Loizeau, A Bird With No Wings!

NP’s Big Daddy Norbert Loizeau, who was elected at Bel Air in 2007 after campaigning with the full backing of outgoing MNA Alain St Ange, now wants him out as a minister.

Loizeau, the biggest flower pot in the Assembly from 2007- 2011, is standing again and has sworn that if LDS gets a majority he shall press to have St Ange given the boot.

That is typical SNP mentality, always biting the hand that fed them!

 Until 2007, Big Loizeau was a mere lightsman at SBC television. He was not even a cameramen in SBC’s filming team.

 His entire demeanour points to a poorly educated man. He can hardly speak anything sensible.

 What he does not realize is that he owes his post to St Ange. In 2007, Alain St Ange, who had served since 2002, was appointed Hotel Manager of Denis Island Lodge, owned by his sister-in-law Kathleen Mason. Subsequently, he felt he could not stand again for Bel Air for SNP and he told Ramkalawan so.

However, this put Ramkalawan and SNP in a predicament. Who else to field to retain Bel Air?

At a meeting of the party’s executive, Ramkalawan said: “Somebody should persuade Alain to stand and win Bel Air for us. Then he can go back to his island”.

This is an insult to both the people of Bel Air and St Ange himself.

It means getting Bel Air voters to back a candidate who shall not live among them. To St Ange, it meant he is disrespecting  the people of Bel Air by deceiving them.

St Ange refused to take up the offer, sticking to his principles.

 Later, Loizeau, who resides in the area, was proposed and accepted. St Ange accepted to do door-to-door with him and that was shown in the PPBs on SBC broadcast then.

Loizeau was elected by 80 votes against Wills Agricole of SPPF.

 Previously, SNP, largely thanks to St Ange,had captured the seat by over 200 votes.

 Loizeau shall now be standing against Richard Mathiot of Parti Lepep amongst other candidates. Mathiot, a Food and Beverage manager is popular among the youths of the district.

 He shall cause Big Loizeau to lose quite a few of the extra kilos on his portly frame.

 Last December the combined opposition, now called LDS, won by 137. So the race promises to be very close- all the more so as Loizeau is such a weak candidate.



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