Seychelles Communist Party Steal Torch of Freedom!

At midnight, June 1st, 2014, the SPPF PL party thugs and leaders, under the guise of darkness, wearing red shirts and a few acting like legitimate businessmen wore black suits,  gathered, collected, without Commissioner of Police approval, to unveil the new garden ornament at Maison Du Peuple besides the garage and underground bunker of France Albert Rene, “The Butcher of Seychelles”, who once came to power by a coup on June 5th, 1977, and ushered in a generation of murders, disappearances, mayhem, exile of Seychellois, and failed central economy that has since resulted, in 8 years of International Monetary Fund (IMF) administration and counting.

Indian National GOP Build PL Monument
The statute of Torch of Freedom was propped on a  base filled with ordinary concrete, mixed and crafted by a bunch of Indian GOP workers under contract. There were no Seychellois who helped in the travesty. None.

Hide It In Black
Finally, it was draped in black cloth signifying death and at night, signifying a clad cover of theft in action, used so many times by the SPPF to attack their opponents, rob them, burn their buildings to the ground, and at times, kill, murder, commit mayhem dressed in black under the cover of darkness.
It is Albert Rene’s party that introduced violence in Seychelles as a political tool. No other party has used violence as a tool. Rene used violence as a tool to impose his evil will upon the people of Seychelles.

Attempt Murder of Freedom Send Mancham To Pageant
Underneath the  black cloth, was poor Torch of Freedom, draped in a twirl, birds or vultures flying about up or down, we are unsure, as if the SPPFPL had finally hijacked the symbol of Freedom, the symbol of Democracy, the symbol of Justice for All ( not only the  few).
Torch of Freedom was once used as the symbol of James Richard Mancham on his return to Seychelles in April 1992. This month he  was commissioned by PL to be “Chief Judge” at the Miss Seychelles Beauty Pageant held at newly open SAVOY HOTEL, Beau Vallon; at the same time finishing touches were being made to this infamous meaningless garden ornament, tacky in its own right, fit only for a Arab carpet bagger’s back yard.

Poor Rich Jimbo Meets His Fate
James R. Mancham for his part, played his role well at the Miss Seychelles Beauty Pageant. He wore a formal black tuxedo, and sported a red bow tie around his now well fatten neck that made him look a bit clownish, since he was overdressed for the heat of the tropical night.
When his name was called to be introduced to the Public, he stood up, looked about and drew his fake smile fit for occasions as a pageant. But this time, to France Albert Rene’s pleasure who was on his back - in bed resting to gather strength to launch another book to cover up his criminal past, and dress it up as best as possible for history, in order that the Seychelles Communist Party can survive after his demise and death. Again, no one smiled back at Mancham, and worse……, not even an applause or a single clap for him. The Democratic Party could not survive even when Mancham was alive. It will have a better chance, when he too is dead.
 Mancham quickly sat down and tried to stuff his body into his thin Chinese beard to hide himself for the rest of the night. The Coup De Grace of Mancham’s legacy, was about to take place, without him even knowing it, again, a second time.
To not get a single clap in Seychelles is a pretty tough call. We are after all, the friendliest people in the World: “Friends to all and Enemy to None”.

Father of Seychelles
At State House the next day a book was launched in Albert Rene’s honor, to dress up his years of evil, murder, mayhem and exile of his own people.
Rene could barely walk, his hat was too big on him, his shirt was two sizes large. His face was polished up and heat waxed, the red skin cells show the stress of preparing for a book launch, again to save his Communist Party after his death.
If placing the Torch of Freedom in a garden is an insult to Lady Freedom herself, this book is an insult to the historical accuracy of the France Albert Rene era in Seychelles.
Fraudsters and criminals, once they embark on a criminal frolic, can only cover up their tracks of crime, with another crime. This book fits the bill, you do not even have to buy it.
 Insults are common from SPPF PL. Eac h year they insult the People of Seychelles. Each year they take our dignity away, in a little way.  Murderers, killers, and thieves, are rarely polite. This year they loaded the barrel, with insults, in order to demoralize the opponents of the regime and weaken them at their own weakest hour, when their brain, has reached the end of the road.
The fake torch will not protect you in the hour of your death. Nor will its light shine to guide you anywhere, you are confided in the circles you run for decades as you try to catch your tail of failure, compounding failure, because I say to you all,  fundamentally, you have never believed in FREEDOM…….not even by a speck of sand.

The book on Rene, commissioned by Danny Faure, will not keep Rene alive for another 50 years. He will be lucky to have 5 years or 5 months left with this shabby writing. You should have asked me to write your book PL. I know about Rene pushing for Free Association instead of Independence. I know Peter Gill who told Rene to stand and be relevant push for Independence under the banner of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois”.
After the coup of 1977, Rene betrayed the principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”. He acquired businesses and properties of Seychellois. He jailed them, beat them, murdered them, tortured them, and finally for the lucky, he exiled them. This is not “Thea Father of a Modern Seychelles”. He is “The Butcher of Modern Seychelles”. Why? He butchered lives, and butchered families, and butchered their hope and their dreams of Independence. The opportunity of Independence, was only for Rene and his family, along with a handful of cronies or an inner circle of criminals, who are yet to be placed before justice.
Even Rene’s house sits on 10 acres stolen, from Mrs. Rene Trioan. Rene commandeered the surveyors, using Pti Claude, to monitor them, force them to place beacons, or be shot to death and buried on the spot for not doing the job. This is the Rene that Shillington writes about.
You may try to fool the younger generation but that will not last long, it will cost you millions to rent your crowds. At some point, Khalifa will say to you: “ it cannot cost more to run an election in Seychelles then UAE”. But it does.
It is the circle of life you are condemned to until you are history.

“Fake Father of Country” Makes Us Slaves
When the Youth find out that you are nothing but a tin pot crony organization, in place to keep a few rich, they will see that we are slaves under PL no different than under the Arab Slave Traders in the 17th century;  your supporters  are the biggest slaves  though they dress like free men and women.  When I talk to them, they speak like slaves.
PL communism is just another form of slavery because you betrayed the promise of Independence. Why did you not hold up the principle of “Seychelles Pour Seychellois” after June 5th, 1977?
When James Michel hugs an Arab, who is buying our country, France Albert Rene hugs James Michel. Danny Faure, begs to shake hands with Khalifa’s son, whatever he is called ( Khalifa Junior).Where is your dignity ? Where is your self respect as men? You cannot even open a playground without Khalifa doing it for you?
Pathetic. A playground!

Today, we would have “our own playground”, without ice, and without penguins sell outs ( or is idiot more appropriate)! What kind of Father has another Father build a children’s playground? A fake Father!
Because you betrayed “Sesel Pou Seselwa” to descendents of Arab slave owners, today there are penguins in Victoria. Next they will smash Victoria, and rebuild it, with tents in place. They will import camels to save fuel. They
Beware when your own people hunt you down to hang you at the clock tower and they say they are implementing the UAE plan for development of Greater Victoria.
Time Ticks you Sell Outs! You are a disgrace to the principle of Sesel Pou Seselwa-2014!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Very well said sir.
    And you articulate that in a few breath.

    To all new generation who are reading this please give your support to the SFP.
    The only one who can get Seychelles out this crap!

  2. Did you watch the opening of the SPPF museum on stolen land from the family of Hassan Ali. Did you see Sylvette Frichot getting all emotional and shedding tears ? What was she crying for ? Maybe Hassan Ali was playing havoc with her conscious. Hopefully there will be justice in Seychelles one day !

    1. I was not watching SPPF nor Sylvette crying.
      Please see that for yourself on you tube.
      ' Justice for Child Camel Jockey: Ban Unlslamic Camel Race.
      Its 14:45 minutes by Brian Gumbel for HBO sport.
      OMG this will make you cry..... small kids young as 3 to 4 years being exploited by the Shiek of UAE.
      Load this up on the blog so all can see.
      May be that what S.Frichot was crying.

  3. We know what children do---Crawling under the blanket and just hide.They think hiding under the blanket make them invisible.It give them a sense of security ,that what I was looking for, so think Charlatan RENE.
    Rene official History is a veil to hide the truth of what really happened.According to charlatan Rene he was even the spark that lit the torch,and today the torch is burning bright.What for a cold-blooded maron.The charlatan tried to make himself large than life.He is not only Seychellois savior but Africans as well.Even the original ex- great leader "Kim II jung of North Korea,achieved no more glory than being "The Sun of the Nation".According to Rene"His act was a Revolutionary Democracy" an ideology which is a bricolage of Leninism,Marxism,Stalinism,Maoism...

    But scripture teaches that"he who has troubleth his own home shall inherit the wind:and the fool shall be servant of the wise of heart.Rene and his worshippers have profounded troubled Seychellois' house,they shall inherit the wind!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Rene did not only Butchered Mr Ali,but confiscated and stole his assets.His house is now being used as Party museum to dissimulate his atrocities and attempt fake history.

  5. Soon FAURE can take an eeriest decision namely to--- build his adoptive father RENE a Mausoleum. And Maison Du Peuple can become a memorial Hall for great Dear leader Rene after his death.

  6. Frichot^s crocodile tears--so a mysterrious creeping motion .Quickens her demonic profile,bringing tears to these eyes at least,,

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. Well written and this is the true history of Seychelles. Rene is a murdering thief who stole the country in the night and he too will soon meet his fate. And I can only imagine the hell he is about to find out. Freedom will one day return to our country when Mancham,Rene and Michel are all dead and buried.

  8. Shillington's Bull crap goes down the pipe with this article by Christopher Gill.Great job Chris, you are a real Seychellois hero!

    1. According to a Golan close to Sylvest indeed she was crying.Tears were coming through her nose and blood coming from her eyes while Hassan spirit was felt by many. That is why FAR can't come to this place.

  9. Everything Seychelles Freedom Party has said, has come true:

    1. Zom Lib has been moved to the SPPF stolen garden grounds.

    2. Rene has abandoned "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" and even allowed Khalifa to build a playground for his people's children.

    3. Michel has become worse then Mancham when Mancham sold Seychelles to Kashoogi.

    4. Rene said IMF never. Now it is IMF for 10 years again.

    5. Rene and Michel turn Seychelles into an offshore laundering destination, as SFP said they were doing. Now it is exposed in the international press.


    1. Did he ever return the suit borrowed from Peter Gill to attend the OAU?

  10. Well done Christopher Gill. Not enough to fill a book but enough for the reader to get a true picture of Seychelles past. Can Somebody be brave enough to write a whole book on the other face of the coin of Seychelles real History? The future generation of Seychelles need to know the truth. Again Christopher, keep that real democracy torch shining on them. Don't allow those murderers to hide in the darkness while they creep upon the people of Seychelles like crocodiles in the night. Expose them for who they are. Where are the other oposition leaders when the heat is on? Those other bastards.

  11. All the mud we walk through, we do it so our children do not inherit the hell this generation lived through from 1977-2014.
    Enough is enough, and we must all unite work together, to survive this horrific era that has left so many emotionally traumatized, hurt, broken.
    When Rene rehashes all this do you think he has the heart of a Father ?
    No it is the heart of a criminal covering his criminal past to protect his daughters and family.
    Don't worry Rene, we will make sure nothing ever happens to your family. That is what a civilized opponent will promise.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill

  12. 22.15
    No he did not.He gifted it to his crooked friend------JULUIS NYRERE-----the Tazanian Dictator who trained and armed those donkeys to commit their crimes on Seychellois.

  13. Be nice to him. It was returned,it is in the SPUP museum near the pitange of Roselie.

  14. SPUP Museum in fact do not pleased on ex-SPUP members especially those who RENE betrayed after Introducing communism by forced.They think what are to be seen in the MUSEUM built illegal in Mr Ali's House which Michel/RenE illegally confiscated after butchered Him, do not reflect the ideals that was SPUP back then such as( Sesel Pou Seselwa),but rather represent a gang of criminalswho commited the criminal act of Coup D'etat and this Gnaster group was not what they represented and therefore they donot want to get involve in anyway with RNE/MCIHEL atrocities,.

  15. A terrorist who call himself a Deity.Shillington posses Rene as an Apostle of God.Yet ,his life and legacy is full with lustfulness--murdering of his people,enslavememnt of his people,atheism,unmerciful butcheries etc...What R
    ene produced in his book is simply a Book of gibberish consisting of evil verses.

    Just a cursory look at Rene's book should be enough to warn you to keep your distance to this maron.In it you will see Unbridle raw evil.FASLE GOD always demand the blood of innocents.THE GOD OF ATHEISM IS REVEALED as the tyrant who demand Seychellois to submit to him.Whereas in the New Testament ,Jesus reveals to Christians a God who is loving Father,who wants us to come to him via Free Will.As all Prophet ,False Prophet Rnene must make prophecies---His prophecy is tyranny.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Sri Lanka curfew Muslims and Buddits at it killing each others,will those invaders spread their violence on our shore?

  17. That is what partilepep is paving the way for in Seychelles by importing thousands of those people to colonize our country.Just as the building to Mosques.Khalfia as his Suadis,Kuwait brothers have an obsession to promote Islam in our Alnd-Saudis sponsor teorrism ISIS;HAMAS and Khalfia is doing the same illegally with the help of illegal partielpep government on our Christian land.In a decade we would have matured terrorists to explode themselves inhotels,go fight in Afganistan,africa and finally bring instability,voilence,insecurity on our soil.The way we are partielepe thinks it is not good.We need terrorists too,ethnic conflicts,instability,imported ofreigners to out numberd Seychellois etc...


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