Both Pillay and Ramkalawan are jumping up and down!!

Ramkalawan and Pillay have issued a joint statement calling on SPM leader
Regis Francourt to come up with evidence of them having received R12 million
from a prominent construction company late last year. This is a strange development
because the accusation was not directed to any of the candidates in particular; in fact
it was aimed towards five persons. Three of the candidates have just ignored the
comment made by the SPM Leader during a press conference at the Chilli Bar.

However, the two who have been shouted the most about other people taking
money to work for PL it seems are most offended by his statement. Pillay
and Ramkalawan should be the first ones to back up their allegations with
evidence, considering they are hurting not just one or two people but several.
Regis Francourt stated what was already in the public domain as far as money
taken not to unite the opposition against James Michel in the first round of the
presidential election. This newspaper has been very vocal on this issue for the last
six months.

At the press conference to launch his party recently, Francourt was only answering
a question about political party funding, which brought up the issue. And he said that
about a dozen companies in Seychelles fund most parties at election time. Though
the ruling party gets the lion’s share - at least half of the cake, the rest is also divided
among other political movements. He said that new parties getsome, even though
 this constitutes “crumbs” compared to what the main parties receive.

Source: Independent


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