"Passing The Buck On No Access To Seychellois In Hotels"

General Managers
Hotel Establishments

Mr St Angel

I am writing to attach a translated copy of the statement I made in the Seychelles 
National Assembly on Tuesday 23rd July 2013 regarding clients right of entry in public bars, restaurants and other public facilities in hotels.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture had received reports that Seychellois clients were being denied entry in bars and other public facilities in hotels currently holding a public license. The Ministry remains very concerned with this development and hopes that this does not develop into a common practice by any hotel in the country.

The law clearly states that Hotels holding a public license should not restrict access to any clients, including Seychellois, to public bars and other public facilities. This of course comes with certain hotel conditions that clients must abide by.

Discrimination against Seychellois should not be a policy in any hotel, and it will not be tolerated by the Government of Seychelles. We hope that hotel management in our country will use this opportunity to sensitise their staff on this issue, and that one off restriction of entry to any establishment should be for a valid reason only.

The Statement delivered in the national Assembly also indicates steps that clients should take if they feel that their right to access hotels has been violated and spells out the course of action that will be followed by the State to ensure it does not happen again.

We hope that we will not receive any further such reports regarding these types of incidents, and that we continue to work together in our quest to promote and to encourage the continued development of the tourism industry in our country.
I count on your usual support
Yours Sincerely  
Alain St.Ange


  1. St Ange comment must not be a means to investigate the case and take legal action against the culprit and have him punished.This case is not the only one ,there have been other cases too.Fior instance,On Praslin at LUMERIA ,Seychellois must ask the hotel owner permission to go on their public beaches and this practice continues as we speak.Why should Seychellois aks a foreign permission to get access to their supposed PUBLIC BEACHES.The Same at ANse Georgette Praslin now Seychellois must ask permmssion becuase ofreigners are setting the urles in our land and that because of PP crooks who allow those Human rights abuses to happen.I think at Silhouette,Fregate,and other islands Seychellois are facing the same racistic situation on other islands and hotels.And knowing that PP is bankrupted and need money,amny of those foreigners bribes Pp thugs or feel powrful becuase PP depend on them for fianacail supports and know that PP could not refuse to fulfill their wishes.

    Pp has created an apartheit situation in our country.

    Any foreigners before investiing in Seychelles should be asked to learn the laws and rules and the people of the host country.Too often foreigners come here and becuase of their connection to Pp thugs thinks that our laws are not applicated to them or they can act above it.

    On devlopment of tourism in our country.It is high time to make real developemnt that is sustainable development that is developemnt that previlegde jobs for Seychellois instead of foreigners.And finally St Ange any development must be nesure that it produce wealth/revenues to the country.For now most five star hotels do not generate wealth ofr the country but for themselves all their revenues collected and banked abroad.It should be time to make those establishment pay the dues like amny other small and medium seize hotels.We cannot ask Locals Oturism establishment including small guesthouses to pay thier udes but not big hotels.

    For those who keeps importing cheap workers instead of recruting Seychellois should be tax higher than those recruting Seychellois,as a means to discourage the importation of cheap labours that destroy our economy,create high unemployment,and lost in revenues for the country.

    St Ange and Pp must start creating jobs for Seychellois not foreigners.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Shame on this government, it let's Seychellois be treated like 3rd class citizens in Seychelles.

  3. We will take our land back from foreigners there is no laws that allow such pratices ,dito to the contary.

    We reserve the irghts to use force to free our people for torrorsits.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Take Lemuria's license away Alain St. Ange they deny Seychellois access to the beach and premises every day.

    Now you see the deal with the devil is not such a good deal ehh?

  5. Msye St. Ange ti parey pou ammen pake Misel.....

    Msye St. Ange, ammen pake Misel.


  6. When you sell a property, you give up your right of ownership and possession! If Seychelles could be lifted, it would be brought to UAE but unfortunately we need the environment so we leave it there for UAE residents enjoy its latest property, call it a private island in the Seychelles frequented by celebrities and the ultra-rich if you want. It is modern day colonization and dollars are our conquering soldiers! Thanks for cleaning up the mess that our residents do make at times in the chalets and on the beaches.

  7. Give credit where credit is due. Minister St Ange has given the problem the attention it deserves by contacting the relevant establishments and reminding them about the government's position on the issue. Whether or not any notice will be taken of the wishes of the people of Seychelles remains to be seen.


  8. St. Ange thinks he is still in the opposition highlighting a government bad practice.

    Since he is in government a serious Minister would have come out and declared the policy and issue a final warning and advise of consequence to follow in a clear and defined manner and not wishy washy.

    Just look at the comment above and you will see the UAE arrogance. This is counter cultural to Seychellois perceptions of wealth and our traditions of equality which is why Arabs and Russians offend us so much.

    As for cleaning the beach it is everyone's duty that uses it in our culture. No one licks anyones ass in Seychelles for a living. We are filipinos.

  9. This comment by the person above PP is very offensive. You do not know Seychellois my friend. When they turn on you, you will know that you do not shit on a Seychellois head. He will kick your ass and you will wish you never left Abu Dhabi.

  10. A competent and proffesional and responsible minister would surely come out and apologize for her or his mistakes and take immediate steps to correct those mistakes.

    PP after banrupting us is hungry and the Butcher is ready to sell everything even assets not belonging to him to feed himself and clics.It is a kinds of SELL OUT SANS FRONTIERE(without boarder).St Ange is pormoting UAE as main tourist market for Seychelles.In the comment made by BRIERE of Frigate island ,he gave us an insights of the kinds of tourists arabs are namely Package tourists who have already paid all inclusive and seem to like closing themsleves in the hotel they booked without contact to outisde world or the host population.These kinds of tourirsts are good fro Five star hotels coffers not Seychelles economy.Package tourism is not usustainable to Seychelles.As been said,all inclusive that means related businesses like local boatcharters,restuarants,carhires,etc... do not benfit from such type of tourists.It is not sustaianble St Ange and bad for our economy.

    St Ange and Pp thugtocrats have disfranchised the dignity of our once proud people and with those old immoral thugs the choice of accepting their crimes or fighting it is becoming very narrow.But one thing is sure,change will take place whether pp likes it or not.By waht means --throught lection,transtion from dictatoship to democracy,by mass strreet protest or force?This is a choice that pp thugtocrats have.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. 10.02St Ange is doing now.But you know that Seychellois have been doing it for the last 40 years.Dictaotrship is a Human abuse like racism,dispoostion of our patrimony,Chinese neo-colonialism policy toward Seychelles sovereignty and so on.

    Do not think Seychellois waited 40 years to allow St Ange to speak in their palce and it does not means that St Ange is saying it has more importance than the last 40 years that Seycheelois have repeatedly denounced PP racistic practices.

    This does not just show the Arabs arrogance, but also thier ingorance,their lack of Huamn rights understanding,their archiac and primitive mentality that should have long desapeared on earth in the 21st Century.When ignorance get started it knows no bounds.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. St Angne ou papa was in it n he got it in the end.
    Ou baise pe vini,sooner than you think.
    Si ou fini sa lanen ou bien fini.
    Kaka lasouce.

  13. Time For St. Ange to take serious steps or move on.

    Lemuria has been denying Seychellois and Tourist entry into Anse Georgette for over 12 years;

    Maya Denied Mancham entry and other Seychellois;

    4 Seasons Hotel discourages Seychellois visiting the hotel;

    Fregate Island bans Seychellois access to the beach;

    Coral Strand uses security guards to ban Seychellois.

    Wake up St. Ange.

    Tourists coming to Seychelles should not stay at any of these hotels.

    Seychellois working in these hotels need to consider sabotage and boycott of the work place, find another employment.

  14. Mr. St. Ange we know you read this blog daily so answer the questions before we disclose issues that will result in your immediate removal from office.

    Do not think SFP plays games with sell outs.

    Now address the issues and sign off.

  15. This the result of Michel New Seychelles made of foreign racists.Instead of take legal actions against those imported racists St Ange went on SBC like a Mother to her child by parroting about"Seychellois need to get access to public places and beaches".We know that ,we donot need to be told ,what we need is that the instigators who imported those racists take thier responsiblities and get those Hitlerians out of our land.

    The culprit in all this is before all that Pp notorious and corrupt regime makes this possible by its policy on Internal colonialism which in itslf is a form of Aparthied.

    Unlike FAR ,Michel the Butcher and its entourage of messengers-of-Aparthied are testing the limits of Seychellois.Surprisingly,its stooges could not figure out thier racistic behaviour,probably too busy negociating more perks,bonus especially now -3 years beofre elections in order to ensure thier bounty are secure and the stupidy is beyond anything we have seen in modern history.

    My piece of advice to torrorrist Michel the Butcher and Kamikaze fix up your mess and change donot wait for the people to come out with their freedom drums for you going to pay with your lives.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. ST. Ange states the obvious, ignores the reality.

  17. Even tourists can not go to Anse Goergette on the beach now a days.Michel we praslinios are asking you and pp to give tourists acess to the beach at Anse Georgette with out permission from Lemuria.We are losing clients and we can make any trips with tourists there any more pp.Do you want us to take action our self with Lemuria hotel?


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