LDS candidates who live away from their districts

Now that Nomination Day has passed, it is interesting to note that most LDS candidates do not reside in the districts where they stand for election.

Unlike the other parties, notably Parti Lepep and the Seychelles Patriotic Movement (SPM) where most candidates are of proximity, LDS candidates live well away from the electoral areas they wish to represent in the National Assembly.

Thus, we have Wavel Ramkalawan, living at St Louis since he got involved in politics in 1992, standing at LDS candidates who live away from their districts English River; Sandy Arissol of BelOmbre standing at St Louis; Nicolas Prea of La Misere standing at Belombre; Patrick Pillay, who lives in his seaside villa at Port Launay, running for Anse Boileau; Wavel Woodcock from Beau Vallon, going for Grand Anse Praslin; Gervais Henrie, also of Beau Vallon, for Mont Buxton. Jean-Francois Ferrari resides at Au Cap, yet stands for Mont Fleuri. Nicolas Prea has since 2002 been elected twice for Belombre. Yet, he chooses to reside at La Misere. It would have been understandable had he owned the La Misere house. As it is, he is merely renting it. So why not rent one at Belombre and be at the side of his constituents?

The fact that LDS live as far away from their constituents as possible is presumably explained by the fact that they do not wish to get bothered by voters wishing to bring their problems or other issues to their attention at their door steps. They want to enjoy life to the utmost and not be bothered by people who have problems, expecting them to sort it out.

 They want the fat salary at the end of the month, but not the work that goes with it or to face the responsibility that comes with being an MNA.



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