Norbert Loizeau to sack Minister St. Ange

At the LDS rally recently at Roche Caimen the former SNP MNA for Bel Air commonly known in the district as “flower pot” was given the microphone to say a few words. Norbert is not known for his vocal ability or articulation, hence the nickname “flower pot”. In the five years that he was in the National Assembly he barely spoke – he would have starved if he was being paid according to the number of words he spoke. In fact the few words that he did manage to say were written for him by someone else – even then he struggled to communicate his message. We would have thought that the LDS could put forward someone better to stand at Bel Air with more ability than the “flower pot”. This choice of candidate is the worse insult LDS could have thrown at the electorate in the district of Bel Air. We hope the voters in the district of Bel Air will respond in the same manner.

However, the “flower pot” had a few harsh words for the minister of tourism, Mr. Alain St. Ange. According to the big flower he is not like Alain, he has stuck to his guns and has remained an SNP, of course he has, and with little to no ability where else can our potty plant go? He is exactly the kind of guy that Wavel wants around him a ‘flower pot’ cannot challenge Wavel for the leadership of the party. Norbert didn’t stop there he went further, much further, he said that he will be elected to the National Assembly again and that the LDS will also win a majority of seats. “We will use our majority in the assembly to sack ministers like Alain St. Ange”, he said. This is a dangerous proposition coming from a man of few words – he could well have overheard a conversation between his leaders and repeating what he heard thinking it to be a smart thing to just sack ministers for revenge or for the sheer fun of it.

We agree wholeheartedly with the potty plant that there are a few ministers who should retire from active ministerial duties; however, Alain St. Ange is not one of them. Minister St. Ange has excelled beyond expectation his hard work and dedication have helped greatly to make Seychelles visible as one of the most sought after destination. What has Norbert Loizeau got to show apart from a fat bank account for the five years that he was a Member of the National Assembly?? Nothing!      



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