James Michel Cancels National Day and Calls For National Unity

President James Michel’s annual speech had little or no punch to it this year. No discussion of any real issue that really faces our Nation. Just a little glossing over
, a bit like egg wash over baking flour, then you get shiny bread.
But Mr. Michel said something important that he will be challenged and this challenge and how he handles himself will be set in stone for prosperity: National Unity.
A tall order, but you must take him seriously.

A Change of Heart?
Is Michel undergoing a change of heart? After all he is famous for his “koze kouyon”, and insults to the his opponents in an age wherein his opponents have control of the digital media and he controls only antiquated SBC. 
Our blogs are burning 1.5 million plus views collectively while Seychelles News Agency (SNA) are just trying to get off the ground. With TWITTER our numbers are going exponential.
The impact of our blogs on James Michel international credibility is un matched and un challenged because we provide in depth write up on TRUTH. We network with international journalists.
State House thugs were regularly visiting me a few years back to ask me to stop writing. Were they sent by James Michel or did they come on their own steam? These thugs do not read and write. They just hear things.

Has Michel had a change of heart or is he just doing cheap politics with a precious word that is hard to achieve, and easy to destroy: NATIONAL UNITY.
Mr. Michel can advise us who broke into the MSR office to steal our files and equipment .
 Was this an exercise of UNITY and co existence and tolerance? The MSR case was so staged managed even a Fabrike judge gave the ruling, while his daughter was on full BURSAR in the UK being paid for by Government of Seychelles.
Mr. Michel will know who burnt down my garage destroying my hotel equipment, bikes, quads, lawn mowers, riding mowers SCR. 500,000.00).
What about breaking my shipping container at the port with 40 armed soldiers, to harass me and break all my wares and goods I purchased for my hotel. Is Mr. Michel, in the spirit of National Unity ready to pay me for my things as any decent man of his word would? After all, according to Col. Ernesta ( Leader of SUP today) at that time, the order to harass me and make my life hell came straight from State House, Mr. Michel’s desk.
While Col. Ernesta worked me down, even the Commissioner of Police sat by and Charlie Morin, your yes man stood by laughing at me as I complained about your men breaking open and dismantling all my things down to the screws and bolts. Knives ran through my couches and chairs. (Scr. 1,000,000.00 if you include the emotional distress). After all nothing in university prepares anyone to face down 40 armed soldiers.  

Naturally, Mr. Michel is talking about Unity in the future and not issues of the past.
I understand that fully well, and we should all understand this. Be that as it may, there are many Seychellois aggrieved by the hand of the State, and for Mr. Michel to succeed at National Unity, he will have to address each one and make full reparations to each one to a reasonably satisfactory level that is publically acceptable. This includes all those who lost land, businesses, family members. It should also include a serious program to repatriated Seychellois back from exile to their motherland, with allocation for homestead and housing.

But Mr. Michel must understand this: what is done wrong to the People of Seychelles, cannot be written off in a cute speech for the President of Cabo Verde who is here to teach us how to bring in 1 million tourist per year, and how to get 40 flights per week, not 4 flights per week.
In case you did not realize it, you just showed your newest main competitor for the European Tourist Market your wares and had him plant a coco de mer. I hope you do not give him one to plant in Cabo Verde.
Cabo Verde is booming in European Tourists while we are losing market share.
This aside Mr. Michel here are some things you can do to bring about National Unity besides propping old Jimbo “Former First President” in Bulgaria for dinner:

An Apology To Victims 
Mr. Michel if he is a big man, as he says he is, should be big enough to first and foremost, apologize to the victims families of the one party state era and era of fake democracy, last 21 years.
 Seychelles is yet to make a democratic transition- Commonwealth Report Presidential Elections -2011. This means Sir, you have been buying time on the  patience of the People.
There are many, and this is the first real step to National Unity. Make a list, use your Protocol staff wisely.

Pay The Damage Caused For Being Overzealous
Secondly, Mr. Michel should announce a start to paying reparations to all the victims of the one party state and the one party state mentality that is the sole cause to leaving Seychelles as the proverbial “Blind Nation and failing State” in spite of your fake numbers. If you want to know why they are fake, I will oblige.

Fake Opposition
Naturally, a country with a fake opposition cannot achieve National UNITY. Mr. Michel must understand that the devil’s temptation to field David Pierre, as a prop, is not healthy to promoting National UNITY in Seychelles. It surely, is not an exercise in Democracy.
Have you not learnt the fundamental lesson of the Garden of Eden story in the Bible? If not, do a read. It is a lesson on the weakness of humanity and temptation to do that which is expedient. That includes you. You do not even have to believe in God to understand the value of the story. Had Rene read this story, he would not have done the bogus Coup he called LIBERATION.

Useless But Destructive Planning Authority
There can be no National Unity in Seychelles when the Planning Authority is run by an incompetent person per se.
Mr. Hoarau tells us he is placed there by you Mr. Michel. This means all his actions are imputed to you, Mr. Michel.
If his actions are not your actions, remove this man from his position before he destroys the Seychelles investment climate any more.
The damage Mr. Hoarau has done to investment climate in Seychelles will take 10 years to repair. We may as well start on Monday with the REBUILDING effort.

End Bogus National Day
Bravo to you Mr. Michel! After years of writing that our Day of National Unity is Independence Day, you have finally relented to reason and historical TRUTH. This took a lot of pen and paper. I have been through Four (4) laptops since I started to write on this subject.
We salute your decision to bag the bogus National Day a creation of France Albert Rene, to cover his tracks and his personal animosity towards James R. Mancham. We understand all that, but Rene did not have to raise arms to over throw Mancham with force. He could have beaten him in the next general election.
But we also understand how much of a douche bag Mancham can be. A man that outlives his own political party cannot be trusted if he wishes death to his own party.
 It’s the past, let Seychelles chart a course for the future and rise above petty personality politics.

Celebrate Independence Day June 29th- Ya hoo!
Make June 18th a working day, take it off the calendar of National Holidays. We have too many Holidays. We barely work 6 months a year when add the holidays, sick leaves, Saturdays, Sundays, and Annual Holidays.
What merits even greater accolades is your acceptance of June 29th as Independence Day. This is a material divergence from living a false historical perspective to moving into the realm of TRUTH.
Naturally with fanatics around you, I am certain that it was not easy. But Truth must overcome irrational exuberance in the life of a Nation for it to be able to give NATIONAL UNITY a chance.
There will always be fanatics. Send them to Ethiopia as Ambassadors. The coffee is good there.

Finish With The Fake Liberation June 5th
I look forward to seeing you do the same to June 5th. I will support you 100% when you do. Do not let me waste more time writing about Zom Lib now that he is nothing but a garden ornament, for birds to enjoy…..it would not be fair to Seychelles and her people. Do the right thing, become political correct with Truth. You and PL will sense a great sigh of relief and release from bondage of the falsehood of June 5th.

In life, Mr. Michel, we all make mistakes. It is the great man and great leader who corrects his mistakes and does not take them to his grave in defiance. Set your own course, independent of the stubborn shadow of France Albert Rene. 
In life Mr. Michel, you will know this by now, you can have possession of all the islands(King Glenny) , have all the money you can use (Shiekh Khalifa) , have all the servants and slaves at your feet ( FAR).
 But in life, time is more precious than anything, we all have so little of it, no exception. So let us use time wisely over the next 21 years and improve on how we used it in the last 21 years. You can set the ground work for that today.

On the Matter of Pierre Laporte (Public Figure)
As promised to our readers.
Did everyone see Mr. Pierre Laporte hiding in the back drop of the VIP seating for National Day? Mr. Laporte was sitting in the back to get a good view of everyone and thing happen before him. He spoke little to anyone, since it was not an occasion to call people names.
Mr. Laporte likes to call people names, anyone, did you know that? Ask him what he calls you in a Consul of Minister meeting. See what he says. He will wiggle and juggle like a bowl of jelly, he might waffle his reply into his shirt, even cry if pressure is put on him, but ignore him. He has a name for each minister as well. Ask him. See if he is man enough to divulge the inner works of his character.

Where it concerns me, for instance, he refers to the business community in SCCI and SHTA who pay taxes, invest heavily in Seychelles “Fouter Dezord”. Can you believe that?
Is this the type of NATIONAL UNITY that Mr. Michel is speaking about today?
Mr. Laporte tells his PS to always say: “we will listen to your proposals (from business), but after the proposals have been worked for months, and they come before Mr. Laporte (Minister of Finance) he strikes them and ridicules the business community. He runs a sort of Adi Amin Dada Dictatorship at Finance.
Yet, ASSIYUDDA or whatever it is called has caused havoc at imports and is a disaster for us. 16.5 % VAT does not exist in a Tourism economy around the World, only in Seychelles.
No Minister of Finance who collects revenue from business can be allowed to ridicule business in a dis-respective manner.

The Country Will Collapse
Perhaps Minister Pierre Laporte pokes fun at our hard work, because we are not Arabs with bags of money; we are not Russians laundering money; or maybe because  we are not his favorite Russian who can fly him Mr. Laporte in a private Lear Jet anywhere around the World, and organize guns and roses for him from anywhere around the World…….and feed his growing big belly on Russian Caviar and Bollinger Champagne in all you can eat…… old boy style!
If you use Khalifa’s CT scan at the Victoria Hospital cum Seychelles Hospital you can look into his big round hanging belly that jumps like jelly and see what is inside of it. It will give you prima facie evidence of his culpability and hidden agenda.
The culpability will expose why he is dangerous to the business climate in Seychelles.  Every time you ask him something, his reply is: we will look into it over the next three (3) years, to send you into the deep abyss.

We are educated people, and we understand when we have an “Jack Ass” (Donkey)  as  a Minister of Finance. Unfortunately, Mr. President, Mr. Laporte is not a very polished Minister so it leaves us little room for politeness and Savoir Faire on the matter.
Beware of Mr. Laporte! He is greedy and ambitious and he lacks respect for Seychellois. Any Minister of Finance who spends more time on his own finance and business, then on national finance, needs a closer look.
We must recall, he ran out of the country during the Black Market era, in the toughest times, leaving his Central Bank desk, he made it to USA- IMF office.
Then he ploughed economic disaster into NIGER under the IMF flag and left the job unfinished.
 Mr. Laporte left as a Democratic Party supporter and came back as a IMF /SPPF man.  He Cross the Floor only to join  Mr. Mancham on the other side.
Today, his eye is on State House Anytime Now! He is being stage managed by his Russian billionaire friends who want Seychelles as their own country to move money under her National Seal. Unfortunately for you, Mr. Michel and for the sake of National Unity, you do not fit very well in the Russians plans.

Kimanyer Sa I Apele?

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Michel should not call for UNITY,but rather put it in action.For that there must be A NUETRAL National Council which would oversight the reconciliation porcess-But on which baisis would a UNITY process takes place?Well,after the council of wise (if you will) is set up-----it would organize a meeting in which all Oppostion leaders come together to set up method,modes,and set up rules of engagement and how to proceed. .All political Parties without exception must be involved without pre-conditions,pre-demands- In other word ,the path to unity cannot be dictated by those who disunited our Nation.As to Michel he should lead by exmaples and that is stop immediately shaking fake Opposition leader Pierre hands,Give access to National Media to all Opposition leaders and people,etc....These ashould be gestures of willingness,seriousness and not part of the National Unification process.(else it become pre-conditions).

    Yes,---- We would have to use the Shield of unity instead of the swords of those who sliced, toiled ,diced and disunited us.This must not only by a stamen for unity intented only to be exhortation to all Seychellois to unite around a common purpose and destiny, but also the very idea of unity among people of a nation.After all a house divided against itself cannot stand,and as Abraham Lincoln puts it"A government cannot endure ,permanently half slave and half free".

    it is impossible ofr Seychellois house to be divided against itself and remain standing.The overlords of divide and rule harangue us daily that it is high time we some have put self-interest above humanity.So long they have shrugged their shoulders and depraved indifference and benighted hubris and proclaim."if Seychelles disintegrates,so be it:it was not meant to be.By whom was it not meant to be? Certainly not by providence.Certainly not by the children of Seychelles".Pp has through the decades been able to frayed the delicate fabric of Seychellois society and ripped out the sinews out of the body Seychelles politics.They have sown the seed of hatred,division,and watered it with corruption,violence and repression.They have destroyed the peace and harmony of Seychellois people and replaced it with the jangling discord of suspicion,distrust and fear.But the times,they are a-changing`!Seychellois are standing up.

    Disunity,clan politics,gred was never meant for Seychellois.What was meant for Seychellois(when asked for independence)was LibertyEquality,,Fraternity and National Unity.
    Seychellois are ordain to enjoy SEYCHELOIS__ITY.We were not destined to be the victim of politics of identity,or the criminal practices of brutality and inhumanity.

    UNITY is the only cure for the destruction of Identity.

    Finally ,is there anything we could learn from first Rne calls for RECONCILAITION and Now MICHEL calls for UNITY?I hope it does,if not it would soon.I hope I draw lesson of leadership.courage and the need to change with the time. ---And on my part ,I would watch the actions not words of Both RENE/MICHEl that they really walk the wlak and not just tlak the talk--for failing to do so would be lethal for them.This would allow me to cool down also my inpatient guys who want immediate use of force against PP.And who I must always calm down their tempers.

    But PP must be SERIOUS ON UNITY and not just blah about it.A divided Nation as Pp has proven is a defeated Nation.In unity there is Victory.Of course the process of UNIFING people is difficult and the road to UNITY is often litered with debris of historical grievances.,rancor and bitterness.That orad must be repaved,and repaired with good will and new values of dignity and equality in a genuine understanding of a common Humanity.

    How good and a pleasant it would be to see the Unification of SeychellOis-Instead ofAfrican as Bob Marley put it once.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. UNITY does not means in anyway pardon,forgiveness----for that other body such as RECONCILAITION BODY,is set up specifically for the prupose.Whereby culrpits would have to explain their crimnas act in front of victims or victims families,And only victims/victims families can give forgiveness,or pardon.Not Society for te later is base of ruel of Laws and do not provides for pardon,forgiveness,A new government cvan encourage the process and after all pardon,forgiveness have been given ,government then could decide that culprits had face justice and can be granted amnesty.The later is the only legal action that could be taken by a state. not forgiveness or pardon.In other owrds,there could be no pardon,forgiveness without first having justice in what ever its from--retributive justice etc....

  3. Laporte has a bad behavior.But I think he consciously poke fun at others as a desuasive act to intimidate others or avoid criticism of his failures.It is like"If you cannot laugh at yourself make fun of the others"Our Doctor in economy has failed us not once but repeatedly...Look how we continue to depend on foreign aid. That is Dr Laporte solution to reviving our economy is .--annu more foreign debts,--robbing businesses with all kinds of taxes.he is addicted to foreign debt.

  4. They have robbed us to much sell our land and killing our brothers we don't want unit,unity is like keeping pp in power for more decade and continue robbed his peoples and continue killing our brothers

    Calling for unity because a end to pp is around the corner and we don't unite with crooks that don't listen to its peoples listen to foreigners.

  5. PLP knows that they are living on borrowed time!!

  6. Laporte's street lingo shows us how bad mannered he is.ITS SHOWS THAT LAPORTE does not show class and knowledge about social accepability.Maybe he has convinced himself that jungle languages would make him intelligent .but unfortunately it is no and he is not.

    .Laporte does not like being among brilliant people who excel him,he prefers sitting with those who make him feel brilliant when among them.The bad-mannered laporte just cannot tame his tongue.it is because,-for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,----A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things,and an evil man out of an evil treasure brings forth evil things.

    Laporte,as an economist has showed his lack of intelligence,.His time at IMF did not do him good,he came out as he entered--namely uncompetence as ever.

    Michel called cum-economic-spinmeister Laporte in rush to take over the finance ministry with the hope that Laporte could save us from bankruptcy-----but the facts speak for themselves-----Since Dr Laporte took office nothing have changed ,not even stabilized but worsen-----We still depending on Foreign aid----in fact it keeps increasing ,seems to me Laporte has lost control over.

    Each year Laporte has been pulling a public relations sleight-of-hands by using IMF as the front to channel his own preference economic statistics to prove his economic prowess and unrivaled success to the world.But as always ,each time he failed us and the world,he has never achieved the objectives he set up.THAt IS CALLED AS VOODOO ECONOMY.

    Many Seychellois why if we making astronomic GDP growth we still going around with cupped-Hand begging for more foreign aid?Well,the answer is magic!All one need to do,is to invoke the GDP's spirits and recite to them the right incarnations about sustainable development.Then sprinkle a palmful of that fine IMF gold dust and command:Let there be economic growth!.Abracadabra!Infaltion! I command you to go down by 2 ,1 percent!!

    The fact is although all these aid money for everywhere that have been coming in ,Seychelles' economy is neither growing fast enough and nor producing enough jobs.Monetary stability is hampered by State/Laporte distortions in prices and interest rates and trade in hurt by high VAT.In a word we still in shit Laporte,though all those multi-millions in aid---With Michel/Laporte we have had all the alms of the world:Aid for AIDS,relief aid,developement aid,environment aid,economic aid,military aid,financial aid,,etc..etc.. what I call BONDAID.And thanks the lord that until to date we did not need famine aid to fulfill the book of Laporte's economic success.

    laporte is a bad mannered person--who probably use lingo/jungle language to detter criticism of his failures.A man's manner is the mirror in which he shows his portrait.And one more thing Laporte MATURTIY does not mean age,it means sensitivity, manners, and how you react.Get mature dog.As the saying goes"A tree is known by its fruits"

    Grow up LAporte,Be a real man!I wonder if he has a girlfriend or a wife.The latter must have had difficulty in finding a real man and without feeling to go with a guy without character,and so disrespectful Or to benefit from fall these stolen tax payers money?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. Another great article Christopher Gill, I hope the people of Seychelles wake up to themselves.

  8. Let another party call for national unity.............
    Who wants to unite with a gang of unrepentant criminals and murderers and thieves?

  9. Prof Laporte has failed us,..he does not know what he is doing and talking about ,but will always make you feel it is your fault.

  10. Cape Verde arrival records confirm one things among others, namely that Air transport connectivity to a country's main market plays a major role in a country tourism industry.Last week Partilepep told us,"British magazine,Meida named Seychelles as one of the best destinations in the world--A good free publicity for our country---the question that partilepep should be asking why are Britsh Nationls or why we still not hainvg the number of Brit tourists though all the titles we have been achieving ?Well St Ange most have to do with Bad air connection to our shores.It is time to realize that Clients want to have choices and not forced to flight via Dubai,or else where.Direct flight operation is simply the best connection an Airline can offer to its clients .The faster the better,the longer the flight the less attractive it becomes.

  11. In the"ROUTES AFRICAN 2012 FORUM" which was held in Seychelles---the main issue of the FORUM was mainly to discuse,address the problem of High Fuel and taxes set government on Airlines and were supposed to find solutions .Four years later,we must say Seychelles government has done nothing to deal with the issue though it is a major issue that is affecting Nationally our Tourism industry ,our main source of revenues.There has been no willingness,no interests on the part of partilepep government to really deal with this problems.

    What the hell you waiting for partilepep?

  12. The report on Seychelles' Human rights and Human trafficking critised Seychelles for FAST TRACK DEPORTATION. So what?I bleive we should even speed it up further.Seychelles has n immigration law--which his a good thing and we should never has one.So why keep illegal foreigners on our shores?Second,According to Interantional Laws--a person who enter a country illegally is consider a criminal--so why keep criminal foreigners on our shores?When foreigners illegally enter our country --they rape our immigration laws and sovereignty--all actions necessary should be taken including rapid,speedy deportation.No Interantional organizations should be taking decision in the palce of Seychelois.We are sovereign.

    DEPORTATION SHOULD BE EVEN SPEED UP.And government should ensure that any persons deported could never enter the country beyond a certain time if not for ever.

    Seychelles must not make the mistakes of many countires around the world who allow illegal persons to enter their pand and keep them inside,Today those same countries are fighting,struggling to find ways to limit ,deport illegal foreigners out on their land from Europe to USA and others.Why should we do differently .What is not good for you is also not good for us.

  13. 15.54
    Real unity concern every body and all must be broughtogether to really call unity UNITY.
    Fo course partielpep the divider is not best position to bring about Unity.But in any case Unity cannot be a one- sided decision,process it must involve all protagonists.UNity in diversity.And after all the dividers are part on this NAtion.(But donot confuse UNITY with justice -I have the feeling that you think UNITY would means criminals get away with their crimes,it is not that.UNITY here about the NATION.Crinimility would be solved and dealt by justice.

  14. Butcher Michel the DIVIDER Lectures us about UNITY ,convinced himself that Ak-47 brought unity to our Nation.He talks about Unity just to mean that"all Seychellois should live under one hegemony and freedom should be raped.However here is a surge of UNITY among the people in the condemnation of Pp atrocities.
    Unity is oneness in purpose.How can a donkey who forced himself with an Ka-47 believed coup DÊtat is unity.
    Ture UNity Butcher Michel requires Knowledging historical injustice.In his book "Superseding Historical justice"Jeremy Waldron puts it eloquently as"Neglect the historical record is to do violence to this identity and thus to the community that it sustains.And since communities help generate a deeper sense of identity for the individuals they comprise ,neglecting or expunging the historical record is a way of undermining and insulting individuals as well".Acknowledging historical injustice Is the only true remedy to unification Michel.

    You know what Michel go unite with your soul donkey.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  15. Seychelles First20 June 2014 at 02:28

    A strong PLP supporter has savaged the party over the economy, health, crime and education policy while mocking Mr James Michel, branding him “really weak” and apparently questioning his integrity. The member stated that Mr Michel is a "yes man" and a puppet to Rene and Danny Faure.

    1. Someone wrote and branded James Michel as 'really weak' and a 'yes-man', it makes sense if one analyzes who really James Michel is and what he has done and said. Do not let the doctorate he obtained from the University in India fools you, someone is doing all the writing for James Michel, putting words and phrases that Michel just read out or sign, so someone else is orchestrating the public announcements, manipulating the political and economical developments of Seychelles, at the same time softening the failures of Albert Rene and face-saving the shame of the u-turns by James Michel. Lately there have been glaring examples of the twisting and turnings, instead of entitling the book 'Father of the Seychelles Revolution' as they used to shout and sing, they wrote 'Father of Modern Seychellles'! Instead of saying 'National Reconciliation' they have been using the words of 'National Unity'! Now, instead of using the correct term for 'Truth Commission' Michel has just introduced 'Consultative Forum' - saying consultations are the key to national unity. Consultations assist government in making good decisions, and only through consultations democracy emerges victorious! Gone are the days of socialist jargons instead Michel spoke loud and clear of the capitalist 'High Income' status that Seychelles is acquiring at the expense of poor Seychellois. One wonders who owes Seychelles and where Seychelles is heading, and if no one can answer, then the man is not only weak and yes but also a catastrophic idiot.

  16. Good move! But critics should not be done behind a dustbin where no body hear it but in public.openly.Or even start gathering individuals within the PP with same position as him ,for this would help bring change rapidly.

  17. Why did Rene and Michel not call for NATIONAL UNITY at the beginning of the reign of terror on 05 June 1977?
    Rene stated on many occasions that:
    "Sa ki pa kontan y kapab debarke lo sa bato!"
    I urge the people of Seychelles not to put your defenses down again!
    The ideologies of the spup/sppf/pl regime is self destructing.
    "pa les zot bat ou latet"
    Let the despot regime collapse and let them suffer the consequences.
    Unity will come when the TRUTH is exposed and when JUSTICE is served.

  18. Michel is like the biblical story of BALAAM and the DONKEY.

  19. 18 th June we would celebrate Constitutional Day.Why then a military parade on the 18 th June Fieldmarshal Michel?Should it be if necessary on 29th June when we got our Independence?

  20. Communist goose march should be replace by the Brit- style military march which reflect more our people,nation,history and society.That is like GARD BATON used to parade before Coup D'êtat.

  21. After decades of lies, Michel finally confessed that under partilepep Seychelles has been a police State and a prison Nation.
    He tells his gang members that"governent should be closer to the people"--One first step Michel to be closer to the people is to give them back their country without delay.Secondly the only geniue way tfor a government to be closer to the people, must be one that the people elected in free and fair elections.An illegal wicked government needs no trying to be closer to the people for it would never happened.Power to the people is the only way.

  22. After the last election, international observers cited allegations of unfair campaign practices. The Francophonie Observer Group, the Commonwealth Expert Team, and the Southern African Development Community called for electoral reforms. We are still waiting James Michel..............

  23. I am appalled that Pierre Laporte would reference the business community that way. However, I know Pierre, and when he drinks anything can come out of his mouth, and it is usually foul language. His wife could not take it. I am surprise Mr. Michel has not discovered the rascal yet and we have to read about it on this blog.

  24. They like to cut cakes.
    They like to give LA-KOUP (Cups)
    They like to make people sit on plastic chairs.
    They like to cut ribbons.
    They like to share empty promises.

    One thing they are short of.


  25. Taxman's blunder means Seychellois get hit with large vat bills.

  26. 07.20
    Yes we still waiting but Michel the butcher must get this cristal clear,we qare not going to wait for eternity he better hurry change himself or I promise Him we will change Him in the same way as he robbed our liberty in 1977.Frankly,Seychellois have been patient too long with PP,there would be no prolongation beyond 2016.he would govoluntarily or forced would be used.In fact,Seychellois should not even be asking Pp gang of thugs to give them back what belong to them.If Pp reufsed to give us back what belong to us,we will go and get it back and that by the appropriate means necesaairy.We will not let a gang of Oldies bullshit the majority.

    Jeanne D'Arc


  27. Butcher Michel in his speech on 18 th June told us we must follow the constitution,etc... But sitting behind him are lots of foriegners from Judges,cihef police officiers,etc... foreigners illegally controlling our institutions.etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..

    1. We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

      Abraham Lincoln

    2. We cannot follow a constitution which is leading us down the road to national suicide. ///

  28. Michel is calling for national unity AGAIN.
    Because, quite frankly, it never did happen under SPUP/SPPF/PL.
    And it never will!
    The NATIONAL ANTHEM has had the following words for years:
    " Sesel ou menm nou sel patri "
    " Kot nou viv dan larmoni "
    " Fer monte nou paviyon "

    Obvioulsy, "nou pa pe viv dan larmoni" - Michel acknowledes that himself.
    Michel should ask himself why?

    "Fer monte nou paviyon" shows the arrogance of this group of thugs!
    That "paviyon" is the paviyon of the Coup D'Etat SPUP.
    A modified version of the rising sun yellow, red, white and green with blue added to represent the sky!
    One explanation I heard was that blue represents the DP and yellow the SNP while the red, white and green represented the SPUP.
    In other words 3/5 of the flag is for the 05 June criminals!
    And they still had the audacity to call this a national unity flag!

    For National Unity following 37 years of the AK47 reign of terror, all symbols
    and reminders of the events of 05 June 1977 should be totally wiped out.
    Hiding zonm lib behind the PL museum is not an option.
    Get a new flag and re-write the national anthem!
    Put those responsible for the coup d'etat, those involved in the killings and murders and disappearance of people on trial.

    Michel is talking from the other end of his mouth!

  29. The country was united on June 29, 1976 with James Mancham ( DP ) as President and Albert Rene ( SPUP ) as Prime Minister.

    But Michel and Rene never believed in National Unity.
    In less than one year, they managed to Sabotage and Divide the country by importing AK47's ( see picture above ) and terrorizing the people, killing anyone who would dare oppose them!

    James Michel should just shut up, pray and give thanks to Satan that he still has his AK47 to protect him!

  30. PTA bank which country flag they carry?Deal done with out asking Seychellios peoples again and again.

  31. One should not separate text from historical background. If one do, one will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardised form of illegitimate government. Does this remind you of someone?

  32. Pierre Laporte gets the position of Finance Minister not because of his mastery of the profession but mostly because he is a Rene-Michel ar$$$e licker!
    And that goes for all the high office holders of this government.
    Noe of them have the education or experience in the field.
    But almost all of them know that they can hide behind and be protected by the lethal brutality of the AK47 that scared the $hi$$t out of the otherwise peaceful Seychellois people.

  33. Remember what Rene said?

    "Personn pa po sanz sa rezim............."
    Those were the days when the AK47 spoke louder than words.......

    Little did Rene know that what will "sanz sa rezim" was sown by himself when he terrorized this country on 05 June 1977.
    These chicken will come home to roost........
    Meaning that the peace that Rene disrupted on 05 June 1977 will come back to haunt him!

  34. Let it be known to every Seychellois/se and the world,
    That Rene was the worst thing that ever happened to the Seychelles.
    And that Michel was his ars$$$$e licker!

    1. Rene did the right thing to overthrow Mancham. It would have been humiliating to have someone like Mancham as our president. We would have looked like retards to the rest of the world. Michel is however the worst thing that ever happen to Seychelles. An uneducated person should not be allowed to run any country. You have to take major decisions in this capacity as president and Michel IQ is that of a kindergarten child. Obviously someone is making all the decisions for him and he is just a rubber stamp and the one deciding our fate now is probably one like Mancham.

  35. Someone wrote and branded James Michel as 'really weak' and a 'yes-man', it makes sense if one analyzes who really James Michel is and what he has done and said. Do not let the doctorate he obtained from the University in India fools you, someone is doing all the writing for James Michel, putting words and phrases that Michel just read out or sign, so someone else is orchestrating the public announcements, manipulating the political and economical developments of Seychelles, at the same time softening the failures of Albert Rene and face-saving the shame of the u-turns by James Michel. Lately there have been glaring examples of the twisting and turnings, instead of entitling the book 'Father of the Seychelles Revolution' as they used to shout and sing, they wrote 'Father of Modern Seychellles'! Instead of saying 'National Reconciliation' they have been using the words of 'National Unity'! Now, instead of using the correct term for 'Truth Commission' Michel has just introduced 'Consultative Forum' - saying consultations are the key to national unity. Consultations assist government in making good decisions, and only through consultations democracy emerges victorious! Gone are the days of socialist jargons instead Michel spoke loud and clear of the capitalist 'High Income' status that Seychelles is acquiring at the expense of poor Seychellois. One wonders who owes Seychelles and where Seychelles is heading, and if no one can answer, then the man is not only weak and yes but also a catastrophic idiot

    1. Remember the Roman Emperor who played his violin whilst Rome was burning!

  36. Misel o Rogaine by itself doesn't work deman ou konper David Pierre si ou kwar Mon pe koz lalang. Get a Viagra pill and mix with Rogaine, garanty sanpousan. Deman laport I a dir ou.

  37. Tourism Arrivals are up year on year 12%. But revenues are down.
    Large hotels have already abandoned respect for Pierre Laporte VAT scheme of 15% and they are costing money earned in Seychelles and leaving it overseas in marketing funds, and booking consultant fees.
    Laporte has gone to sleep. Keep VAT at 15% and people defy your laws until the government is bankrupt again and reserves will be washed up.

  38. Butcher said follow the Constitution, but he changes the day of National Day to Independence Day.
    Constitution says Seychellois are caretakers of the country but Michel sell more lands to foreigners then any president.
    Eden Island is a Seychellois investment??
    Four Seasons is a Seychellois investment??
    Kempinski is a Seychellois invesment??
    Raffles is Seychellois? Yes the house for Michel Talal give him is Seychellois.
    Desroches Island is sold.
    What is left?

  39. Seychelles media are polarized, says Reporters without Borders. Seychelles ranked 103rd out of 180 countries way below other African nations such as Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo and Mozambique and even neighbouring Indian Ocean sister islands of Mauritius and Madagascar amongst others. That puts Ms Ferrari's report straight into the bin.

    1. and what qualification does Miss Ferari has to come up with her report?

  40. Anonymous 17:57 for the first time i will disagree what u stated unless you meant Gleny the prince of the royal family alias idc ceo with half brain. Those pictures really are a collection of scum-balls of party lepip.

  41. In the 2014 Human rights Report ---Seychelles is placed in the 3 rd TIer as Zimbabwe,north korea.

    1. PLP will do anything to stay in power. We need to organise a day of civil disobedience, every year on the same date until there is change in this country.

  42. Vietnamese appointed as Seychelles Ambassador by crook Michel.Partielep thinks foreigners can better represent Seychelles interests than Seychellois.

  43. Tuna Siener caught fire and partielpep has in 5 decades never put in place a real MARINE fFIRE FIGHTER and equipment to deal with such situation.Thanks god it was no A CRuise Ship for hundreds on lives would have gone in flames,Last week there was an exercise and as we could all see ---it was not a MARINE fire fighter gang who was putting out fire but two patrol boats ill-equipped and without efficacy and training for such situation.What if it would be a oil tankers probably tons of oil would have split in to the Ocean and beaches would have been poluated for decades thereby destroying our tourism industry once and for all and not to mention the distruction of Marine lives,and the eco-system.Partielepep are gansters they should be apprehended.

  44. Not only weak he don't have a knowledge that's why corruption continue peoples working under him like his minister pe vole SESEWLA he can not see.

  45. he the mastermind----he knows it very well.In the case of khalifa's transporting Indians in containers--Michel was the mastermind,the protector,the facilitator.If he was not involed he would have taken legal actions.I asure you there are foreigners being made salve at La misiere at Khalfia's bunker--their passports confiscated,they are being beaten,working 24/24 hours,if not killed as it is common pracitce in Arab countries .Victims have no means of escaping and the Seychellois pbulci know knowledge on what they going through up there for Michel and his crooked government make those crimes invisible and participate in them.Do any Seychellis knows how much foriegners were imported illegally and brought in to slavery at La Misiere?No.Only Michel and Khalifia know.Huamn trafficking,Human rights abuses and that right there on our shores cover up by partielepep government who allow private Arabs palnes to land ,dissembarked,without immigrantions control of Khalifia's planes.

  46. No they will not stay in power we are planning to target them by rocketing them when opening their a** PP will not stay beyond 2016 or you politicians remove them or we remove them by any mean and then we will decide for a democratic election for a better Seychelles and stop ARABO invasion..

  47. ooooppps GLENNY is RASTAMAN----is it to disguise his criminal activites?In fact ,if NDEA is serious It should start tracking GLENNY SAVY--I could imagine that private planes departing from Africa and else where transport Hard drug to our Outter IsLands and from there transported by IDC palnes over ot the main Land.Nite IDc as Arab,RUSSIAN private planes do not go through immigrantion control.As Diplomatic bags teemed with hard drug.

  48. The stock of heroin are transit on those island I bet Glenny had a stock some were on those island in hiding.Michel how much you and Far get as income?

    Some peoples carry a dread for style or want to have dread not that mean they are rasta,Savy est un rasta fou est voler and don't practice rastafarian.Does any one know were about his brother captain Savy is hiding after bankrupt Air Seychelles?

    1. I will tell you where he is if you can tell me how did he (David) get this honorable title as CAPTAIN. But don't tell me he killed Goliath!

  49. Don't mean I say captain I mean his a captain his a cant.

  50. I would say COMMANDER---Commander is known for operating illegal hotles on our outter islands,or transport his Mauritian friends directly from Mauritius to our outter islands.Now as he is disguise as RASTA I could imagine in the same way He imported hard drug from Africa flight the cargo from Africa to the outter Ilsands and from there transport the drug with IDC planes To MAhe.Note that IDc planes as Russian mafias,Arab despots, do not go through immigrantion control just as their diplomatic bags which provide a good means to import hard drug to our shores.That may explain partly,why NDEA has never caught one single Hard Drug dealers.Dito to their big luxurious yachts.

  51. How can NDEA be so successful as they say they are, and drugs are every where?

  52. PP show us two little plants of cannabis thing they impress us no pp we want you to fight hard drugs that Savy are hiding on those island cannabis lots of old peoples around the old use as medicine and me my doctor just gave me a paper that I can smoke it when ever I want.

    Ban moron are making million with heroin that's why they can not never fight hard drugs brought by Russian they are afraid Russian mafia make them disappear or feel cold.
    PP when the last time you show Seychellios heroin been seize?NDEA had said they can not do their jobs because hard drugs control by those suckers pp n Russian mafiosi and when a country is corrupt you can fight hard drugs devils like those kind like pp must go.
    PP you cut all in the forest we are producing in door you fight grass we gona continue to grow this natural herbs and you gona fight it until you go to hell..

  53. They are not so successful. The big fish are still out there. NDEA are justifying their salaries and contracts. They even bring Irish to install cameras I town.

  54. Its time we use hi tech and frame all pp crooks involved in heroin dealing they are the main Esco the way they are dealing in dirty business banking million more they get more them crooks want more.

    Them pussy at Seychelles nation next time we want to see container of heroin Clenny are hiding is there any canja user in your rehab?i don't think so only crack baby.
    Savy brothers rule not Michel we to stop them also Michel only second on this old ship. I bet they have told Michel to bring arabo to pocket arabo oil money.


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