Who has taken the 12 Million Rupees?

No one is admitting at this stage to have taken the 12 million plus rupees to sell the
presidential election to Parti Lepep. However, after a political broadcast recently
on SBC, two candidates in particular have been jumping up and down and the
other three have kept silent over the matter of 12 million rupees. In order to get
to the bottom of this allegation we are appealing to the Electoral Commission to start
an investigation on political funding for the last presidential election, especially.
This newspaper will provide some information that can help with the investigation.

It is clear that some leaders have come into money, big money during the
presidential election of December 2015; a few of them have bought news
cars just after the election for themselves and the people around them. An
investigation by the Electoral Commissioner is the only way forward. The
people need to know the truth in this matter. It is now common knowledge
that Seychelles politics has been turned into a very lucrative business by some
and the people’s interest has been pushed aside, completely!!!



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