"VP Danny Faure Sent on Africa Tuberculosis and Malaria Conference, Polite JP Adam Sent to PRC"

Vice President Danny Faure has represented President James Michel at the Special Summit of the African Union on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria held on 15-16th July 2013 in Abuja, the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The establishment of an African Centre for Disease Control (African CDC) was one of the recommendations of the declaration which was given unanimous endorsement; as it was felt that such a Center would go a long way to reduce Africa's over-dependence of services outside the continent and improve the timeliness of interventions.
The Vice President welcomed the commitments made and joined the call for the replenishment of the Global fund.
The Vice President was also accompanied Dr Jude Gedeon, the Public Health Commissioner and Mr. Joseph Nourrice, Seychelles Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union and the UNECA.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi Meets with Foreign Minister Jean-Paul Adam of Seychelles

On July 22, 2013, State Councilor Yang Jiechi met in Beijing with Seychelles Foreign Minister Jean-Paul Adam.

Yang Jiechi said that China-Seychelles relations have maintained good momentum of development in recent years and have become a model for the friendly cooperation between countries with different national conditions. China highly values the traditional friendship with Seychelles and is willing to join hands with the Seychelles side to push forward bilateral relations for further development and to make greater contribution to jointly safeguarding peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region of Indian Ocean.

Jean-Paul Adam said that the Seychelles side is willing to make concerted efforts with China to promote the further development of China-Seychelles and China-Africa relations.
They also exchanged views on international and regional topics of common interests. 



  1. Breaking news

    Michel heavily favors polite jean Paul Adam for Vice President. Faure being sent to agriculture to replace faire man Sinon who will retire early.

  2. The thing is no Seychellois knows the content of these bilateral relations not even PP Assembly.It seemsit was decided unilaterally by a handful of communists at the politburo.

    China strategy is self-promotional aims at gaining access to Africa's precious mineral resources even when that means porping up odious governments.Billions of dollars were invested in Africa by Chinese but most of the billions were invested inAfrica's most notorious states such as Zimbabwe.Sudan and so on.It is ture that Chinese Billions had helps some countries to have economic growth in terms of trade and with building infratructures such as road,hospitals etc...But 90 percents of Sino-African trade is based around natural resources-oil,ores and minerals.

    it must be said that oil and mining are not labour intensive industires.And exports of natural resources by themselves do not help Africa develop ,E.g Nigeria,Angola etc-...Natural resources impressive headline growth figures but not necessarily translate into widespread job creation ,a bit like developemnt in Seychelles under Pp.

    FAURE is being sent everywhere at the moment in order to promote himself as waiting Dictator-in -Chief.He was in Africa Tuburcolosis meeting though Minister of health present was sufficient and have been going around as experts in all ministers. MERITON is also being send here and there to promote himself as Vice Dictator-in -CHief though there is internal conflict between those who support Meriton and those on JENPA side.

    But We know you waht FAURE!,you the same little stalinist crook educated in LENINIST-_MARXIST Cuba, who together with Dr Michel the Butcher bankrupted our economy,robbed 2,5 billions from our coffers,invovled in Lejhmann Brothers scum,creating an astronomic foreign debts,sell out our patrimony to ofreigners,even going into the Assembly together with R Payet in an attempted to pressured Assembly members to according to FUARE and PAYET own words"Speed up the development programm"Which was the mammut destructive project at TAKAMAKA refused by the people.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Seychelles is faced with Chinese neo-colonialism and the importation of aparthied .All imported by Pl ruling party.

  4. The key question is,will leopold payet stage a coup detat to install Danny faure in power?
    Or he will be gone by than?

  5. Rene the tax bill you just paid in Australia and problems you are having is courtesy of Michel who put the squeeze on you in last visit to Australia. Gloves are off.

  6. Coup must take place or faure finished. Adam is the apple of Michel because he is so polite. Lalala

  7. There are people saying that the Herminie brothers william n pat is advacoting a coup detate in the country.
    Willy.is not happy he was shown the door as a minister as a condition when jj. Was given the top job:
    Whenever he got drunk he wants to be in power.

  8. Michel just recuit 45 of youngs seselwa.Michel and pp and leopool!35 of them are in my group just send them in your camps to get a bit of training with the guns.Michel no one want to smell guns powder but you have a chioce give all Seselwa citizen abroad their right to vote and a electoral reform that is accept by all party opposition and fair to all party.

  9. When faire is out with Adam promotion, herminies will be washed up. Sinon is with failing kidney, he is finished, drink too much whiskey on minister budget chasing young homeless women with babies. Morgan days numbered. St. Ange blames loss of flights on Morgan. St. Ange can only survive if Michel dies and Adam becomes president after removing faure. Trouble ahead. Sherin naiken to replace st. Ange end of year. St. Ange dirty deal David savy. History. More to come.

  10. Herminie was removed as minister because he was fucking woman in the office .He apparently. Prey on woman whole was in a desperate situation searching for a job.
    Un manaic sa bougue and could not hold office to serve the public.Jj removed him partly because of that.

  11. Herminie had a king size bed in his back office at Liberty House.

  12. As a sub standard lawyer,william herminie steal the money of his clients.he needs money to feed his addiction which is to sleep with 2 or 3 woman per night.the guy is very sick.

  13. Faure was answering question in the assembly about explotation of oil!every year Pp told its peiples they gona drill,but till now les peupel Seselwa have not seen one litter of it. Pp crooks stop lieing to your peoples about oil explotation.You dont have any oil,kouyon Seselwa every time to win election and Seselwa are sallowing you bags of lies typical crooks.



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