"Emiratisation of Seychelles Part of UAE Humanitarian Culture" .

"I have dealt with a number of world leaders for decades, but did not meet one like the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was humble and philanthropist", His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, told media gathering in Dubai.

He added that "When we talk about Sheikh Zayed, we need more evenings. The best thing could be said about Sheikh Zayed is that he was the humanitarian leader", noting that "President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, his brothers and all of us follow his footsteps to further develop our country and achieve prosperity for our people."
The Vice President referred to the importance of commemorating and celebrating what the UAE founding father Sheikh Zayed liked most - the humanitarian work, on Emirates Humanitarian Work Day.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid was speaking to a number of media-persons and officials after the ceremony held to honour the distinguished federal government employees.
He tackled a number of local, regional and international issues, and answered questions on a number of important national issues as well.

Present were  Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, a number of ministers and officials.

Sheikh Mohammed referred to his initiative on making 19th of Ramadan, a day that coincides with the death anniversary of the late Sheikh Zayed, as "Emirates Humanitarian Work Day".
All institutions and categories of community will observe the commemoration anniversary of Sheikh Zayed, who implanted the seeds of humanitarian work in the UAE.

He added, Emirates Humanitarian Work Day will also mark the honouring of Zayed as Arab leader and world humanitarian leader as well.

The Vice President said that all Emiratis whether men, women were serving the Union, noting that Emirati women have so far exhibited their perseverance. He cited that Emirati women were among the best worldwide in terms of the university education.
He noted that Emiratis in general were getting good education, training and rehabilitation, thanks to the leadership support.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
On honouring the distinguished employees, Sheikh Mohammed said, "We are always keen on honouring the outstanding employees, because it is a duty of the leadership to motivate others to follow suit. The honoured from different institutions did not come to the podium accidently, but through strenuous efforts that earned them good recommendation from the committees that oversaw their performance."

The Vice President also talked about the tawteen (Emiratisation), stressing the importance of tawteen, being a priority of the government to provide jobs for Emirati youth. He cited the efforts being exerted by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed in this respect.

"We have excelled in all fields", he continued, noting that "I want Emirati people to continue working harder and looking forward to becoming number one. This is an endeavour Sheikh Khalifa is looking for."

The face of modern slavery
About the coordination among the Gulf Coordination Council for Arab States, Sheikh Mohammed said the coordination since the inception of the GCC in early 1980s has been growing steadily to keep pace with the aspirations of the GCC peoples.

He added that the GCC states are stable, citing the successful leadership. On the Arab Spring, Sheikh Mohammed said, "it is a motivation for us to develop our capacities to deal with the changes with wisdom to ensure security and stability." He noted that media may refer from time to another to existence of different currents among the GCC states, but the reality is that the GCC states are closer more than ever before.

The Vice President wished for the restoration of stability to the Arab countries in the wake of the Arab Spring. "We hope for Arab countries, especially Egypt to restore stability for their significant strategic depth to the Arab region."



  1. The strange things is that since 10years the GCC states have been conducting a campaign of get rig of Expats to replace by Nationals.

    Arab despots cannot speak about having a Humanitarian culture---Considering women as semi animal,stoning people in the 21st century,raping under age girls,firing on Majority SUNITS in BAhrain,nd dispoosing the Chirstain antion of Seychelles from the ancestral and soveriegn land is nothing to do with Humanitarian culture.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. They just arrest a bussiness woman from Norway lately,because for reporting that she been rape by his college and she was sent her for 15 months jail now been free,if Norwigen Minister deed not spoke with Sheike Mohamade to realise its citizen this wiman could had been still jail in Dubai.

  3. Yes in deed!Not only that under age girls are still forced to marry old men without their freedom to chose and are still consider half Human.Sheik Mohammad thinks feeding a rogue dictatorial system like PP who keep enslaving its people is a Humanitarian activity.A haumnitarian is someone who repect others freedom,rights,country etc...

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. They tortured Muslim brotherhood men 66 of them, without trial, accused them of coup, beat them, pull nails off fingers detained them in the dessert for months, changing location.

    Khalifa we watching you and we do not like what you do to humanity.

  5. Only idiots would accept the idea that sponsoring a tyrranic system like Pp is a Humanitarian activity.This is pure sponsoring of crimes against Humanity.

    Destroying hectares of LAnd on PRASLIn to build him over-demensional five star hotel teemed with foreign workers might be a means of doing Humanitarian activity by creating jobs for poor Asein,Pakistanis but dihumanized Seychellois workers for the latter are left unemployed.Not to mention Land he suppsoed not to possess for foreigner can not owe and Buy land in Seychelles according to law.Humanitarists Respects people ,not rape their patrimony and destroyed their environemnt but help them protect them.Shitting in our rivers at La Misere cannot be an humanitarian act but a health hazard Mr Sheik Mohammad.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Over heating forces wind tubirne to shut down ha ha ha ha,hey donkeys we told you wind tubirne was not the solution,solar panel is the solution.Now Michel can take a wire put it in his ass and one in the ass of Kahlifa to supply seselwa electricty.

  7. Windmills was Michel pet project.He wanted to show us his power over people and Nuture.What The Butcher must do now ,is dismounted this noisy,ugly ,and unwanted windmill immedaitely.Replacing the genrator will cost taxpayers a fortune(enough money to equip a few household with Solar panel).

    An alterantive for Pp will be to to connect the circuit with the Butcher's brain if in order to produce Kinetic energy another clean source of and costless energy like SOLAR.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Arabs taking our land on praslin given to them by pp were suppose to be land for praslinios to develop agriculture.What happen to it Michel?you and Metsy La Rue gave it to arabs to built houses for their foreign workers.Those land all will be under investigation when we took you out of power.Michel you been selling lots of land to foreigners not belong to you and i know two or three seselwa abroad who have their original papers of their land and they know that their land are now in arabs hands.Pp are using other tatic also seen Michel is in power,stolen land pp give to their supporters or sell them cheap,then their supporters go and sell it to foreigners.CrimeS committed by Michel and pp will take years to finish judge it to much on their back.


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