Chinese navy courts Seychelles

The Chinese naval vessel the Harbin, a Type 052 heavy destroyer, arrived mid-June at the Republic of Seychelles with a special mission: Display friendliness and take part in the Seychelles National Day parade.
The parade ended up being dominated by a specially trained Chinese naval marching troupe that aimed to impress officials and residents of the tiny Indian Ocean island state.
An article published on the Chinese navy website said the marching team had trained for three months just to perform at the Seychelles event.
It’s been widely believed that if China's navy sought to establish overseas stations, among the first likely places would be the Seychelles, a 115-island country strategically located 930 miles off the east coast of Africa.
Last year, a Chinese defense minister, Gen. Liang Guanglie, for the first time, led a large delegation to visit the Seychelles and called for deeper military cooperation, intensifying speculation that China wants to build a naval base there.

Since 2008, China has made major moves in the Indian Ocean, dispatching 14 flotillas to the Gulf of Aden and the western Indian Ocean as part of international anti-piracy operations.
Along the way, the navy gained long-range navigational and combat training experience, and stimulated national aspirations for permanent overseas bases as supply depots and as a symbol of China’s global status.
But such facilities would exacerbate tensions in the Indian Ocean between China and other naval powers in the region, including India, the U.S., Britain and France. The U.S. currently operates a leased base in the Seychelles to fly surveillance drones that monitor pirate activities.
The Chinese destroyer and marching troupe stayed in the Seychelles for four days. The only other major country that sent an official delegation to the event was Russia.


  1. It was Christopher gill and SFP that sound the alarm on PFC military moves in Seychelles. Here is living proof.

  2. Pro is expanding business in Seychelles. The mayor Jacqueline belle said on occasion of accepting 10000 Seychelles flags for national day when the Seychelles flag flies, it is the Prc flag floating, we are you, as she addressed the Prc ambassador.

    What more proof do you need to show Prc is already in Indian ocan?

    Christopher gill and SFP were right all along.

  3. I can still remember when albert rene said that nations should go and wash their dirty clothes in their own waters.Hmmm its not like that now is it?

  4. The people of Seychelles have a right for answers from Pp thugs and on the secretive deals with Chinese that allow them to operate in our EZZ,thus raping our sovereignty and Interantional treaties.

    There has been several reports made by Indian and USA of Chinese regular Submarines operations in the Indian Ocean that definitiely means in our EZZ too due to our geographic position in the Indian Ocean.

    An Indian Military ofifcial said that to "Check this"Chinese submariens sorties in the Indain Ocean is a THREAT TO INDIA".In fact it is not only a threat to India's security but to Seychelles soveiregnty too.He went on to say that it is also a great threat to all shipments of oil in the Persian Gulf which on tankers to many foreign Destinations via the Indain Ocean"

    On National Day Seychellois soldiers were like invited ofreign troop for they were in the minority.This year strangely there were alomost not a single phot published on NATION of pictures of our troop.Pre-meditately Pp knew it was not right therefore the decision not to published the normal album of photos of the PARADE as for the last 35 years.

    Seychellois refuse Chinese military present in our waters and Pp must stop raping our laws and instituions to perpetuate its organized crimes against the people of Seychelles.

    That PP sold two tug boats under the guise of "we need bigger tug boats"is all part of the plan by Pp thugs and Chinese communsists to intesify Chinese present and operations in our EEZ.In return Chines will provide Pp with financial support(given in secrecy)in order to keep Pp dictatorship alive.You xcould imagine that after USA reports of Pp Sex slave traffick Pp thugs would like to ahve a partner that does not ask for Accountability and transparency,Huamn rights and democracy which would help not to imnporve democratic practices but inforce Pp dictatorship.Chines has a ofreign policy of the socalled "None intervention in Foriegn Affairs of other Nations"Well,MAo want you secretively make deals with a rogue regime and influence thweir decisions by perks it is also a way of interfering in National and Interantional policies of our Soveriegn Land.National and InterNTINAL POLICIES OF OUR LAND MUST BE TAKEN BY sEYCHELLOIS NOT A CROOKED SYTEM NOT REPRESENTING THE MAJORITY OF sEYCHELLOIS.This in return makes all deals not approed,publicly debated at National level with all stakeholders ILLEGAL.

    Seychellois must stop Pp thugs from continuing perpetrating their crimes.We have given them enough time to repent and change their way,but it seem committing crimes is something genetic in Pp thugs therefore other means must be used to stop those crooks.

    Chinese go Home!Free Tibet!Down with Pp thugtocrats!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. WE WONDER why Pp t state toeerorsists keep singing the song of "fighting priacy"when the Inrerantional reports tell us that Piracy have been reduced to 80 percent since 2011 and the 20 percent left operate mainly in the Somalis' water.Pp and Chinese are using Priacy as excuse to operate in our EEZ.

    The objectives are clear.When PP communist operate in our EEZ it provide them with experience in long distance marine combats operations in preapration for the establishment of an oceangoing aircraft carrier fleet.

    The Gulf of Eden provides CHina with the best geographical environemnt for PLAs to conduct serviellance of the activities on the US NAVY 5th Fleet.

    Should Seychelles soveiregnty bre robbed to satisfy Chinese communsists?Should our EEZ be used as training platform for foreign Countries?The answer is clear,Our land should not be the HUB for Communsist ambition nor as training field for foreign Navies.

    Seychellois alone should decide their Friends not a gang of crooks call PP.We want explanation and clarifications from PP teorrorists and imedaite stop of Chines of miliatry Operation in our EESeychellois is the only power to decide whose their friends should not PP teorrorists.Stop

    Raping our rule of law,and constituijns P`¨
    Stop it now,else sooner than latter we will stop you!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. July 5, 2013: Severn Chinese Navy ships began a week of training exercises with the Russian Navy off the Pacific coast of Russia. This sends a message to Japan, which has disputes with Russia and China over who owns disputed islands. This particular effort is the largest Chinese naval force to ever participate in joint training with a foreign navy. China is also having its navy make a lot of visits to the Seychelles Islands, a small country in the Indian Ocean that India has long considered a client state. Three years ago there was talk of China establishing a naval base in Seychelles. The Seychelles government had earlier asked China to come in and establish a military base as part of an effort to keep Somali pirates away. The presence of these pirates had hurt the local economy, and any help was appreciated. This was not the first time help was sought from China. Seychelles has already sent about a hundred of its troops to China for training. Three years ago a Chinese hospital ship visited and treated over a hundred people. Chinese warships going to, or from, Somalia regularly stop for visits. But a base would be another matter and something India wants to avoid. The Seychelles is a group of 115 islands 1,500 kilometers off the African coast and 3,000 kilometers southwest of India. The Seychelles islands have a total population of 85,000 and no military power to speak of. They are largely defenseless against pirates. So are many of the ships moving north and south off the East Coast of Africa. Five years ago Somali pirates began operating as far east as the Seychelles. India provided assistance to the Seychelles, as did NATO, and eventually it was enough to drive the pirates away. Despite all this, the Chinese Navy only uses the Seychelles for resupply and shore leave and has not built any base facilities. Four years ago several Chinese admirals openly called for the establishment of overseas naval bases. They wanted at least one in the Persian Gulf area to support Chinese warships operating off Somalia. This was turned down by the Chinese government, which wants to expand its military power more slowly. Nevertheless, the government has told the navy to prepare for combat and a long-term struggle for control of the sea (especially contested areas in the South China Sea). As part of this strategy the Chinese Navy remains active in the Seychelles.

  7. Going to Somali is just an excuse to operate in our waters secretly.Chinese has never been actively involve in the fight against piracy and piracy in almost inexisting anymore in our waters as th inrerantional Communities has reported,Pp thugs keep blah blahing about piracy as an excuse to allow Chinese to rape our EEZ thus our soveriegnty.

    Seychellois must lnot allow both PP criminals and Chineses communsists to rape our soveiregnty.

    Seychellois alone would decide who they want to be firends with not Pp monkeys.

    Seychelles is defenceless against pirates becuase we donot have the Anval capacity we should have,not becuase our waters are too big as Pp tell us.I agree that our waters is imense but that is not a excuse to do nothing or use as excuse to allow Thai,Taiwan,Iranians,Sir Lankan to robe our resources and in return for bribes whcih Pp monkeys pockets.In fact illegal fishing is more detructive for our country than piracy which i repeat have been reduce to 80 percent and the 20 left is not operating on our waters but betwwen the straits of Eden far for our EEZ.

    The blah balhing of PP on piracy is alos affecting our Tourism industry.While Mauritius,Malidvies are saying that piracy have been reduce in order to attract Cruise ships back and more touriosts Pp thugs say the contary just to please Chinese and to somehow legitimize Chinese present in our waters.

    wE DONOT WANT COMMUNIST CHINESE NAVAL SHIPS IN OUR WATERS.You stop it Pp or we will stop by force dogs.

    jEANNE d'aRC

  8. Ozemie!American family former saff of USA tracking station were in Seychelles to mark 50 th aniversary reunion!I think they feel very sad and upset to see this idiot Michel give this place to Khalifa to make it his home for sex and sniffing for fun.A place that could have been use for Seychelles defence force communication.

    I think Michel this dick head is a shame to meet those family,this family can see for them self that Michel and PP are selling our land to foreigners like arabs.

    Now chinese naval in our EEZ!Thats why this regime make USA close this tracking station,that one they could bring chinese fucking communist in our EZZ.

    We have to bring our action to them,for them to stop as long we dont shake them up they will continue to do things ala dictators.Time will tell Seselwa all we need we have already receive just we been patient for action,but patient are runing out for us when we hear those activity still going on and increasing in our land my peoples are getting pisst off.


  9. Johnny
    Dictator Michel needs someoen to depend on.Decades ago it was big brother Soviet Union the baby sitter of Dictators.After the fall of the red army Dictators switched on to Competitve authiritarian whereby they hold elections as window dressing for Interantional Communities but never win by votes but fraud.

    In the 21st century Dictators have find a new baby sitter,big brother the Red Dragon China ,which is nthing less than a dictatorail country .

    China stragety of NONINTERFERENCE MAKE DICTATORS happy and feel secure.They feel protected thus allow them to extend their dictatorship.On the other hand China communists can always use them as ponds and stooges to support Chinese policies ofr instacne on the annexation of Tibet.
    The policy of Noninterference by China is nothing less than an elaboration and shameless ply used by China to pacify and anesthetize witless dictators and secure long-term contracts for natural resources/interests.But also galvanize dictators.(neocolonialism)

    In the ofl day of old fashion colonilism the Imperail power had at least to explain and justify at home their actions,it was taking abroad.In the colony those who served could at least look to its protection against any violent mode by their opponents.With neocolonilism neither is the case.In fact neocolonism is the worse form of imperailism.We have seen how Chinese imperail and neocolonial policy had dispoossed Tibetans from their ancestral land.We seeeing Chinese provoking and attmpting to annex Island that belongs to others is China see.We have seen Chinese communists proudly supporting Asad the butcher of Syria in his genocide.

    China and Russia are both dictatorial states and the main protectors of dictators around Africa ,Asia,and South Africa.These two country are super power it mean power without responsibility and for those who sufer from means expliotation without redress.Morevoer,Seychellois do not want to see Nations with blood on their hands parade on our National Day In Goose march as if ouzr National Day is a Communsit military parade,

    We sovereign Michel,and we donot want to see neocolonialists and supporters of tyraants illegally march our Lnad anymore.

    Chinese have nothing to sdo in our waters nor does Russians.Piracy has been reduced to 80 percent thus no need to disguise Chineses violation of our terrirtoires under the guise of "Fighting piracy".When pirates were active and most dangerous we did not see Chinese helping ,therefore i don not see why is ti necessary for them to come now when there is no need for it.Seychellois refuse Chinese abuse of our terrirtories as training field for its Navy.We Sovereign PP¨If you cannot stop your crimes against the people of Seychelles ,i vow will stop you monkeys.I refuse standing passively and look at Pp atrocities on our people.I refuse that the people cannot defence themselves from terror.Not aalowing a people to defend themsleves is a crime.I refuse being passive for being passive in the face on Pp astrocities make me a passive collaborator.

    I have to chose between GREEDOM or FREEDOM.I have chosen the latter.Should our people fear to free themsleves ,i vow i am going to do it for them.Pp has the choice to change itself or i will change Pp.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. PIRACY have been taking on by EU countries like Germany in the Somali EEZ watching them when their come out off shore.How came Chinese are watching piracy Michel?EU just said piracy has gone down,when dictators will stop lieing to its peoples.May be Chinese watching its ilegal fishing vessel in our EEZ that not attack by pirates.They are lots of countries in Africa are suffering from ilegal fishing by the chinese stealing their fish.

  11. hahahahahaha; change PP LOL change yourself! We are here to stay and if you do not like, come and kiss our camel.

    1. Not long before the house of cards crumble. You better start looking for a safe haven now.

      With deferred loan repayment in 2015, i can see hard times for PP.

    2. I can guarantee that you will not have the strenght to "ha ha ha" in a few years.

  12. Chinese never participate in the fight against did not do it when we were really under attack three years back and i donot see how they can do it or need to do it now when NATO monthly report confirm the decrease of 80 plus percent and stating that the few attack left occur in the straits ofADEn not Seychelles EEZ or else.

    As PP singing repreatedly about piracy is a way of disguising the real scam strategy and abuse of our EEZ and soveiregnty by both Pp terrorists nad CHinese neocolonisators.There is nothing justifiable by PP for NATO who is doing most of the jobs says the contary in their reports.

    Moreover,Indian has a long relationship with Seychelles as friend.For the lase decades they have trained our military,fianacailly support it,and even when Somali Pritaes first attack us and PP was running around the wordl crying forbhelp,Indains was the first to act without asking for anything in return.

    But since Michel mets the Chinese porbably offering money dollars to PP,Michel has over night thrown Indain as piece of trash in the bustbin.That shows you the crooked morality that drive Pp thugs.Suddenly Indain were not thebest firend but Chinese.The former was not even invited on National Day,but instead Dictatorial China and Red Army of Dictator PUTIN the two evils that keep supporting ASSAD genocide. to 4.51

    Pp has been given years to change themsleves,Seychellois have been quit patient with them .Seychellois since 2008 have been giving Pp a grace period in order that they meditate on their multipüles crimes,rpent,ask for forgivenees and change their way.You know what,the more Seychellois call on them to change themslves the more Pp terrorists intensfy their crimes.They even perpetuated their crimes in day light like they wantd at TAKAMAKA.

    Seychellois cannot waste their Time any longer to ask those toeerorists to stop their atrocities anymore.They change themselves now or sjhould the failed i vow beofre the people of Seychelles that i bring the change to PP by focred.And one thing more--my men will not be going to give ofrgiveness,excuse me ,or be emotions in front of those monkeys who refuse to change them but they willö have one single mission--ELEMINATE all those monkeys.EXEFCUTE them cold blooded without asking questions that will be their mission and state of mind.Moreover,i am telling PP in order that it change itself to avoid thier 3execution,but also that PP get preapre (i am bosses to give Fieldmarshal Michel,Payet a military lesson)thus why i am making my inteension public that Pp can get preaPRE AND THEN TO CRY THAT I TAKE HIM BY SURPRIS.

    a TIP FOR pp THUGS---NONE ON ^MY MEN USE aK 47 NOT EVEN THE LAST DELEIVERY OF AUTOMATIC WEAPONS pP WAS LOOKING FOR AT THE aIRPORT RECENTLY.tHESE WAS JUST FOR NEW RECRUTs. But when time for action come --Every single man would be using and carrying machinegun as smallest riffle and personal weapon all the rest would be more powerful than PP thugs could imagine or even dream on.No Ak 47,No Bazooka but modern weapons that would extermiate Pp monkeys at one go.

    Be ready monkey!For Seychelles and Seychellois will be free regardless if Pp wants or not.And those who attmept to impede change you will expereince the same fate as Pp terrorists.

    The Indain and USA are agree,It seem the secret delegation of Khifla recently was also about the same issue of concern.And i could imagine how happy they would be to support any one ready and capable of eliminating a half brain idiot who think he can put their interest at risk

    CIA could not accept that a little monkey put their geopolical interests at risks.Should PP continue i might not even need to intervene for CIA might decided faster than me to do the job themselves together with Indian.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Michel is acting like a power broker in the Indian Ocean.

    He forgets that USA is the largest force in Indian Ocean.

    Dance your dance Jimmy Michel, they are watching your ass closer then you think.

  14. We will not change pp,changing idiot is just wasting time,will take them out of power.This ti wawa will dont do ha ha ha any more he will hi hi hi like a ti wawa with broken leg.

  15. Michel is obsess of being someone he would never be A semi god.No one in the Interanitonal communsitis listen to such a idiot who bankrutped his country amking listed as failed state among Zimbabwe,Afghanitan,Pauapua New guina etc...No one listen to a donkey who cannot rule a popualtion ,the smallest in the world of 85 thousand heads.In facrt thenteranitonal communsity is laughing at him as th augh to monkeys perfomring in a circus.

    Jeanne D Arc

  16. CIA already under your nose Michel,you dont even no if they are on our shore watching your activity.

  17. They have hired pl member to spy on you, every move fool.

  18. If there are spying on me?Why PP till now can not catch me?sucker.And american dont work communists,dictators,american work with peoples that want to bring democracy and get rid of dictators.

  19. James Mancham in an article on Nation, should we understand his words,is aiming to go and destroy Aldabra Atoll.Firstly.note that mancham has no constituionals to decide in our place and wtihout the apporval of Seychellois,and as indidvual he must no think we will let him fulfill his crooked fanatasy and destruction of Aldabra Atoll.Seychellois cannot even go to Aldabra so it is no foreigners who will do it in our palce.

    Aladabra is a world heeritage and a National reserve nobody including Manchan would decide in our place what to do.

    If CIA does not get rid of this olde frailed little monkey,i will do for them and Seychellois.Terrorists as the Interantional Communities agree must be illiminated by what ever means.It won't be different for PP terorists.

    Jeanne D'>Arc

  20. Pp spies are alcoholics,who the butcher have convinced them that they are best in thw world .It is a way for of ensuring their loyalty to the butcher and rogue system.But as we have seen in Lybia,Egypt,Jemen and elsewhere once their masters toppled they come stateless persons andbring their times into hiding.And often the most notorious of them ended like Ghadafi in a sewage , in prisons or live a life as fugitives..

    IT won't be diffenret for PP paid state killers and shills.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  21. Mancham is the one who had been working with Pp with the sell out!sa kouyon i fer Sesesel retourn dan son le pok.Le pok mancham all the rich servive the poor suffer that what is happening again in our land.That Is what Michel and pp have choice to do lets go back dan le pok mancham.Ban voler de la repbulic.


  22. JOHNNY,
    Mancham is a farc.He is trying to protrait himself or feel he is still President with unlimited power .He think he has constutional rights to decide in Seychellois' name like in his Statement On ALDABRA.Mancham travels the world and speaks in the name of Seychellois without having the consensus of the people of Seychelles. He had unilaterally decided to speak in our name as if he has extra power to do so.Not even the Butcher wanted to make him Ambassasdor but Fake Seychellois SIVA.

    It is high time Mancham shut up his mouth or speak for himself not in the name of the citizens of Seychelles.

    Most of the illegal Sell out especailly when it comes to sell out with ARABS ,Mancham is the most active in is this crooked action.

    He would haver to face justice for his collaboration in crimes committed by PP terrorists.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  23. Jeanne I agree with you 100 percent, James mancham is a total sell out and he should face charges in an SFP government along with other pl collaborators for whatever crimes they have committed against our people.

    Seselwa unite!

    Sesel pou seselwa!
    Christopher gill

    1. Are you sure you are Christopher Gill?

  24. Seychelles local obsever going to Zimbawe to observe Zimbawe election,funny who is paying their tickets just going to Zimbawe on holiday and wasting our tax money to manipulate vote for Mugabe to stay power?Dictators like to help dictators to continue make his peoples suffer.

  25. Rediculous as they look.But it could be that MUgabe ask Pp to send them for them to then say"the election was free anf fair"thus leigitimate Mugabe frauds and grab to power ,In return Mugabe will then send his own observers together of those that UHURU KEnyatta will send(remeber Pp send observer to observed Kneyan elections they came back and tell us it was fair when the Interantional Communities were saying it was faked) in 2016 in Seychelles to tell us the Election was free anf fiar thus legitimate FAURE manipulation.Pp might even invite observers from China,North Korea,Cuba,for they probably the best of the best election observers with lots of expereinces and repect world wide.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  26. PP think that we are impress with is two littel plants of canabis and some money Ozemie has publish on nation.Trying to say that you are fighting drugs Pp!rubbish heroin are still coming and keep coming on our shore.You are not fighting drugs pp you dealing with drugs sen decade PP crooks and now you are spending million for rehab.We are not impress Michel not at all this kind of story you publish it for a pig Michel.

    Some say Michel want them to go rehabe,they say no no no.

    When the last time Pp show us heroin that have been size by NDEA?never seen one gramm shown on Seychelles nation a news paper that better use it to clean ass with it, parey dan le pok Mancham.

    Heroin you dont fight Pp million in two moths you want Pp,this regime are also working for terorists and taliban those foreign workers you see coming from Paskitan.They dont just come only to work in Seychelles also importing heroin on our shore.Soon Seychelles will be the transit island for heroin to african continent now is Zanzibar the transit country next Seychelles.


  27. Aljazzera!Dubai aljazzera show a arabo slapping his driver in the face and kicking him the man was a foreign workers from India.

    That want kahilfa told Michel i will sent some to you treat them like slave.They can work for you mostly for free and Michel is doing so.Arabs their money make them become uncivilized,arrogant and treated humanbeing like mordern slave like dog you name it.


  28. But not in Seychelles arabs gona do this kind of bad behavior.

  29. Huamn rghits abuses in Arab countires are endemic and a traditional or volk dance.I remeber a very high member of the royal Suadi family driving over one immigrant from Afghanistan, just for fun.People are still being stoned to death in the 21st century in such countries.We might thought possing lots of wealth could help a person civilization,Arb despots have proven that this is not the case.

    I could iamgine the illegal foreign work force Khalfia imported into our land as slave are enduring the same fate,even worse.I could imagine that thier workers passports are being withhold,work 24 hours sometime without pay,wwhich is a Huamn right abuse.In fact any of those five star hotels are abusing their foriegn workers by paying them meager salary,make them over-time without pay,for the main reason of importing foreign workers is to use them in order that those companies who empolyed them can make maximum of revenues not by doing good business but by abusing and robbing weorkers.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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