Is LDS another Dictatorship?

The current brutal election campaign has sparked life into this semi autocracy
which we call a democracy. In doing so, it has also given us the voters the
opportunity to unmasked all the political parties. While voters know all there is to
know about the ruling Parti Lepep (PL), they are now learning about the alternative
which on paper seems to be the (LDS). What do we know about the LDS and how
scared should we be?

LDS is mainly an unholy alliance of the Seychelles National Party (SNP) and the
Seychellois Alliance (LS) of Patrick Pillay. They hastily came together in round
two of the Presidential elections with the sole intention of toppling James Michel.
Statistics show that they could have won the December elections if they had agreed
to unite in round one but strangely they could not come to an agreement. It is known
that privately, all the leaders of LDS dislike each other.

We have since learnt that one opposition leader accepted a bribe of twelve million
rupees or more to ensure that the union did not happen in round one thus doing a
favour to the ruling party. These allegations seem to have pricked the conscience
of two of the LDS leaders. Although their names or theirparties’ names were never
mentioned, they were quick to react which raises suspicions and gives weight to the
old adage of ‘who the cap fits, let them wear it’.

One question that people are asking about the LDS is, do they really believe in
democracy or do they have a different interpretation of democracy? This question
has arisen in view of the behaviour of their paid activists on social media who tends
to abuse anyone who has a different political opinion than them. It is known that
some of their leaders, using fake profiles, are also writing derogatory comments
to shoot down anyone who disagrees with them, and to attack their opponents.

The print media associated with LDS has also been merciless in attacking other
opposition parties and denigrating their candidates and leaders but leaving the
ruling party alone. It seems that their new ‘bĂȘte noir’ are other opposition parties who
have dared register to participate in the democratic process. They have taken to
deliberately tarnishing the reputation of their opponents for political gains instead
of putting their program forward for voters to digest.

The ferocity of the LDS attacks on people who hold different views has taken
the countryby shock and creating confusion for the electorate. What the LDS
negative approach is doing is shining a positive light on Albert Rene who ruled with an
iron fist for more than twenty seven years.

LDS seems to be starting their dictatorship while in opposition by not recognizing
multi-party democracy and trampling on our freedom of expression rights. It seems
that if anyone disagrees with them, you are automatically labeled as an enemy. This
attitude is a stark reminder of the bad old days of the SPPF. Is this really the change
we seek and the change we struggled for? Is this party really a Democratic Union or
more like a Dictatorship in the making?

With this level of animosity and negativity that LDS press and leaders are displaying,
we should all worry about the retribution that they will dish out if ever they are in a
position of authority. It is already known that Ramkalawan is a Priest with a heart
full of revenge. Pillay himself has let it be known that he has a few scores to settle
with a few people. God help us if LDS ever comes to power with Wavel
in charge!

This newspaper will do all it can to stop Ramkalawan – it is safe to say that he
present a menace to society. Don’t allow Wavel to “Pil Lo Sesel”!

Source: Independent


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