Anse Aux Pins is an electoral bellwether

The East Mahe district of Anse Aux Pins has long been viewed as an electoral bellwether in that it always votes for the winner at elections. Will it be so again this time?

At last Sunday’s regional meeting at Anse Aux Pins, President James Michel called it the cradle of the SPUP/SPPF.

According to him, Anse Aux Pins will once again remain faithful to the party and vote for the Parti Lepep candidate, Vicky Van Westhuizen (formerly Theresine).

 What is sure is that there is a plethora of candidates in that constituency.

 LDS is fielding its Secretary Clifford Andre, like Mrs. Van Weshuizen, he has long lived outside the district, before moving in with his in-laws.

The other candidates are Sandra Sultan of the newly formed Seychelles Patriotic Movement (SPM), Dave Jeanne from the party led by Martin Aglae, until recently called Linyon Sanzman. They are both rather newcomers to the political arena.

 According to reliable information, there are also two independents that will contest the Anse Aux Pins parliamentary election. One is the artist Danny Sopha, who has stood for two previous elections for Ramkalawan’s SNP and has now been dumped in a humiliating manner in favour of Clifford Andre; who is regarded by most at Anse Aux Pins as a corrupted lawyer, according to Danny Faure it took him seven years to be called to the local Bar. Apparently he struggled with his examinations.

Sopha was initially telling people, including our journalist that he was feeling very hurt and bitter, but was unwilling to do anything against the party. It appears that he has since changed his mind, especially now that SNP will no longer be a bandwagon for a long time.

Another independent is cyclist Lucas Georges, who like Sopha is not new. He stood as independent in 2012, after the resignation of Jowla Manoo of Parti Lepep over a sex film scandal.

At the time, Georges was backed by SNP, whose activists campaigned for him all over Anse Aux Pins. His score was 650 votes or about 30%. Will he be able to replicate the exploit, now that the SNP turned LDS is contesting the election?



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