Seychelles Chaos Lingers On As Corruption Seeds Take Root‏

Seychelles Government took on a massive Bond Debt with Lehman Brothers in 2007 totally over $300 Million at an interest of 10% per annum. This was exactly Two (2) years after James Michel a self professed Atheist took the reign of power from France Albert Rene.
Lehman Brothers, one of the world's largest investment banks, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after incurring worth billions of dollars. 

In 2007, at about the same time as Seychelles had issued the Two (2) massive Lehman Brothers Bonds in its favor, James Michel of San Souci, Mahe Seychelles, registered an offshore company called Soleil Investments. At the time, Seychelles had foreign exchange control laws. No citizen of Seychelles could depart from the country with more than $400.00. No transaction, could take place, to transfer funds overseas, unless the Central Bank of Seychelles approved the transaction. We need to know where every single cent of Lehman Brothers Bond money went and what were the finance charges of these transaction which will as citizens of Seychelles, will have to repay commencing in 2015 for Ten (10) years. I call on Mr. Michel to make this information public for all Seychellois, in order that we can satisfy ourselves to know that the money taken, was indeed well spent as you assert, and I doubt very much.

James Michel shareholder in Soleil Overseas Holding Limited

Lehman Brothers Went Bankrupt In September 2008
When Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in September of 2008, one year after Soleil Investments was formed, Bloombergs reported that James Michel took this as Devine retribution for Lehman Brothers, issuing the %300 Million Bond to Seychelles. Prior to that time though, Mr. Michel had returned from a visit to the Vatican, and declared that all our debts had in fact been paid according to him. He was of course lying to us all, which is not uncommon.

In a Bloomberg interview, Mr. Michel said:” I am of course Atheist ( do not believe in God), but now I know that God exists”….words written in an e-mail to Lehman Brothers staff.Michel blamed Lehman Brothers for the default Seychelles endured at the time and subsequently, the arrival of the IMF to run finances in Seychelles later that year. Lehmans loaned Seychelles exactly $308 Million at an interest of 24% . People of Seychelles, do the numbers, who was mad in 2007, Lehmans or Michel? According to Mr. Joseph Stiglitz, Lehmans and Government of Seychelles could not have picked a worse time to tap the global markets for money in 2007-2008. Unfortunately for the People of Seychelles, James Michel is yet to start repayment on these debts, which will last another Ten (10) years.
Sheikh Khalifa in the desert of the UAE
Now you know why James Michel has run to Shiekh Khalifa to build the simplest of things: a family fun park right next to Lehman Brothers old and still stinking Tuna factory.
Mr. Michel, can you ask Shiekh Khalifa to supply all Seychellois families with gas masks so we can enjoy the Family Fun Park next to the stinking Tuna Factory?
Thank you in advance, I promise you, if you supply the gas masks, we will hit the streets….to the Family Fun Park.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.


  1. The Butcher must give an expalinantion on where the money went and that not merely in words by accompanied by audit copies etc...

    Seychellois cannot accept to pay back multi-millions of debts for which they were not informed the governement was invovled in with Lehnmans nor was there a lawful aproveval by any institutions but soley by Michel ,Cheng-leng and Faure.

    That the Butcher rsuhed to open an Off-shores comapny monthsb efore Lehnamanns collapse raises doubts about the genuinity and sriousness of Michel's off-shore company ,noting also that the Buitcher is not an expert in fiancing etc...One could suggest that this Off-shores company was concocted by the Butcher as a means for him to rob us.

    Seychellois must refuse the idea of paying for crooked practices by Pp thugs for which they donot even benefit from .

    If Pp thugs cannot answers our questions on the where about of the it was sent,then Pp must be forced to pay back the debts thmselves.We cannot allow crooks who bankrupted us,enrich themslves while our people surfer and turn back , hang and suck at the teats of our already emprovished Nation.

    Time for change!Time to bring Pp for justice`!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. ATN fraud at Barclay,After creating Hard Drug escobars and other criminal types Pp has finally crweated the alst type of crime.ATM fraud.Such fraud must be organized by people with good Knowlegde of how to manipulate Credit cards etc...

    Inivestigation is under way according to Pp.As always the investigation would end without results.I donot see how PP police who cannot investigate a simply criminal case would be able to deal with such a fraud.Secondly,Barcaly is saying "We will refund those affected"That is not enough.You must improve the security of your ATN machines and take other stpes that allow rapid detection of a fraud,a hot line that would allow clients to call to should the see any suspicious transaction in their accounts ,thus allow their account to be blocked.etc..etc..

    How does the reaud workaccording to Euroepan proffesional-Most the time criminal modify the key board og the machine,or palce min-camera somewhere on the machine that film PIN CODES of clients.Or sepcial modification is made where the Card is introduce--which once the card is introduce into the machine and you have tipped your PINCODE you cannot get your card out.Thus the card is them collected by crimnals and with the PINCODE they have filmed they can debit money of the victim account.

    In this case,clients whose carsds are stuck in ATM machine should inform their Banks immediately in order that their account can be blocked.

    Other means of fraud is;Special machines can be used to read information integrated in a credit cards.The inforamtion is used by criminal to reproduce new Cards(fake)which are then use to debit money on people's account whithout them jknowing.There are also specail APS/omne can down load of Internet)which can be use to read all crads(regardless od cards)at distance within second.How it works?The person who has this ATP downloaded on his phone can switch on this APS,once switch on,the phone can at distance scann all the information of all your cards in your wallet within seconds.Wtih these information they have they can reproduce new cards.

    And of course transanction on Interanet and the inforamtion you give suich as your Client numbers,Pincode could be hacked and reporduce.

    Barcaly should not only refund victims.But must tell us actions it is taking to avoid and stop this fraud.As to PP we want to see criminal arrested and senttnece for their crimes nt protected like Pp escobars.

    Jeranne D'Arc

  3. Jp what can you tell us about picked fraud?

    Does it help to look over people shoulder when they remove money from ATM to steal their pin code?

    Then all you have to do is break their briefcase, take their credit card, then use the ATM to take the money you do not want to work for?

  4. Khalifa is sitting in the sand building castle after he gives Michel Rolex and he fins out all Seychellois on Facebook cannot stand either

  5. 9.27
    You right,Pp thieves lazy to work hard to make a living use crooked method to enrich themselves.Do not blame them in the first but PP oruge system which has encourage people to be criminals by their own examples.

    And within the low standard police Pp has created still using obsolete pilcing methods,unable to conduct a simple investigation i cannot see how the police would ever be able to deter the culprits.

    Moreover,it must be said that MAGNETIC STRIPE CARD no longer provide the security needed and Magnetic stripe alone can no longer quanrantee the safety requires.In developed countries like Europe CHIPS are embebbed in to CARDS-- A small computer Chip is embedded in to the card that serve as authetification in conjuction with a FOUR-DIGIT PIN CODE.

    ATMs are no secure iênough in Seychelles.After these scam we expect both the BANKS and governemnt to take actions that reduce,limit such risiko which could amount in million of is clear that Seychellois police ofrces is not trained,do not have the expertise to deal with such frauds,We hope PP will start training Seychellois experts to ensure that in a few years we have the proffesionAl the country need.To achieve that it is high time Pp send young Seychellois inot Western police schools,universities to be trained proffesional in different fields.After the training goevernemnt should at diplomatic level organize pratcial training (1 to 2 years)for those graduated in order that the get the pratical expereince needed.Send one Seychellois once every decade for a course without ptractical training that they can really see and learn how things should be done in real life is just useless. they ended up following the bad police culture they inherited from PP communist which has nothing to do with polcing for our police ofrces is merely a gang of oppressors at the service of the tyrannt.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Why is ramkalawan fighting for pl in electoral reform ?

  7. Because:
    He is an indoctrinated cow,

    Can think indepednetly

    Has nothing as alterantives to offer Seychellois.

    He like to pocket millions in pension for doing nothing.Laziness.

    He cannot detray his Father who is alos the father of Zonm Libre the symbol of infamy.etc..
    How do you identify an obedient Stooge?But his actions and words.

    E.g RAM constatly critize PP on his blog ,that one might think he is a real patriot.But the fact is he does not act,refuse to join those who share the same views of Pp politics and policies as him,that is also a sign of a stooge.He often make crticism on issues that are not atual for it is also a way of helping his master to divert attention of real issues.For instance,while SFP and other indepednet press are exposing CHinese neocolonism policy in Seychelles,RAM make an article on MANDELA as if he wants to give us the impression he is a freedom fight to the caliber of MNADELA and that he like freedom,democracy while he keeps pre-meditatedly conduct a policy of divide among the Opposition in order to keep PP tyranny alive and his own live pension intact.RAM wants us to beleive that pretenting to oppose PP by Abstention is the best way to achieve change.

    I have a messafge for RAM--continue your comic show--but dig this in your crooked head--you will be dealt with in the same way as PP torrorists and Juddas.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Stooges politicans to the likes of RAm have in fact the same traits as a serial killer.

    -compulsive liar
    -Recidive in their actions
    -Cannot think rationally

    RAM is a useful idiot in politcal jargon.A propagandist for a cause whose goal he does not understand and who use cynical by the leader of the cause.He has seen his politcal party's share in nepotism and cronysm.The act of a politcal stooge in playing a game of musical chairs with no odd man out.

    RAM is not only stooge but also scrooge.

    Shame on you!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. The methode crimiminals are using is call cash crash,even Seychelles police dont know waht is cash crash, because their are so idiots amateur no A-level.Normally a camera also should installate on this ATM machine like in all countries around the world.

    Two months ago PP told us that crimes have gone down.No pp criminals had enough going to prison just for a few EURO AND DOLLARS stolen from tourists and breaking house and getting 25 years jail,now they are working on other plan seen a long time,how to rob a bank going for big cash.SESelwa criminals under michel can not be catch criminals. Dont expect any no one to be caught.Its like you are saying a criminal go and catch another criminal. And may be its not Seselwa criminals who are committing this act of crime,foreigners criminals on our shore MIchel has brought its time for them to leave.Zot pou pran kanal biento.And soon i will give PP and Michel my profile.


  10. I voted for Ramkalawan and today regret casting a vote for such a type of person.

    My Father voted for Mancham and he regrets voting for him.

    Now they are joining forces.

    Bye bye RAM!

  11. My piece of advice to you, not to repeat the same mistakes.Follow and vote for leader that bnot only speak your language but walk the walk too.Follow those who really represent our people.How do you indentify such leaders:By there honesty,patriotism,their close relationship with the people,their sincerity,and devotion for both the country and people.The leader that best represent our people and country today is the leader of SFP Chris.He has never stop fighting restore our people dignity,soveiregnty,and freedom back.Unlike stooges leaders like RAM,Volcere and others,you can challegne him on any issues and he allows come out to porvide answers to questions put to him.What he does he alawqays make it public.not in secrecy like RAM;Buolle,Volcere etc...Should you not satify with answers to questions you asked him,you can always come again and he is always ready whether you agree or disagree to give answers possed to him.He has porven his patriotism,his determination,tenacity fight for the freedom an restore the dignity of our people.

    In a words follow the person who looks like you.speak like you and think like you for you can be sure that together mountains can be moved.SFP under the leadership of Chris has already achieved what any other politcal parties have not been able to achieved for our people.SFP has been able to entice International supports of issues dear to our people like Sex slave pereptauted by Pp and Abrs despots,our stolen billions (still underway),sell out our patrimony,burthrights,corruption,crimes and the many atoricies commited by Pp terrorists and everyday SFp become more influence becuase of it seriousness,determination ,and honesty and everyday PP feel more isolated and exposed than ever before.By such constant exposure of Pp and hard work of Chris and SFP dictatoship will end in Seychelles.It is just a matter of how and when.I promise you it won't be too long beofre we see the mud wall of shame,terror collapse on itself.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  12. Pp have been spying seen years even taxi drivers were spying for them in the old days, now bus drivers are spying.Pp you can spy until you go in your grave.We are using modern tech like satelite phone, that pp dont have.


  13. The spies burn the buses last week.
    The taxi spies are bankrupt because no tourist to pay lunch for spies.
    Pl spies today are running for cover. They can be exposed any time, right Dr. Rolph?
    Life has become as sensitive as coastal erosion for pl spies.


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