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Fregate Island Goes To UAE in A Day! James Michel approves Transaction!

Dubai: The Oetker Collection, a luxury hotel group, signed a management contract on Tuesday with the owners of the Fregate Island Private hotel in Seychelles to promote the property as of July 2013.

The luxury retreat in Seychelles, owned by a consortium of German investors, will be the eighth addition to Oetker Collection’s hotels, which include getaways in France, Germany, and Morocco.

The UAE is the fifth-largest provider of tourists to the Seychelles islands, where tourism accounts for more than 60 per cent of the annual GDP. Over 12,800 visitors travelled to the Seychelles in 2012 from the UAE, according to the Seychelles National Statistics Bureau.

“More than 6 per cent of the visitors to the Seychelles are from the UAE. Interestingly, this figure has increased by 150 per cent in the last three years,” said Alain Briere, vice president sales and marketing of the Oetker Collection. “The target for 2013 was to reach more than 22,000 visitors, and the likelihood is that it’s going to reach 25,000.”

Visitors from the UAE comprise both Emiratis and expatriates, Briere told Gulf News. The main attractions for UAE visitors in the Seychelles are the privacy and seclusion the islands offer, in addition to the greenery and ecology. Another key incentive for Seychelles-bound tourists from the UAE is that they do not need a visa to enter the country, Briere added.


  1. Brier talk about Private beaches.There is not single private beach in Seychelles and that incvlude those on Fregate.I seems foreigners decide if beaches must be pbulic or private in Seychelles.That means should Seychellois want to go on Fregate beaches they can without the need to ask anybody and that includes also to our Outter islands.

    We must also note that The island itself as any other isalnds could not have been owed by foreigners for no foreigner can owe or buy isalnd /Léand in Seychelles.Islands and land should be least to foreigners not sell PP.This process of illegal sell out make Seychellois lost millions in leasing revenues.
    The other crooked thing in that is.No information was made public or deal approved by Assembly.Michel the Butcher thinks he has the omnipotent power to decide in Seychellois' names as if those Dospotic Arab countries.

    In this deal Seychelles pocket nothing for it the isalnd was probably leased to the german company for Sr One rupee hundred years.

    Stop rapping rule of law and constituion PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. James Michel is using a mass of dense artificial smoke to conceal the deal by using 0etker as the company that bought Fregate.

    This hotel is now in the hands of the UAE.

  3. That bastard has sold half of Mahe island to the UAE and now he is in the process of selling the outer islands.

    There will be nothing left for Seychellois.

  4. WHo bought it is löess a problem the real problem is why the decision was not debated at Assembly,make public for public scrunity and wthitout any kinds of approval.

    1.20 There will be verything for Seychellois for almost all deal made by PP to foreigners are Constitutionally illegal.Illegality cannot be legal or legitimate.Because of that Seychellois will have the rights regardless when to take over their asstets to any ofreigners who benefits for those illegal sell out etc.. by Pp thugs.It does not means becuase PP organized toeerists gang sold our patrimony out that it is finished and we cannot do anything.No.we can do anything for simply those deals made by PP are illegal.Dor Instance,the selling of La mAisiere to Khalifa,Land to Sheik MOhammad on Praslin (RAFFLES HOTEL)DÂrros to Arab,Fregate Island.Noerth Island,etc..etc....--laws say NO FOREIGNER CAN OWE AND BUY Land in Seychelles--Pp kniws the law and i would say any foreigner ho goes in another countires should and have the responsibility to imformed themsleves of the host countries laws.If the did not then they would have to face the consequences too.

    In anothers ,what make any transaction legal or illegal is the rule of law of the country not decision made and taken by indivivduals unilaterally and illegally like in Khalfia's case.Note also there is no Internationl laws that can over rule Constituional law of a soveiregn country.This is not limited to land,but passports sold to foreigners too.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Allain St. Ange, write a letter to SLA calling on them to suspend for 12 months the Fregate Island license to operate until such time this matter of private beach is resolved.

    The evidence is right here, that the GM is making the beaches private. We do not need a witness, we do not need a name of the Security Guard, passing the buck on a poor Blok who is only following orders.

    PL put your money where your mouth is and defend Seychellois!

    Suspend the license of Fregate Island, and let us all be allowed to Anse Victoria. Enough of games on this issue.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  6. "Dubai: The Oetker Collection, a luxury hotel group, signed a management contract on Tuesday with the owners of the Fregate Island Private hotel in Seychelles to promote the property as of July 2013."

    Where does it say ownership changed hands?????? According to this article it is managing the marketing side of the business.

    Can we please get the real facts?

    1. Why was the deal done behind close doors and without the approval of the legislature?

      Lepep has already sold half of Mahe without the consent of the people of Seychelles.

      It will not be long before you get bonk in your backside by the arabs.

      Oetker is very good at making Pizzas, baking powder, cake mixes, yogurts, pudding, cake decoration.

  7. Becuase PP think Michel is God and the rest of them the 12 Diciples of God and have the power to dicide in the name of Seychellois.After 40 years of doing what the want ,for them it ihas become commonpalce and they find it normal that they not even ashame to steal and rob our people in day light.There is two things that will stop them-One mass protest and if it is nopt enoug the use of force.Donot worry about the later ,i am prepared and will take care of them when the time come(2016).

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Before you spread lies do a bit of research. The Oetker Collection is a german Hotel management company that belongs to the Oetker family (Yes Well known for its frozen Pizza's in Germany.) They have signed over a management lease for Fregate Island adding it to their portfolio of luxury hotels. The island's owner has not changed. Unless the Oetker family have recently become UAE nationals the above headline is false. also i do not think that a perivate owned business needs govt approval to sign a management deal with another company. Did The Mason Family do it when they got Taj Resorts to mange Denis Island ?

    1. Kouyon, the Mason family are Seychellois, they do not need permission to buy land in their place of birth.

      Arabs are now hiding behind European Companies to do their dirty deals.

      Why is the new owner attracting tourists from the UAE when over 60% of visitors are from European Countries?

      This does not add up. It is a con by the Government of Seychelles.

  9. It is not attracting visitors from arab countires as St Ange wants to sell us.Pp after selling out our National Airline to arab ,refuse to reconginized their failures,and probably cannot over rule Khalfai decision be it good or bad for Seychelles.What is left for PP to hide their scum is keep promoting UAE or other arb countires as main market.Arbs was never the main tourist market ofr any countires not even islamic ones.Arbas are shopping tourists PP,that is going to expensive countires like Sitzerland,to Paris to spend hundreds of thousands of thier taxpayers money in jewelries,etc... not Sunbathing tourists,etc...

    Give us a break dog.Or does St Ange think all those individuals in the otuirsm industry are stupid when the say inanimously that Europe is and remain our main marekt?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Kouyon ou pli Kouyon ki mwan. Where does it say they have bought the land. They have signed a management contract same way hilton has for Silhouette and Alamanda. They do not own the properties. The Oetker group is 100% owned by the Oetker family. They are German not Arab.

  11. 22.24
    Are germans national , Seychellois national too.Be it Germany ,Arbs we means all foreigners .that is those who are not Seychellois. Firstly,Oetker family should have not right to buy Land,Island or possess it(the can only lease it as foreigner).Now if Pp assumed it leased the island , how much money is Pp pocketing?It is a Seychellois asset and the people wants to know.And if it was leased then it is right to assumed that in this recent deal PP pocket its share!How much?Why is it not make publc?Where is the money bank?On which account National or private?

    I donot beleive too that a Seychellois must have apporval to make a private deal.But when private deals rpae rule of laws it is in the case of Fregate the deal is being done between two foreigners who should not by laws posssed nay on our shores.And Secondly,Should MAson done a deal of SELL OUT with Foriegners though the Island is private ownership ,Laws forbid the selling out to foreigners.Why?No foreigner is allow to buy and owe land be it public or private.

    No one must not asked govenremnt permission to sell their private business but solely the private business and even land.Selling both business nad land to can only be for Seychellois who have the rights to buying and owing land.But when it come to a foreign buyer only business can be sell not the land the business is on.Why?Foreigners can not possess or owe land in Seychelles.Then the only possiblity for a ofriegner is to leased,rent thel land.

    Dito ,to La Misere,Land sold to Rafalle Arab ,North Island,D'Arros,and any other islands.All those owners are ofriegners thus they cannot buy land in any circumstances.

    Jeanne D' Arc

  12. The headline of this article is miss leading. Are you doing it on purpose to bring a false claim to anger us?

    People, read the original article at




    Don't believe everything you read on the internet. It is easy to verify stories like this one. So far only one newspaper has carried the story and it was misrepresented here. Contact the newspaper yourself and ask for more information before you pass judgment where it is unfortunately not deserved this time.

    1. Parti Lepep i per SFP .Zot commence vin ganaser lo blog.

      Pa mank lon ten pou zot tailler.

    2. Did you tell Seychellois about Marie May Kolsh 4 million rand she received for the Golf Course deal.

      Did James Michel give details to seychellois for the one rupee deal for the land sold to that asshole in the UAE?

      Seychellois do not believe Lepep anymore.Too many lies.

      Al deman pardon.

    3. Did you ask Morgan, how much money did he received on that deal?

      Did you ask James Michel how did he come to be in possession of forex to open an offshore account in the British Virgin Islands inspite of foreign exchange control in 2007?

      Two questions for you to answer Kouyon.

      I will be waiting patiently for your reply.

  13. Let the Arabs in to prey on the young girls.
    They are already raping seychellios they employed as their maids.

  14. Mouton ki pli lousy on ki en kouyon mem, the article says they are focused on UAE market for this hotel. This is discrimination which is not acceptable in Seychelles and we will deal with it. Coral strand only for Russians! Burn it.

    Free gate only for UAE? Raid it with pirates.

    Maya no access for Seychellois, sabotage one by one.
    Is this what must be done for Seychellois to be respected? We must do what Rene did? Is this what kouyon is saying to us?

  15. Maybe Freaky Fregate is going bankrupt. And with less Germans and French coming after the airplane fiasco it is no wonder they turn to the Arab world for marketing.

  16. Arabs want a island with privacy to continue there human slavry bring young girls under age from East european countries like Romania,Ukrain,Bulgeria,Hungarien,Russia ect..on fregate island as a camps for prostitutes.We see your move Michel and kaka camels,but we will make sure it will not be for sell.

    La digue.

  17. This marketing program is discriminatory. UAE people need to know Seychellois do not like them. Waitress spot on dare food and serve it them. Cook spit on lamb and roll it in pork fat.
    Bar men pee in their tropical drinks .


  19. We should write letters to all the editors in all these arab countries and let them know they are not welcome in our land and tell them about the orgys Khalifa and company is performing in our land. We need to humiliate Khalifa where it matters the most.

  20. My petition is in the favor of a common man who is going to visit or work in Dubai (or any gulf country) and gets cheated by their health authorities claiming that he is sick without any written certificate.
    When he returns to his home country and do all necessary checkups he was found perfect certified by Asia’s biggest hospital in New Delhi, India.
    This man was deported by Dubai because of their personal and outdated laws.
    Dear Brother and sisters, let’s make the CHANGE, PLEASE SIGN IN YOUR SUPPORT AT MY BELOW MENTIONED LINK.
    Thank you so much.
    With Gratitude
    Charanjeet Singh


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