More Problems, Problems, Problems In Seychelles Paradise!

The situation in Seychelles is getting worse and worse each day under PL. The status quo is giving cause for great concern of the average Seychellois is now facing unprecedented difficulties in daily life, which they are not a custom to.
Stifling Freedom of Expression by Seychelles Police

The PL refusal to deal honestly with the People, to fool them with lies when challenges abound, the practice of cutting corners on hard decisions, the living of lavish lifestyles on high end political pensions, is taking its toll on the Nation as it comes down to crunch time slated to last out at least, over the next Ten (10) years.
In such times, honesty is the best policy.
Foreign workers have not been paid for months.

St. Ange Says 15% Tourist Increase- A Lie!
Most recently, Minister Alain St. Ange has announced a 15% increase on Tourism Arrivals for the first Six (6) months. It is a lie.
On arrival at the Seychelles International Airport or the Seychelles Port of Victoria, a person is given an Immigration Department form to fill in. The form  ask if you are a Visitor or a Resident.
Minister of Tourism Alain Ste Ange
St. Ange gets this wonderland 15% increase from the Visitor box. This included Tourists, but it also includes Indian Navy, Chinese PRC Navy, Russian Navy on shore leave after doing missions in the Indian Ocean. They are:”Visitors”.
The PRC Navy most likely makes the bulk of this arrival, and they do not have much money to spend as “Tourist”, and cannot possibly be considered Seychelles traditional “Tourist”.

Come straight with us Minister St.Ange, stop acting like a fake blok. If you cannot do the job as Minister of Tourism without fake figures and fake announcements, resign, and run Minister of Culture, where you seem to be good at finding jobs for unemployed PL Musicians that have past the “use by date”. It is only a matter of time, before E-Turbo starts doing press releases when a toilet is flushed in your

office. Get serious man. While you have played your political hand well to become a minister overnight from SNP Executive Member, you are dealing with our investments and the lives of ordinary Seychellois.

Airlines Have Cancelled Flights Into Seychelles!

Numerous airlines have cancelled their flights into Seychelles over the last 12 months and St. Ange, the Minister of Tourism has done nothing to address this leakage of valuable much needed seats into Seychelles from key markets. Let’s take a realistic look at the post-mortem after 12 months:

1.     Air Austral- Three (3) flights a week 126 seats per flight gone;

2.     Transaero – Two (2) flights a week 492 seats from Moscow, a key growth market gone,

3.     Blue Panorama- Two (2) flights a week 492 seats, gone;

4.     Qatar Airways, as of September, 126 seats per day or 882 seats per week, going;

5.     Turkish Airways flights of 240 seats per day or 1,680 seats per week on the heels of Routes Africa Conference announced last July, never happened, the heels of his resignation from SHTA Executive, Mr. Louis D’Offay was still asking what is the hold up, with Turkish Airways landing Rights and fees.

In all, we have a whopping 22,444 seats lost in the last 12 months per month or 26,928  seats per year lost and due to lack of flights into Seychelles when Qatar pulls out. 

This means that Minister St. Ange 15% growth is most likely in the shipping arrivals, like tuna boats, Sri lankan stranded fishing vessels, Somalia pirates, naval personnel.

The Cry For The Yield To Go Up

Sometimes I think Minister St. Ange is trying to pull a Francis Chang- Leng on us. He does have some intellectual traits of the One Party State Era lingering about him. 

Remember the $308 Million Bond at 24% interest the Governor of the Central Bank took with Lehman Brothers in 2007 that President James Michel signed without first reading? Well, after 12 months of issuance, the Government of Seychelles took out a 54 Million Euro Bond again at 24% interest to do what? Pay interest on the $308 Million Bond. This is what sent Seychelles into DEFAULT and national bankruptcy. 

All along, Mr. Chang Leng presumably advised Mr. President that the national debts had been paid off and he was running off to Mauritius, First Class of course, when the Lehman Brothers creditors were arriving as “Visitors” to Seychelles, not as “Tourists”. 

Not dis-similar to Chang –Leng, to hide this scam of 15% increase in Tourist, Mr. St. Ange cunningly, says to us that our “Yields” must increase in order to provide an explanation as to why revenue is down, if Tourism is up 15%. Yet, this is the same St. Ange that told Seychelles Today, his government is not interested in making Seychelles a DUTY FREE port, which would do what? Increase Yields over night.

Fourth Branch of Government Up and Running
We live in an age of transparency. Cyberspace, Facebook, Google, blogs, have become the Fourth Branch of Government of the People, By the People, For the People, that “Checks and Balances” all of government and all of the politicians that attempt to fool the people. We will not be fooled.
Guy Adam and Co Offshore entities

PRC Gearing Up The Fourth Branch of Government
In PRC a regional public servant was photographed wearing numerous Rolex watches and other expensive high end brands. The pictures went viral. In no time, this corrupted fellow was arrested by the State and soon executed after a very speedy trail. The Fourth Branch is not messing about.

Solve The Problem Minister St. Ange, Do Not Try To Hide It
Our immediate problem as a country is that we do not have adequate seats on flights into Seychelles. This is the problem. Admit it. Then come up with a program to solve this problem. Level the playing field at SCAA. Make landing fees and charges low for every airline. Sell fuel at a more competitive rate. Even Air Seychelles part owner Etihad buys fuel in Mauritius where it is cheaper. Allow airlines 5th Freedom Rights to collect passengers in Seychelles, than make an onward journey. Get real. This is the year 2013, not 1913. End protectionist policies that favor Air Seychelles. She is gone. Save the people and the Nation. Forget about the free Pearl Class seats fancy canapés and champagne for a moment. 

Mr. St. Ange will say: “I am not the Minister of Transport, Joel Morgan is….I love those canapés and I don’t drink champagne”.
David Pierre the "sellout".

I will say: “you are both former PS-SNP executive men, so stop passing the buck and blaming each other, like Pierre and Ramkalawan  do. Take responsibility to solve the problem between the Two (2) of you.”  If you must, ask David Pierre, PDM to take a seat around the table to solve your problems. If that does not work, call in Wavel Ramkalawan, promise him first class seats to officiate a solemn solution to this problem that is now hanging Seychelles out to dry like salted fish in season.
The last time Ramkalawan was seen in public.

As you can see, SNP is already in power, and they have already created a royal mess of things with the usual help of PL!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Written by Christopher Gill, Leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.


  1. I never realized so many SNP are now in Government with PL. Wow, thank you Christopher Gill.

  2. In a word,Excellent article!
    What a Pp spectacle!We tried and ried dispensation held together by thought-proof politics has long been unravelling inot the threater of the absurd.abhoc,post-hoc,post-haste and post-scripts are the difining characteristics ofPp rogue and absolete regime.Tactics of optics are often mistakened for stragety.The unbearable lightness of drift and decline is in stark contrast to the need for gravitas in leadership.Almost on a daily basis the unstated question on the minds of Seychellois is:Surely we deserve and can do much better.

    As to RAM (Zonm Libre )born a looser than turned a sacrified lamb on Pp altar.How do you know him(them)?In the Bible Mathew 7:20 indentified them By saying"Wherefore by their fruits ye sahll konw them"In the 21st century the easiest way to indetify them is by caompring their words and actions.Looke at Stool pigeon RAm on the Last picture playing conciliator for PP and trying to calm angry expat wrokers whose rights,dignity are being robbed by Pp andforeigners.But when Seychellois rise up against PP like it was the case in La Misere,TAKAMAKA etc.. RAM went into hiding to avoid taking his responsibility.Together with unelected and Juddas they put their heads together pull out the sluice bag to blacken real Oppostion.
    RAm and PP have proven that they not only that they can get lower than a snake^s belly in a wagon rut but also the the grandamsters of sewagw politics.

    RAm destiny predictable--He will fall together with PP.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  3. one more thing--On the first picture you can see aSeychellois speaking out and as soon as he started to sepak the truth to power,paid killers in police uniform are send to rape his freeodm of expression.On thew other hand when foreign workers rise up against thier huamn rights abuses,slaverish salary Pp send concialotr like RAm,but alos never quiet them.It seem foreigners have more rights than Seychelois in their own country.CHinese unable to demonstrate against thier governemnt in CHina ,come to demonstrate on our strrets and are portected by PP police,Seychellois are oforced by paid k,illers to shut up though the constituional rights to free speeches and demonstration.SUch actions by Pp thugs demonstrate that foreigners have more rights than Seychellois in their own land.It is the Butcher illusionary New Seychelles.

    Pp terrrorists would be stopped!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Ok st ange mr. Gill has put you in the hot seat in a big serious way. We all
    Know what you have been saying. The truth is that these flights have been cancelled. What are you as minister of tourism going to do about it? What will you say to cabinet?

    The shine on you is fading fast .

    1. Ask this silly question to the Minister of Tourism. Mr Gill is not there to advise Lepep.

      You have dug your hole, now try and figure out for yourself how to get out of this terrible mess.

      These flights were not cancelled. They were withrawn due to unfair competition and lack of load on the Aircraft.

      Next time get your bloody facts right!

  5. SFP has exposed how guy Adam hotels keep money over seas via Mauritian off shore companies. Great job SFP.

    Now what will Michel do to increase the Yield?


  6. Yield Michel increase the yield by telling Adam and your golden boy wheeling to put the money back in Seychelles and stop using offshore companies to take payments fr hotels and management fees that cost out revenues and prevent pr of it and taxes. Yield mr. President. Then us Creoles do not have to paint wooden fish to increase national revenue to pay off Lehman brothers debt.
    ex snap now SFP

  7. Chairmanship of SHTA is up for grabs. How about Gill apply for it. Or is he all words and no action.

  8. 9.10

    First you should ask the one acting as minister of Tourism St Ange why he is facricating arrival figures to amke look good for himself and why he has still not given his demmission after failing the Industry.

    What can be done is what the all proffesional in the tourism industry including oridnary Seychellois in the majority have bben telling Pp to do namely Take our National Airline from Khalfia and start opoerating direct flghit from and to our main market EUROEP.Does Pp tells us we still hold 60 percent in Air Seychelles (the biggest share)than any share holder with more perventage of sghare in any comapany should have influence in decision-making in the business it is the biggest sghareholder.Why is it not the case with AirSey Pp!?Or we just donot have any share anymore in AirSeychelles.

    Stop wasting taxpayers money to market in countires that would never provide the kind and qualitiy of oturisists we need instead devlop market in other Euroepan countires such as Ganemark,Sweden,Finnland ,Norway (rich countires which we have no market at all yet,Australia an important market.

    Stop Impeding foreign Airlines like Turksih Airline to favour Arabs Airlines with high landing taxes and other barriers.Open our Air sapce to all equally without favor,the only favor if there should be would that for Air Seychelles our National Airline not Khalifa Airline .

    We have given a list of actions that could be taken to genuinely increase arrivals such as devloping OFF-SEASON Tourism,develop our Outter Island as Maldives etc.. porbably St Ange though he would like to steal the idea does not Know which end to start with,he lacks aspiration,vision,creativity,and logics.

    IF St Ange fails to bring AirSeychelles back in order that we can start direct flgiht to our main market,then this year we going to end up in the worse economic sittuation after 2008 when Mi9chel the Butcher the illiterate ba<nkrupted our econmy which has not revie since then.Pp would have to travel the world as beggar,with cupped hand to beg the world for more of their tqax payers money to feed the samllest Nation on earth because it rule by monkeys who have no intellectual ability as Human.

    You can understand we are not there to provide solutions to a rogue ,stincking regime which is in fact a state organized gang of criminals.We will keep our ideas in order that we can offer them to Seychellois as real alterantives to the mess Pp has created in the last 40 years.

    Should St Ange need advices,ideas best he contact Dockland.Or if you too ashame to call Dockland ,Mr D'Offay would not mind helping you,he was always open and disponible for providing ideas,solutions as SHTC Chiarman,and as a genuine Patriot he would probably not hesistat a single second to help get things right for his country and people.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. 10.25
    ",5 billion in swiss bankd more than enough to pay Michel astronomic debts,buy Our own Tuna siener,more coast guard patrol boats to fishing illegal fishing,sponsor AirSeychelles,devlop our outter island.Seychelles can easily generate millions of dollars just from intelligent exploitation of its EEZ,it could also do that by creating alterantive businesses such as the production of medications,diversify Tuna products(there are 145 products that could be dirived for Tuna fish alone)and many more.

    Reducitng Expat workers in order to keep money in the country and in the pocket of Seychellois which in return provide purchase power to Seychellois whihc is an important means of genrating growth.

    Chris has lots og job to do both private and for th interst of the people he canot be everywhere.Secondly,Chris does not have the dictatorial mentalitywhereby One person control and decide everything.He beleives in the intellectual capaicty,ability,talent and skills of our people.Seyhelles to move forward does not need Dictatorship but democracy for wwhen people become active in and participate actively in their country's developemnt the success is bright and asure.

    Pp should pay for its crimes-And with all those millions in life pension they been givijg themslves they should be able pay for their mess.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Looking at jj photo in the nation newspaper today,he has dye his moustach and also dye his hair.but the face reveals the botox has been mist.
    Body guard state house

  11. Relpy SHTA post-

    I prefer to keep my voice and independence then to apply for SHTA chairman ship.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement Father.

    Now go sort yourself and your flock of sell outs!

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  12. 00.37
    The Butcher dye everything not only his hair,moustache by his policies dye with fake figures etc...
    It is a psycholigacal complexe.Trying to stay young probably allow him the percepti0on that he has more time to live.Looking at the Butcher reminds me of ROBERT ZEMICKIS`--THE DEATH BECOMES HER---a film focus on a childish pair of rivals who drink a magic potion that promises ETERNAL YOUTH.

    My piece of adice for the Butcher--Staying young is in the body,mind, and soul not in BOTOX.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Body Mind and Soul= Lizzy!

  14. My friends your Seychelles is finished, Seychelles is on the decline like it or not. Do yourself a little research and you will realize what I am saying. There are many parallels and similarities between Seychelles and Haiti and Seychelles is on the same footpath as Haiti but just a little behind in time. Once the chief of police in Haiti was himself a gangster, soon you will have likewise a Police Commissioner in Seychelles. Corruption and poverty are the worse cancer in a society where the divide between very poor and super rich is so evident. Go to Haiti and you will see the poverty, prostitution, and the chaos of all social-ills, it will break your heart; yet a priest was once the President there too! History repeats itself at different times and in different parts of the world. Seychelles 'island of love' and Haiti 'pay d'Amour'. At the end, Duvalier left and Michel will go soon!

  15. Seychelöles cannot be comapre to Haiti in any way.But Yes 40 years of Dictatorso has backward Seychelles and it would take decades to fix the mess created by Pp teerorists.

    The super you talking about in Seychelles most of thme PP thugs .they would have to give back what the stolen.Why?To ensurethat history does not repeat itself.Poor in Seychelles is the creation of PP,but still there are solution to elevate our popel from poverty to a dissent life.(0 thousadn heads with a vast EEZ with natural resources that already genrates billions(Billions pocket by foreigners becuase of the primitive policy of Pp terorists).Postistution,crimes,drug addicts often is the consequences of poverty and looking back prior to Pp terorist rule the problem did not exist even when our people earn less.For a small country with a small popualtion like ours the problems can be solve.For instance,reducing half of the over 10 thousands expats would in itself elevate our people from poverty in a few years.

    Many import commodities must be regualted for many of those commidities are being resale after importation,duty,tax are paid thousand time about market price.For instance,i do not see the reason why Rice which market price is often stable,tranportation more or less the same, keep rise annually.

    Making five star hotels pay their taxes as any other industry.Making Khalfai pay airport duties --landing fee,parking fee,etc...All expats should pay a tax on their revenues--for now all their salary go abroad without goevenrmnt collecting a single cent.

    Having our Own Tuan seiners will generates multi-millions.Not to forget tons of By-catch now being discard in to the ocean.Tnûna siner should be forced to bring ashore th by-catch which could be use as fish meal .A open water fish farm can be created to increase production and demand and fish meal could be use for this purpose.(NB:fish in farm are feed 55 percent from fish meal and 45 percent plant meal).

    The tons of seaweeds that infest our beaches during the nOrtheast monsson--could be convereted into medications-And the kinds of medications deirve from seaweeds are on high demand on Interantional market.Seaweeds are used to porduce anti-malarial,anti-obeses,anti-cancer,anti-virial,anti-tixic,anti-baterial and many more lucrative products-And Africa provide a lucrative market for such products and it is always a lucrative business like Oil,Gold businesses.

    Sea salt that reamin after desalination could be used to produce alos medications ,but also beauty products,salt for spa etc... a possiblity of creating wealth.BABARA that are being fish then inported in bulk to China where they are sell thousadns time higher.We could proccess them oursleves thus genrate more revenues and create jobs for Seychelles than for Chineses in China.

    Just with Tuna over relating companies could be created for instance to product--pre-packt and depp frozen tuna,Tuna bones could produce GELATIN use in many products etc,..etc..etc..Even fish skin has potential ofr creating a business.

    In a words -though the mess,the high unemployment,poverty,crimes things can be fixed.And that sdoemthing i am thousand percent convinced in.What is nnedded is common sense,creativity,innovation,good governemnt,vision,aspiration and look beyond what we know to be more creative and inventive.

    There is no reason why we cannot be what our country hould have been namely Afrca richest country.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. A saml criuse ship fleet to monopolize a business non-existing in the Indain Ocean.Devlop out outtwer island like Maldive the possiblity of generating the same amount made by Maldive annually from Toursits and that alone without adding revenues collect from tourism businereses from Inner<isalnd.Cargo fleet in order that money we pay now foreigncargo ships to transport our goods from Aisa stay in the country and create jobs,wealth. etc-etce-tc-etc- contact us Pp ,donot ahy,ashame it imuch better asking from help than destroy completely our country. you donot have brain that is known at least allow those who have to help you monkeys.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. This guy with his plakart PRI LAVI DAN SESEL TRO SER Bravo courage!I think with plakart in the streets demonstration strike you name it,politicians who beleave in bringing change should organise things like this for us to take part and bring change in 24 hours to PP we are waiting Mr politicians.Alone this guy has courage to do it and show his pain.We have been bully by this camel ass licker call Michel and this regime for so long Mr politicians and all opposition leaders.

    Immigrants on our shore will cause a big problems in the near future for Seychelles and Seselwa its alredy hapenning Seselwa employing chinese,they are no law under PP.Those peoples when they work is done should go back home.

  18. Can soneone please clarify as to why they call JJ a bucher?

  19. Sell outs are sitting in electoral reform which abc does not air . Division created by ramkalawan confuses people this keeps the, off the streets. In return he gets 40000.00 per month.

    Dump ramkalawan sell out back SFP and we will take to the streets when necessary.

    Seselwa unite!

    Sesel pou seselwa

  20. Are you waiting when every things is fuck up?Mr politician.

  21. When necessary,that mean let Pp continue with sell out and making seselwa getting poorer you said things under Pp is getting worst dont let it get more worst Mr politician do something to stop it.

  22. Everything is fine in Seychelles. Ignore Gill he is crazy.

  23. No! every things are fuck up donkey and we will support Gill all the way for freedom and justice and make those voler face justice.

  24. Who killed Jude Michell?

  25. RAM is the donkey of PP,his life pension depend on it too.He is not even ashame to write an article on Mandela as if he has been inpired by Mandela.

    Since the last fake election we have not seen RAM is public ,he won't probably come out from the wood until sometimes in 2015 to tell us "He is ready for the election" in order that he can help PP fake election.He would aprticipate,lost in advance and then might even comaplin about fraud in his comic show but in then end he would accept it as such for that is his role as lapdog.Pp to divert its responsiblilty couold even tranfer the problem to theConstitutional court just as show,to gain momentum and waste other time for in the end all that would bring to nothin as we had seen in ther past elections.

    Any genuine election reform must have the participation of all single Opposition party not the ones Pp picked and any electoral reform must promote democracy not a window- dressing to fool poeple.And other that the people must haveb the possibility to scrutinize those reforms Else any fake reforms could not and would be accepted by the people.

    REAL ELECTORAL REFROMS:The key ingredient that we need if we are to see genuine electoral reforms is not alterantive representative,but wider participation.Morevoer,Election refrom is unlikely to be a silver bullet resulting in good goverance and resposive governemnt.Good and responsive governemnt requires deeper politcal culture within the body politics.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  26. Who Killed Jude Michel?It is widely Known other Pp cover up-It is Michel the Butcher.According to radio Bamboo ,in a dispute on politics,The butcher butchered his son cold blooded becuase the latter did not and refused to follow the doctrine of Communism.

    Ask Michel ex-wife she will tell you who has blood on his hands Like biblical HEROD.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  27. James Michel killed him. Geva Rene has a file on this together with the tape recording of the aftermath. Michel is aware of that file that is why he cannot get rid of Geva's children in high position. Any attempt to rid himself of the Savy's, Geva rub the file in his face. The file is going to be passed on the Savy's children after Geva passed so that they will continue to haunt and blackmail James Michel.
    There you have all the information so stop asking the same question over and over again.

  28. Who killed Andrew Poponeau who was a soldier in the rebellion of 1982? As. I understood,he was capture and taken to the Beleau Army camp.
    Someone must know something.

  29. Anonymous 3.21 not Gill who are grazy.Politician like you,because you are selling every things belong to Seselwa to foreigners and giving Seselwa jobs our citizenship to foreigners and money made in our country been bank abroad and Seselwa dont even see a cent of it,this is crazy rat race.Seychelles is in a mess Pp are carring debt on their heads can not be paid.May be Michel is asking kahlifa and arab friends to pay,that's why arabs are grabbing all our land all over the island and camels keep coming on our shore looking for water and green grass.


  30. On RAM

    Accessories to Democricide in seychelles:In criminal law,an accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime without actually participating in it.Those who are"accessories befroe the fact"assist in the commission of a crime"Accessories often thefact"help the crimnal conceal his crime and escape liability.In a perfect world the Likes of Stooge RAM would be prosecuted for being accessories before and after the fact to the crime of first-degree"Democricide"and for aiding and betting a ruthless Kleplocracy.But we not in a perfect world,and we must be content with bringing RAM to trial in a court of world opinion.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  31. Poponeau,Francis Rachel,Ali eand all the others.. all instigated by and butchered by Michel the Butcher.Blood stains are still on his hands.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  32. Who kill Andrew Pouponeau ask Marengo ek Lesperance!

  33. Mr. Ramkalawan father priest millionaire accessory to sell out Seychellois

    how can you write about Nelson Mandela ?

    Mandela spent 27 years on Robin Zisland in jail. No pension for being a fake opposition. you in 27years will take scr. 12,960,000.00 alone, not including others in snp and SPPF.

  34. James Michel is a good man. He kill no one. If he killed his son, this is the past. Today Seychelles is rich and pl is doing good job we ae grateful to sheikh Khalifa for all he has done for Seychelles.

  35. Ram is a disgrace to Seychelles. I wasted my vote on this fake. At first I did not believe what SFP and gill was saying. I read this on Facebook . Then I read it here. Then Mr. GILL PUT IT to RAMKALAWAN in open on Seychelles daily. He could not reply to the pension issue. He was not suppose to get rich on our suffering. Now he wants pl to pay 5million to run as president. This is crazy. All about money. Never again!

  36. Polite murderer,

  37. A decalration maee in NatION said"Pp is going to join force in the ifight aghainst MONEY LAUNDERING"Amazing isn't it!The butcher can lead by exampled by starting with himself,follow by LUCAS who is still at large ,Guy Adam,Glenny Savy,David Savy and finally Pp thuggish governemnt who has stolen u$2,5 billions from our coffers and placed on their private accounts in swiss Banks.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  38. Fungus attack National archives under Pp wathc.In the time of modern technologies should we be aiming at using such technologies to protect National archives Pp?There are certain tpyes of document that could stored digitally.Pp should also by now had trained restoration specialists.or chemical protection.etc..etc..etc..

    Nothing works under Pp thugs.

    jeanne D'Arc

  39. Seychelles will better with out Michel the killer and Pl and Savy brothers!

  40. Seychelles and Seychellois will be better off without collaborators that actively sell out our patrimony, displacing bona Fidel Seychellois every day. These collaborators as SFP has proven, come from the hiarchy of pl PDM snp and dp. The only way forward to preserve Seychellois as first class citizens in their own country is SFP.

    Seselwa unite!

    Sesel pou seselwa!

    Christopher gill

  41. Seychelles and Seychellois should be better off than any african countries due to its vast EEZ and small population but mismanagement which has brought into chaos and now we have ended up, together with Zimbabwe on the list of fialed state and Human traficking and that just beucase of a handful gang of old undereducated and thuggish crooks call PP.

    What a shame for our once proud people.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  42. To preserve Seychellios as a first class citizen in its homeland we have to do it quickly,time is runing out for us Seychellios.


  44. Aljazeera is coming back to see if Lucas has been disbarred and removed from human rights commission. Brace yoursel jean Paul Adam being polite will not help.

  45. Any proffesional in the Tourism industry agrees,Seychelles need direct flghits to and from it main market EUROEPE.You know what instead of operating direct flgiht to Europe St Ange and pp thugtocrats tell us Air Seychelles will be operating flgih to Kuwait.Is Kuwait our main market donkeys?Is Kuwait that provides the majority of tourist arrival Donkeys?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  46. Direct flights viable with the right route and right plane. Hint run German city with French market one flight second flight do Italy uk. Emiratisaton of Seychelles will end fast.

  47. I really thought that after the pull out of foreign Airlines St Ange and Pp will used the momentum to correct their mistake(selling Airseychelles to Khalfia)and back Air Seychelles back in order that we can fillthe gaps left by these out going Airlines to ensure that the Tourim indsutry doex not suefer from a free fall this year.For if any pro-active actions is not taken, revenues will down fall and governemnt won't be able to pay its bills ,ditop to amny small toursist establishment.

    St Ange preority does not seem to be the disgrading Air connection that we depend on to keep our Toûrism indsutry alive but pleasing KHalfia wishes by opening flgiht to Kuwait as if Kuwait is our main market.

    St Ange is not representing the industry he was suppoed to represent but that of Khalifa^s interests,in this case he should demmission immediately before our whole tourism industry collapse.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  48. Ban sell out parey Pierre sa boug pe kri son doler!JUDAS.


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