PL Attempt Stretch Piracy Legacy Before ATALANTA As Aid Plunges

This week, the PL government brought out its brains Jean Paul Adam in a conference of ATALANTA the peace keeping force and counter piracy organization formed after the Somalia pirates ravaged the Indian Ocean five years ago.
Minister Adam, a very cunning fellow with a demeanor of a youthful but fast balding boy attempted to sweet talk the conference and those in attendance into believing that the fight on piracy is not over yet, and it is now linked to terrorism, drug trafficking and arms smuggling in order to convince the attendee that Seychelles needs more assistance in the fight against piracy.

Mr. Adam, you forgot to tell them piracy is also the cause of the heavy rains and landslides and flooding on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.
The hell with it Minister, you should have gone for broke and tell them that the reduction in population of Zwazo Linet is linked directly to piracy as well.
Sometimes I really think the PL have so little real world experience, beyond a Three (3) day conference here and there, this is the cause of the self imposed buffon-ing.

The reality is aside from putting on trial 65 odd Somalians, which Seychelles was able to milk substantial financial assistance from EU to renovate the prison, build a court house, buy water tanks, purchase hand cuffs, and uniforms for the Police,  Seychelles has done little in fact in the fight against piracy.
But it has put on a great show given the limited resources it has, and it has milked the EU substantially given its real contribution to the cause of which piracy is down 95% in the region and being monitored to prevent it from resurging.

Minister Adam Needs To Learn Intellectual Honesty
Minister Adam needs to use his intelligence to clean up Seychelles, not find excuses for her, and cover up for PL. This is what you do, if you love Seychelles, Minister.
The art of cover up Minister, does not go down well with western countries, these days. There is a blogger on every street.  When one ventures into leg pulling, you risk relationships that you cannot afford to compromise.

Mr. Adam should be intellectually honest with the World. While Seychelles is positioned to deal with piracy it does not have the human resources in military service to deal with it even if the EU showered Seychelles with all the gold in China.
The fight to reduce pirate incursions has been successful because EU ,USA and India increased their vigilance on the issue. Simple.
If Mr. Adam would be intellectually honest with the delegation he would tell them that he is scared to death now, that the USA Human Rights Report which EU follows will soon designate Seychelles under Tier III for Human Trafficking, an issue the PL ignored until the UN agent came to investigate.  What she has to say, is nothing close to what Minister Joel Morgan had to say on the matter. They were bipolar in their comments.
Tier III means US assistance and EU assistance is suspended.

Minister Adam would also say that this year, financial assistance has been cut in half, and we cannot afford the piracy issue to die off so we link it to everything under the sun.
Minister Adam, use your brains to clean up Seychelles act, not to cover it up. When you decide to do that, you will get our cooperation. Inviting everyone that has an issue with Seychelles human rights, corruption, money laundering to see for themselves, is a 1990’s strategy. It will not help you much in 2014. I really expected better from you young man, given that you are the only person in this administration close to intelligent. You need to balance that with forthrightness and truth.
The era of charades is over.

Michel Props at Coast Guard Base and Air Hangar
At the same time, James Michel was back at the coast guard bas being built with funds provided by UAE. In sequence with the Adam show, Michel walked around, said how the region badly needs this base and support, and tried to link everything under the sun to piracy just as Adam was saying the same thing in a conference that week.

Then it was off to the hanger at the airport that houses hardly ever used planes donated by UAE, Indian, PRC. All three different makes, that require different parts and unique knowledge of mechanics. They were all shiny and brand new, hardly used in the fight against piracy. Yet Michel says these planes patrol 1.2 Million square kilometers to fight piracy. It is really 1.37 million square kilometers of Seychelles territorial zone, but the show was on for more aid from EU and USA.
PL was hoping everyone would ignore that Seychelles lack of performance in oher areas:
1. Seychelles has  Democracy in place  since 1992 it was promised;
2.Seychelles has no Annual Human Rights Report filed To United Nations for 22 years;
3. Seychelles has no will to stop Human Trafficking, Seychelles as it has no laws on the subject;
4.  Seychelles has no will to stop money laundering as proof in the amount   
     Of money laundered with Seychelles companies and no one has been brought
      to trial: $20 Billion from last count.
While we lack resources to fight piracy, educate our children well, we are not short on money laundering if appears.

The EU and USA is Not Blind Dumb and Stupid Michel-Adam 
I believe the ATALANTA people have all figured out the game being played here in Seychelles. “Pirates are always a threat, even if they are gone, we live in a very dangerous region, so give us more money please”.
Get real PL! You do not think that this region is patrolled heavily by USA beyond your dreams? It is the most patrolled region by the USA in the World. They skip Seychelles as a port of call most of the time, because sailors complain there is not much to do in Mahe for 5 days. Address that issue, then we can earn more money from them and entice them to come into Seychelles.

Secondly, though not intended to rain on your parade of half truths, India is now building its naval force to block your project to give PRC a presence in the Indian Ocean. You do not think PL , that ATALANTA and EU USA do not know about your Chinese connection and your whims to destabilize the region because of your habit of passing the beggars bowl anywhere, at all cost? They know, and they are keeping you close, to watch you ol’ Communist fellows.
Get serious PL, and get your feet in gear to build a serious country that depends on itself and not the beggars bowl every time a little event shakes your perception of reality, that is: you will be around fooling people forever.
…..It is just not possible , PL!

Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. It must hurt when truth hits home. You may not like Chris, but he does not mince his words. Chris tells you as it is ! Keep it up Chris. A loyal Seselwa

  2. loyal Seselwa I agree with you. They do not like Chris in PL and SNP because he man is conducting demolition of their world of lies. Every once in a while he pops one of these great articles that resonate in the foreign affairs community and newspapers around the world. This is one of those articles it seems to me.What a flip of PL-s table. The man who said it was right the pen is mightier then the sword and Chris Gill is showing seychelles this is true.

  3. since when PL, SNP, DP and sup have ever love truth, NEVER! because they lie to the people they still from the people and they are not any better than the bloody arabs that are building their wealth on tears and sweats of the poor, the needy and the loss! Freakin SAD!

  4. Sey-Nonse don't tell us the incident and the story about M16?Thank you Seychelles today for the story.SN all the time hide mean story.They are some FOREIGNERS are in possession of arms on our soil.

  5. PP tells us AFTER PIRACY COME CANNABIS.Again Pp wants to sell us the wrong product to simulate Foreign naval present in our waters.CANABIS PP is not what is killing Seychellois,making them criminal,increasing domestic voilence,thieves,protittuion etc.. but HARD DRUG imported,market controled by PP thugs.CANABIS is being legalize by many countries around the owrld for it is not that dangerous as ALCOHOL or as Pp thugs wants to criminalize it for they are retarded and just donot want to change a failed policy they have long made their scapegoat.CANNBIS a torpical palnt does not need to be transported from abraod PP,it could easily ,be cultivated right here in Seychelles.So not need to sell us CNABIS as the same as PIRACY;PP DICTATORSHIP etc..any other fake absurd reasons.

    CANAIBIS PP was first imported to Seychelles by PP thugs coming back from TAZANIA on military training to rape our democracy by KA 47.
    Seychelli could understand why Pp failed on all issues,The reason is basic,PP mis-clasified things,eticket the wrong cause to other cuases so that they have something to sell us and fool us,but also legitimize foreign naval present in our waters especially CHines and Indain.

    Even Teerorism is being sell by PP.As if Somali sialing illegally from SOmali and YEMEN come from our shores and transit our EEZ(which is not the case for Somalians have been tansiting though somali and Yemen long beofre apricy but rather since their civil war ,that agian to justify CHinese naval present in our waters which have nothing to do with neither piracy ,illegal fishing(on Illegal fishing Chinese fishing baots are one on those fishing boat raping our EEZ by fishing illegally.Hence the best way Chinese can help us fighting illegal fishing is by apprenhending CHinese illegal fihsermemn on Chines shores before they even depart tfrom China to rape our EEZ and rob us from our natural resources.Dito to Indai.Most illegal foreign fishing activities are perpetrauted by Aisen fishing vessels from CHina, Tawian,Iran,India,Sir Lanka,Korea,Jpan,etc..etc. not by Africans or Somalis.

    Illegal Fishing has been going on for decades and Pp must not mae us think it is a new fleoz and Indain and Chinese naval exercises in our EEZ is the best deterant against illegal fishing.

    If we donot stop PP,which is the reason why Indain and CHinese are dancing in our waters--we would be slave of the two Asian countries.

    Neiboruing countires --Maurituis,reunion,mADAGACAR,ETC.. COULD DO THE JOB OF PROTECTING the Indain OCean zone --part of their tereritories ,We donot CHinese or Indain coming from Aisa to control us.African interests in premodial and most importatn than that of the two Asien countires trying to control our waters to boost their own geopolitical interests at the detriment of others soveiregnty,dependency etc...Hainvg a small SCG base on an outter island would also boost patrol capacity and be more effective...all is needed is politcal will--pp does not have or pretend not to have for its strategy is to allow chines to dance in our water for bribes,and keep the Pp communsit system i palce for both Pp thugs and Chinese communsit future military invasion in our EEZ:

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D?Arc

    Jeanne DÂrc

  6. 10.57

    They may not like Chris,justâs the< donot like GOD.They from another breed ,the breed of crooks.what the love and like are wicked like them be it Chinese Communist.North Korea,KHalifa etc....these are their best friends--they share the same pathos .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. CANABIS PP.should you want to fight it.there is a simple solution it is called legalization like the USa and many western countzires are doing ,even Moexico ther world most known drug producer is taking this way.You donot like CANBIS PP;well SEYCHELLOIS ON THEIR SIDE THEY DO NOT LIKE pP ESCOBARS destroying our youths with HArd impüorted DRUG,the same drug who killed two US NAtional recently.

    DOnot try and make the owrdl beleive CANABIS is a bigger threat than HARD DRUG imported,supply by PP,no one would ever beleive it.LEGALITZE CANIBIS MARON.then you would not only put Pp escobar out of business but genrate multi-million in revenues as has been proven in Holland and those states which have legalize CÀNABIS recently in USA etc....

    jeanne D'Arc

  8. In the 21st cnetury MFieldMarshal Michel we need Drones --they are cheaper to operate,more effective,comnsume less fuel,last longer in the air thus possibility to cover more territories etc--- PUT a small NAVAL base on one of Our outter isalnd PP--it would be more effective..fuel now used to sail from MAhe to Aldabra could be use should we have a base in the region fro more drone patrol.Work with African cpountires in the region who share Indain OCean with us ,Not CHinese coming from Asia.A countr<y who does not respect Human rights,teritorial integritzy of others like Tibet ,Naval aggression aginst Japan,S Korea,Etc.....but which is alos a dictatorship.

  9. PP must sel soemthing to the world and Seychellois.It was piracy and Michel even organized a fake piracy attack thus daamging our tourism industry.Then it is about CANBIS as if canabis is atom Bomb,And then it is terorirst as if SOmali going and coming from SOlami and YEMEN is traveling from inside our waters.Terrrorist tradfering from SOmali and Yememn is old as Somali civil war,long before piracy and it would continue until Somali finds stability.The same to piracy if naymore,it is not allowing CHines and Indain nava, exercises that would reduce priacy(already non existence)but solving SOmali crisis.

  10. Jeanne if cannabis is legalize all pp moron will be out of business,they are putting all cannabis user behide bar,but heroin addict still at large. For them to say their need more bail out for another rehab and this rehab money half this money go in rehab other half goes on their off shore account with all aid their have got in the past years they have done like this with half of aid money stole by those crooks with their fucking dirty hands.



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