China pledges to boost military ties with Seychelles

Senior officials from China and Seychelles pledged to further develop bilateral ties while meeting on Monday.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi said during his meeting with Seychellois Foreign Minister Jean-Paul Adam that China and Seychelles have maintained sound development in bilateral relations.

Yang voiced his hope that China is ready to work with Seychelles to further develop bilateral relations and make greater contributions toward peace, stability and cooperation in the Indian Ocean region.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also held talks with Adam on Monday.

Wang said bilateral cooperation has seen fruitful achievements in the areas of politics, economics and trade, health, military affairs, culture, sports and tourism.

He said China attaches great importance to developing relations with Seychelles and is willing to further advance their ties.

Adam thanked China for its assistance for his country's economic and social development.

He said Seychelles will work with China to push forward cooperation in all fields and bring benefits to both peoples.

After their talks, the two foreign ministers signed an agreement for establishing a political consultation mechanism between the two foreign ministries.


  1. First the Flags for free, then the parade, now more ties and then a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean

  2. Leopol Payet nou pou tir ou grad lo ou biento and we will give it to a pig.Do you remeber casket of Gadafi what happen to it?

  3. 30 houses owned by one man? Wow!

  4. He will most likely have a stroke like defin charlette.

  5. Too many houses is like too much Viagra.

  6. We dont need chinese in Indian Ocean and what more development PP have Adam,What kind?Development by bringing more slaves labour from china on our shore taking Seselwa jobs?About peace are Indian Ocean countries at war ADAM and Wang Yi?WANG YI free Tibet and bring peace in those province in CHina first Wang Yi seselwa dont need chinese in Indian Ocean.
    Indian Ocean countries are in peace,chinese want to bring war in Indian Ocean,you are already starting to make problems in some countries in africa stolen their diamond,fish shooting them ect..

    Adam are you also taking Seselwa(für dumm zu verkaufen?I mention again Pirates have drop EU are taking pirates were they check out to the sea.This are only stories made by Adam,Michel PP to help china selling more arms in Africa for more genocide Adams,Wang Yi african need foods to eat not guns, befor was big brother Russia who was supplying now is the Red dragon.PP are also looking military aid to keep them afloat,because they are not sleeping well in their ships seen we have warn pp we will bring change to PP.

    I see this also as a provacation from PP to the US by letting china patroling in Indian Ocean,because US just blast them out about human trafficking that is true.Its good for us PP,US can help us get you out quickly.PP still beleave that they will go beyond 2016.

    A bit about my pfrofil PP.Johnny born in Seychelles left Seychelles married to a european woman serve in the european military for 10 years deploy in Kosovo and Albania for 3 years.This show pp and Leopol Payet that i'm more experience than him and his platoon and they have none want i got.Now back on the island wanted to free Seychelles from corruption and dictators rule by a communist party seen 35 years.


  7. Jean Paul Adam is fooling the World on PRC role in Seychelles by simply being polite to them.

    It is an amazing trick that has worked up to know, because polite-ness with hypocrisy and double talk double action is not sincere.

    He is so good at it, that James Michel is considering dumping Danny Faure and sending him to Ministry of Agriculture, making JP Adam Vice President.

  8. Neither L Payet nor Adam has the authority to decide in the name of the people of Seychelles.Second,no debaters nor approval was made by the Assembly for such cooperation.Thus Pp military agreement with dictatorial communist of China has no legitimacy.

    History shows that when tyrannts fartenize toegther it dishumanized,enslave and people and this would further demonize people as in annexed Tibet.Seychelles is sovieregn and Seychellois do not want to see Communist playing in their EEZ nor marching their streets ,be it on National day or on other occassions.

    Our traditional partners ,accepted by Seychellois are France,Usa and India democratic soiceties not Dictatorial countires like China,UAE or North Korea.
    We want the governemnt and the military policy that the people vote for.
    You cannot implement was Seychellois do not agree upon,disagreement cannot be implemented,for it is nor implementable,

    The Indain Ocean is stable,in fact China present in the region is a threat to peace and stability.

    PP strategy is one of survival.Pp is hoping that China like Soviet Union will sponsor,pamper PP dictatorship and make it resists change and since China has no respect to Huamn rights and have a policy on non-interference it means giving PP green light to continue enslaving ,butchering Seychellois like ASSAD of Syria.

    we will not allow you Pp to extend your tyranny on the people of Seychelles beyond 2016.Seychellois will be free and their dignity will be restore peacefully or by force,you have the choice PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Note Seychelles has allowed folpursue an Non alignment foreign policy and this policy is what best for Seychelles not meddling in spuer powers geopolical fights.Already India,Japan,and other democracies in the regions are upgrading their military force because of Chinese activities in the Indain Ocean.Seychelles must not and will not be the military playing ground for the Chinese Communsist in any case.Seychelles reject their present in our EEZ.

    China says it policy is to strengthen peace and stability in the region.Is there unstability in the region Mao?Countries in the region that are parotting those kinds of rhetorics are poor,bankrupted and dictatoral states that find in China a savior from their own collapse that is becoming inevitable as their countries free fall into chaos.


    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. 30 houses?must have been robin hood who gave it to him

  11. 30 houses but many Seychellois are still homeless.Living of Charity as a soveiregn state is a shame for our porud people who took independence to be independent and to things by thier own,construct and develop their country by their own force.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. This guy was incharge of the Bel Aue army camp during the 1982 army rebellion,so he must know what happen to Andrew Poponeau.

  13. For sure he now some things,thats why Michel&Far gave him 30 houses for him to shut,or he can be the one who pull the trigger on Andrew.

  14. Payet give back 30houses before you finish like dolor color!

  15. Since the Coup D'etat PP very year told us it is investing millions of taxpayers money in building hundreds of new houses for the people.After 40 years and due to the small population we have we could consider that every Seychellois by now should already has a house.But you waht while houses are being built to caster foreign workers many Seychellois are homeless,sleeping at Bus Stations,searching for food in Bustbins and must steal to survive.This is what PP consider a great achievement,Human development and caring for the people.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Tou sala se lafeau james mancham.If he properly administer the country n not take fucking white woman around the globe as his priority, he could have seen the coup coming.
    Now that he has become impotent,he goes into bed with PL n open his ass.


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