Seychelles On The Warning List Of Failed States


  1. All indicators are up, shape up PL!

  2. Pp should be ashame and if i was Michel i would have put a bullet in my head.Even Nepal,Papau Neu Guinea beat Michel on the list of failed state.QWe have the Butcher and Pp to thanks for this dubious honor.
    Wqaht is a failed state?over the past couple of decades various euphemistic neulogisms have been invented as discriptors of anarchic and disfuntional states.A failed state is most ready identified by the existence of rampant corruption and criminality in the state apparatus,massive Human rights violation ,rigged elections,predatory elites with protracted monopoly of power,absent of rules of law,deep economic crisis,among other factors.

    PP should be desovled and banned from doihng politics.Time for change!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Seychelles --a failed leader and failed regime and fianllly a failed State.

    Failure of economy,
    failure of Human rights,
    failure of Health:Failure of the youth-the greatest fialure of all.
    The greatest fialure of the Butcher^s regime and Pp is its absolute indifferent to the plight of Seychellois' youth.Many join the rank fo hopeless and futreless.Those youth are left at the mercy of fate and governemnt that is indifferent to their plight.Hopeless.futureless,powerless,these youth are drifted in a wasteland of povety,jobless,and a world of darkness that offer them nothing but more suffering,pain,and futureless.Without an educated youth ,Seychelles has no future and remain at risk of peramnent future.There can be no developemnt,democracy,scientific and technological progress without an educatecd youth leading the way.May be that is the crooked plan of Pp.A Nation with ignoramuses is far easier to rule than one with vibrant and creative youth force in the body politics.

    How to disrolled Seychelles from this fialed States index?Can Seychelles get out of this list?Yes she can,provided it meet some basic benchmarks.We know benchmarks are anathema for the Butcher's regime.But benchmarks means accountability,a set of criteria by which we can measure performance overtime.

    Seychelles will be remove fr4om the fialed States' list if it

    has democracy
    Set up independence judiciary
    Indepedence Assembly
    Free and fair elections
    accountability and transparency
    Political liberties
    Huamn rightsetc.etc..etc

    On a personal note:a failed State to me,is a Hobbesean jungle were law is the word of overlord Leviathen (The supremee tyrannt).In failed state of Seychelles the law is Might make it right.

    Time to DEGAGE PP!

    Jeanne D'Arc


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