINE FIRE FIGHTERS PARTIELPEP ?

  15. Muslim Clrerics get 10 new bikes from Saudi Arabia to strengthen out reach programme .Praslin don't come we are RASTAFARAI.Imanns and Dai s which programme you have, teaching Seychellios muslim how to carry a suicide vest?Saudi Arabia and Qatar are two main terrorists sponsor in the middle East.Imanns Seychellios have enough devil philosophy from Michel and pp now its you foreign terrorists try to brain wasch our peoples with you KORAN and in a couple of years we will hear BOKO HARAM ALSHABA and ISIL are on our shore ready to strike.Imanns you will never change Seychellios for who there are what they beleave Imanns.
    PP are really looking for trouble but when it happen I hope those suckers are steal alive and we will chase all muslim like in Central Africa.

    With out muslim the world will be in peace!!


  17. What suck Seychelles Nation publish it,what foreign muslim are up to on our shore?Is this Seychellios what they get from Saudi Arabia,lots of crimes and murder in the past have happen under Michel till today you can publish nothing on on those crimes what happen you ask Michel to give a statement on it you come and publish Clerics receive 10 bike from Saudi moron get better news to publish amateur and media that control by crooks never change.

  18. Seychelles laws allow for liberty of faith.But the concner here is not the bikes ,but the sponsored country Suadi Arabia,a country known world wide for sponsoring terrorist organization from Humas,Aikada,ISIS and BOKA HAREM and other Islamic terrorist groups.

    For instance,France the biggest Muslaim commity in Europe but alos other UEropean countires have passed laws to forbid for instance the sponsorship or fianancial support given from outside countires like Suadi Arabia ,Emirates,Qatar etc.. to to France Muslim community beucase by experience they have proven that those Countires sponsorship is not limited to sponsoring for instance the building of a mosque but go beyond that namely to radicalize France muslims etc....For instance,France forbid Foreign Iman on France mosques for these same reasons.Before many Imans foten Suadis were able to work as Iman in Europe but Security agencies from Scotland yard and French Secret services have proven that those Foreign Iman came in to foremost radicalize Eorpean muslim,use democracy to further their Islamic intension,recruit Jihhadists,in a owrd put Euroepan civilization,culture,freedom and state in jeopardy.

    Most European countires forbid Foreign Iman in their land and have put in palce their own National system to train Iman according to their values and laws thus avoid the radicalization and threat posse by those primitives Foreign Imans coming from mainaly Suado Arabia the worse and radical Iman the world could have.
    Seychelles government should also take the example of those European countries which have lots of experience on this issues and alos suffer Islamics terrorist activites on their soil by forbidding by alw foreign Iman to exercise in our Chirstian land ,for it cause a potential threat to our Land,it is dangerous,and a security threat ot our Christians land which depend aminyl on tourism thus could be an easy target for Islamic teorirsts as we see TODAY Kneya is experiencing.
    Seychellois and Seychellois Muslim should be Iman in our land ,not foreigners with another culture foten radical.We must protect our religious unity and freedom and to do so it is imperative that laws are put in place and ensure that no Foreign Imans.

    There is a list of toerrists acts commited around Europe be it in UK metro act,in France,Belgium recently,and many others that should make us think deeply and take action to protect our Seychellois Muslim brothers rom being radicalize,brainwashed or even as it is happeing in Europe whereby amny Youngster though Born in Europe have been radicalize and go then in wars in Syria,Irak,and elsewhere.This risk is a potential risk shoud we do not take actions to avoid it.And the best way to avoid it ,is ensuring that those fanatic clergies from Suadi Arabia and other Muslim countires could never become Iman wetc.. on our Land.This is imperative for our peace,security,OF ALL sEYCHELLIS BE IT MUSLIM CHRISTIAN,jEHOVA ETC...




  21. Who gave these terrorist permission to come into our country and distribute bikes or anything Islam. Muslims have their agenda to terrorise, murder, rape and whatever atrocities you can think of in order to turn a country into an Islamic state. They know with an illiterate like Michel in power turning Seychelles into such a state will be the easiest task ever. Seychellois has no guts to slaughter them like our African brothers are doing. Seychellois look all over the world; wherever you see Muslims there is nothing but terrorism. Is that what you want for our beautiful Seychelles. Please have a kettle of boiling water ready and throw in their face when they come into your community. Let's keep terrorist out of our Christian land.

  22. Seychellois beware, the stage is being set. Those Arab terrorists are using Islam as an excuse to bring their death machines into the country. It is well known in the Arab world that these "men on motorbikes" have been described as "assassins". But assassination is just a more polite word for murder. Indeed, there the politicians and their securocrats cloak the premeditated lawless killing, not just assassinations but terminations and targeted killings. The States kill with impunity whilst the State-sponsored murderers slipped quickly away, similar to the assassination of Gerard Hoareau in England!!!
    Those motorbikes could be part of the 'high income' society that the President spoke about or they could be 'death penalty' without due process.

  23. We donot Know.probably Michel the atheist.But the most concern must the interfeference of Usadi Arabia ,Qatar ,UAE interfering in our country.Saudi Arabia,practice the most primitive, fanantic, archaic extreme form of
    Islam,but worse Saudi Arabia is the main Sponsor of teorrist Islamic organizations around the world.Be it Suadi Arabia,Qatar,EAU,OAMN those countires should not be allow to interfere in the lives of our Seychellois Muslims,by sponsoring for this and that or sending Muslim to study theology in Suadi Arabia for often when they come back they have ben radicalize,and so on.

    Morvero,Saudi Arabia,whjere Bin Laden family come and who is part of Suadis family(Part of the WAHHABI).Al -QAEDA represent the most WAHABISM in its pure form---a violent fundamentalist doctrine that rejects all NON_WAHABI ISLAM,especially the spiritual form of Islam.WAHBISM is an expansionist sect intolerant of SHI'ITE ISLAM,JUDAISM;CHRISTIANITY and HINDUISM;in fact WAHABISTS seek to challenge and destroy these faiths.The SAUDI_WAHABIS(includes EUA;QATAR;OMAN;BAHRAIN --note these countires are rule by one family of the same sect with the same intension and fanatism)
    SHOULD not be undermined;it requires our great attension.

    Furthermore,contary to prevalent western beleifs,WAHABISM is not an OLD ISLAMIC TRADITION and the HOUSE of the SAUDIS does not enjoy a credible historical claim to rule over ARABIA.Indded,WAHABI emerge only 250 years ago under the guidance of an obscure fanatic as MOHAMMAD IBN^'ALWAHAB ÂDL ALWAHAB who later form an alliance with desert BANDITS ,the SAUDS.From the Time they established their covenant to the creation of modern SUADI STATE--The SUADI-WAHABI movement spread acroos the peninsula brutally defeating and enslaving non-WAHABI elelements.Maybe that explain why criminal Michel love them--they share the same wickedness).

    The theological and political pact between the SAUD clan and theWAHABISTS resulted in the fall of MECCA for the second and last time in 1924;solidifying the grip on power.After the conquest of MECCA,the vast oil wealth would be export a radical WAHABIST ideology across the seem Seychelles with the help of Pp atheists is the next target.

    Nerve CNETER of Islamic extremism-------Even after 11th September attack,the WAHABI beaureacracy in SAUDI ARABIA continue to foster religious extriemism.When BOMBS goes off in ISRAEL,KNEYA;INDONESIA,,and else where,SAUDI ARABIA finger printer is always found on the crime scene and remain to date the main sponsor of world terrorism.

    So that SUAID Islamic sposnorred terrorists start sponsoring MIslim in our land should be a a real concern---on the long term they would do what they have always been doing namely sponsor terror in our Christina NAtion.

    So government should pass laws as all Western countires have done--to restrict,and ensure that 1)Seychellis Iman are trained else whgere than SUADI ARABIA,2)That no foreign IMAN exercise in our Land,that 3)No financing come from Aborad especially WAHABI states EAU;SAUDI ARABAI;OMAN etc but financing is done by State etc....

    This is a real threat-------they always start slowly,and come as a men of God,but on their long term strategy is always the same destroy Non-Muslim as history show.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  24. Christians and other non-muslim faiths should do their job--that going around to thep people-This was done in the past,today Priests drive ç/ç jeeps and shake hands with tyrannts instead of doing what POPE FRANCIS has called on them to do---be closer ot the people.In face of poverty,a destroyed society,socio-economic difficulties our people have become easy prey to such archaic ,dishumanized,apartheid ideology, --thus Spriritual leaders should shake up the balls and do their jobs instead of walking along side Partilepep is responsible for the present of this archaic ideology in our land.

  25. Will Saudi Arabia send boats to go island to island.Praslin pa vini like Jeanne mention NO MOSQUE on Praslin.This ISIL terrorists group most of them are from Saudi Arabia.They have a agenda to conquer the hole world and to turn peoples to devils how to carry suicide vest if you don't join them, they execute peoples like they are doing right now in Iraq .

  26. Seychellios are standing with a man in mirror and they are asking him to change but this old crook and co see things only their way and its a way of f**king this island more and more the way they rule.

  27. Breaking news: Each of these bikes holds a false bottom to carry bombs. Beware Seychellois you either convert or they will blow you up.

  28. After almost forty (40) years Seychellois are under a President call James Alix Michelle, a former messenger for cable and wireless limited, also a clerk at hunt deltel. This is the same road that Venezuela chosen with prostitutions to hard drugs. Only Madura was a bus driver and Michel butcher.


  30. All ex-criminals trying to tell they prophets--Chirsitanity marons is almost 500 years older than this archaic ideology.You are not ashame of selling out you identity camels.They think all what other prophets before criminal Mohammed are stupid and pedophile Mohammed is the real prophet.One must really be a donkey to think like this in the 21st century.Those Mohammad Camles have lost their identity and adpted that of primitive Khalifa--what a shame!


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