“Help Clifford win, but you get nothing” says Ramkalawan

Long time SNP activist at Anse Aux Pins Danny Sopha (pictured), who has been dropped in favour of former SPPF MNA Clifford Andre, said he has had enough and is standing as an independent candidate.

Sopha, who is also chairman of the Seychelles Artists Federation, stood twice for SNP – in the 2002 and 2007 elections - and came close to winning.

“I have lived at Anse Aux Pins for over 20 years and struggled for SNP, and now I am being overlooked to please an outsider”, he told one journalist.

He had in the past never been offered a proportional seat, but was given a part-time telephonist job instead, as if he was a little beggar.

Outsiders like Gervais Andre came in from nowhere and was given a proportional seat on a golden platter. Apparently, though he knew since June that he was being dropped, Sopha was prepared to remain quiet and not to rock the boat. But one incident was to have a profound impact on him and change his way of thinking dramatically. That was when he was called to the office by Wavel Ramkalawan and told he must work with Clifford Andre and help him win.”

In the private conversation at Arpent Vert, Ramkalawan offered Sopha nothing, as if he does not matter either as a long time supporter or human being.

Sopha said that during both rounds of the presidential election, he campaigned hard for SNP. On two occasions, he was arrested by the police and detained at the district police station for being too vociferous.

The first time was when he reported a group of suspected PL activists giving money and the second time was after the vote count of the second round. He was among only two party agents - the other was Cascade who refused to sign the account sheet after the results were compiled.

Sopha was also a witness at the election petition case. All the while, Clifford Andre did nothing - absolutely nothing.

Sopha, who has stated several exhibitions, is well considered within the artistic community. He is also popular at Anse Aux Pins, where he has resided for over two decades.

The LDS is now scared of Sopha and has already applied pressure on Lucas Georges, another independent to back down after he had already paid his deposit of R1, 500 at the Electoral Commission.



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