Alain Ste Ange Welcomes Criminals to the Seychelles

Two honeymoon packages, local and international, have been lined up for Simba and Bona Chikore, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi revealed yesterday. Minister Mzembi said the packages were gifts from him, his wife, staff and the ZimbabweTourism Authority (ZTA) with the assistance of the minister’s counterpart from the Seychelles, Mr Alain St Ange.
The minister said the two offers remained open given that the couple likely had other plans for their honeymoon.
“I negotiated with the government of Seychelles about four months ago on the honeymoon trip for the couple and my counterpart from Seychelles Mr Ange finally came through on Friday morning with the bouquet. The bouquet includes six nights and seven days at two of Seychelles’ most luxurious resorts,” he said.
The other package includes four days and three nights at a resort in Gonarezhou, Pamushana.
“I am not sure whether they will make this (the Seychelles trip) their main honeymoon. I’m sure they had made other arrangements so this offer is valid from the 1st of March to the 31st of December this year,” the minister said.
The Seychelles government offered full board – bed, breakfast, lunch, supper and all activities – for the couple’s seven-day stay at the exotic destination, along with their accompanying party.
The ZTA will facilitate travel arrangements.

Alain Ste Ange
The Seychelles are a group of islands off Africa’s southeastern coast on the Indian Ocean. It is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, endowed with coral beaches, wildlife and other natural attractions.
“In the spirit of promoting local tourism we then also added a trip to Pamushana in Gonarezhou to the cocktail,” Minister Mzembi added.
Pamushana Resort was host to international pop superstar Shakira when she visited Zimbabwe ahead of the FIFA World Cup, which was hosted by South Africa in 2010.
Simba and Bona Chikore exchanged vows at a colourful ceremony witnessed by more than 4 000 guests, who included Heads of State and Government, diplomats, cabinet ministers, church leaders and other VVIPs.
Couples held hands lovingly during the solemnisation ceremony, which elicited much goodwill as the newly weds exchanged words of affection on national TV.
Guests were ferried to the venue by shuttle buses from Heritage School and were received by security personnel at the gates who did not dampen spirits through vigorous searches.
Although thorough, the security officers were swift, dispelling any preconceived notions that guests were in for a rough exprience.
From the gates, guests were assisted by smartly dressed ushers in black uniforms and satin scarfs to a bar at the open reception area.
Stools there were covered in white linen under Zimbrellas (mini tents), with guests sipping beverages and chatting while they waited for official proceedings to begin.
Zimbabwe’s wedding of the year was as elegant as could be expected, and guests were dressed for the ocassion.
The men largely went for black three-pieces and tuxedos, while the ladies looked splendid in dresses accessorised with imaginative headgear befitting an A-list event.
Prominent religious leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was as slick as always in a grey slim-fit suit, and former Central Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono shone in a black tuxedo.
Minister Mzembi, another dapper dresser, said he bought his waistcoat “in France for the occasion” while his suit was by an “Italian designer.”
From the bar area, guests walked down a red carpet to the main platform where the official ceremony took place in huge tents with white drapes fused with different shades of purple and dotted with chiavari chairs.
The belle of the ball arrived in a silver-top Rolls Royce accompanied by her parents, who were in the imposing Zim 1 Mercedes-Benz. It was as majestic an arrival as warranted the day.
The bride was resplendent as she walked down the aisle in an elegant white-beaded gown and a flowing train.
After the ceremony, guests moved to another high-pitched tent illuminated with chandeliers and fairylights.


  1. They been playing good peoples by destroying this land reputation!

  2. These donkeys have not morality as they have been proven for the last 4 decades---all their friends are either International crimes or dictators.

    We have seen Materi landing illegally on our shores,Khalfia bulldosing our moutains and consfiscating our river with pure drinkig wares and then give us salt water to drink,Deroche Isalnd gifted to Arab,Thousands of our passport sold to potential terorirists--(it won't be long before he herad extrimism and terorists board flights with illegally -obtained Seychellois passports like on the Malaysian flight that has desaspeared recently)sell out of our partimony.importation ofethnic and religious conflicts in the hatching phase ,international organized crimes--these donkeys deserve execution for their crimes ,not forigvenness,anmnesty or what-so -ever.


    Jeanne D?Arc

  3. artilepep defend Ptuin annexation of CRIMEA by saying RUSSIA has not yet annex CRIMEA.Whne fgoreign forces entered illegally a soveriegn state partilepep--it is annexation just like when CHina illegally entered Tibet.

  4. PP ilks simply like rooks like thmselves.Shortly i heard St Ange preaching about a AFRICAN TOURISM BRAND* Though Africa got potential,promoting Africa as single destination.

    VANILLA BRAND which is most realistic has not been pushed enough by St Ange though it has a real potential.Why,VANILLA is mostly to succeeed becuase most member countires are countires already know worldwide for being Africa's best tourism destiantion,they have already a developed infrastructure,and know-how.The Carribean islands and Countires in the Mediterrean have laready developed such project and its wroking becuase of reasons given above.It is working becuase they have well-defined strategy,they contribute a percentage of their Tourism revenues to promote the new Brand and promtoe the new Brand as a something special,seprate from their own National strategy.

    What could be imaginable is not an AFRICAN TOURIAM BRAND but rathert AB EAST AFRICAN TOURSIM BRAND--thus with Tanzania,Kenya,S.Africa,etc.. also known destiantions and noting that EEAST AFRICAN IS AFRICA?S best known tourism destiantion.

    First St Ange should develop all Seychelles tourism potential.That goes from developing OOF _SEASON TOURISM in order that our SUMMER TIME WHCIHSHOULD NORAML be the high season like in any countries can benefit from this oof season that should be a ihgh serason.Develop DOMOESTIC TOURISM,,take out Outter Island develop it like MAldives-Just imagine,Malives has only falt coral island,no rainforest etcc but still it attract more aasrrivals than Seychelless.The lesson to learn from that is that probably shouold Seychelles develo ptheir outter island as Maldives ,the outter island ALONE could generate the same amount of revenues like Maldives.

    More day/noght attctivities/attraction St Ange.Comapre to other tourism destinations ,Seychelles is a country that provide little attraction and night life ofr tourists which is a big lost in revenues.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  5. Alain, Pierre, Carpin they have all been pushed in the arms of PL by Wavel. Wavel is on a ' get rich fast skim' and those three stooges decided to do the same.

  6. When you a slave like Carpin and the rests you have no choice than follow the examples of your master and what he said.Pierre,for instance,think we will accept him a oppostion leader,but in fact waht he should know is once pp topple all the money he illegally pocketeed as fake ,illegitimate Oppostion leader must be refund back to the people.One must work and do a recognize,legitlimate job to get pay.

    We will calculate each cent he pocket and he would have to give it back in its totally.If we had spend all,then we will organized a job for him ,in order that he work to refund what he had illregall pocketed.Criminals must be punished else we are bound to repeat the past if no0t dealt with.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. Jeanne D'Arc, stop dreaming....we are very happy the way we are. si ou pa con ten kite ale...these were the famous words of our FAR... President has changed, but the philosophy of FAR lives on. So get use to it ! Sesel Sa...Ale Sesel...

  8. Ethiopian resume flight to Seychelles?Dont fly with this plane Seychellios last time them plane was on fire and have to make emergency landing.Those monron want seychellios to lost their life its not enough want you are taking with your toxic powder St Ange?

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    Nation Advetise our good Relationship with Australia-Why is ther not Uatralina tourists coming to our shores,though they go to S.Africa.Maldives?Australia is Aisan biggset tourists supplier Partilepep?Is it good firend to try to gain access to our EEZ like chinese and Indai?For everybody think Indian Ocean shouold be under their control ?

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  14. Corruption dog watch!ZUMA had stolen 23 million from South African coffer.African will never change their mentality to much corrupt politicians on the continent.

  15. ZUMA 23 millions,Partilepep 2,4 billions.


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