Seychelles President Extends Condolences To Chinese Victims In Terror Attack But None For The Victims Of The 5th Of June

VICTORIA, March 5 -- President of the Seychelles James Michel on Tuesday extended condolences from the government and people of the Indian Ocean archipelago state to Chinese President Xi Jinping, the people of China and the victims and their families after the terror attack in Kunming, according to a statement from the Presidency.

In his message, President Michel said the Seychelles unreservedly condemns the terror perpetrated against the people of China and stands in solidarity with China at this time of great sadness. "In the wake of this tragedy, we also renew our resolve to further strengthen our cooperation with like-minded countries such as China to eliminate the scourge of these acts of terror," President Michel said in the message.

A group of knife-wielding assailants slashed frantically at crowds at Kunming Railway Station late Saturday, killing 29 civilians and injuring 143 in the southwestern Chinese city. The terror attack immediately sparked worldwide condemnations.

The victims of the aftermath of the 5th June 1977


  1. Michel at the rate you are going with islamisation of Seychelles, very soon we will be receiving condolence messages from all over the world after a muslim terror attacks. Maybe that is what you want for Seychellois since your small brain cannot think of any better way for you to get world media attention. I will not put anything past a savage like you.

  2. It is not too late for the President of the Seychelles James Alix Michel to extend condolences from the government and people of the Indian Ocean archipelago state to the people of Seychelles, the victims and their families during the terror of the Coup d'Etat of 1977.
    In your message Mr. President, you can say that you and your Government unreservedly condemn the terror perpetrated against the people of Seychelles and repent with great sadness for the loss of innocent lives. You may also add "In the wake of this tragedy, we also renew our resolve to further strengthen our National Reconciliation with like-minded political parties to eliminate the scourge of these acts of terror"
    In the early hours of 5th. June 1977, James Alix Michel with a group of assailants wielding AK-47 killed and terrorized the people of Seychelles to overthrow a legitimate government. The bloody attack had sparked nationwide condemnations ever since and many of the victims have never been seen. Their families have received neither condolences nor apologies from Head of State or Nation.

  3. No condolences for the victims of One Party State James Michel?
    No regrets for those butchered?
    No mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa?
    No pardon ?
    No reconciliation!

  4. They were Butchered blown up, dismembered, buried, drop into the ocean to be fed to sharks.
    This is why selling guns to Rwanda which resulted in no consequence to the conscious of Rene and Michel.
    How many thousands have been butchered from wheels set in motion by Rene and Michel?

  5. Grand thug Michel said "to strethen our coperation with LIKE-MIND countires like China to illiminate the scourges of these act of terror.NB the word LIKE-MINDED Michel confirmed by it that he is a communist dictatorial system like China.It search the same evilness which consist of abusing Human rights like Moa kids.The butcher talked about illinimating terror.Note that in seychelles no Seychellois has ever been invovle in teorrorism act with /Pirate arms and butchered all those Seychellois above on the photos including many others unlisted .The only teorrirsm organization in Seychelles is PP dictatorship why is a in itlsef a form of terrorirsm namely state terrorism.There is no different Michel between people stabbed to death by a knife and shot dead by an AK47, they are both act of terror.DId Michel did not find it necessary to send condolence to Ukraine innocent butchered by Dictator Putin's Ak 47.or North Korean innocent being butchered at will by his friend Kim jong Il?

    The shameless hypocrite demonstratwes his insanity,how uncultivate he is,he is in fact ,the biggest human mistake Seychellois let a donkey so long grabbing on power and allow him to go unpunished for the holocuast committed on innocent Seychellois.

    Morevoer,Michel has no legitimacy to speaaks in the name of the Seychellois people.We was never shosen by the people.The people of Seychelles do not support simapthies and supports to government and regimes that surpress human rights and basic freedoms.

    YOu know waht PP,It is surprising to Seychellois to see how suddenly PP has memebers who can conduct proffesional forensic and criminal investigation in regards to the two Ex-seals found dead in Seychelles when under pressure from a powerful country like USA.but in other case involvong Seychellois nationals as those victims on the above phots,or the soldier whose head was hopped by Gurkas,and other crimes that to date remain unexplained and no single person apprehended or punished for their crimes.

    Stop bullshit Seychellois Michel.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    In his condolence message Michel invokes the communsit- era style and langauge of a bygone era,that does not reflex our people and society and the way Seychellois beleive îts governemnt should represent them.

  6. True Jeanne,It is amazng how partilepep can suddenly perform investigation since they heard CIA and FBI would be coming to investigate the case themselves.

  7. WHo commited terrorist act when Bomb was placed at Reef hotel and Pirate Arms partilepep?

  8. Jeanne D'Arc has exposed James Michel hypocrisy down to a micro bacteria.

  9. ZMichel thinks the lives of cHINESE IS WORTHLY AND NOT THAT OF Seychellois .He thinks that GURKAS ort ofriegne mecenaries could chopped the head of a National in his own home ,and get away with it but not that of a CHinese families stabbed by Criminals that he even donot know.Muchel murddering Seychellois with AK ç/ for doing nothing is less grave than a mentally distable CHinese stabbing his own brothers.Michel seems to feel emotion for chinese vicvtims but no regret,nt emotion for the innocent Seychellois he butchered.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. France Albert Rene was the one that murdered Simon.

  11. Katanga got his sentence ICC sending the message to all dictators and war lord and politicians gangs of criminals around the world you will not get away with genocide any more and you will not butcher your peoples any more for ASSAD as soon as he fall his warrant will be issue,Bemba is waiting for his.I hope ICC knock on the doors of Far and Michel soon or later.

    This is the 6 LOVING FREEDOM Seychellios in picture there more that you crooks took them life away and took them away from their families at night in the past years make them disappear tilt today we are still trying to sore the pain you have cause us for the rest of our life.PP this are only six in picture there are more people you took them life like my bro, Poupounau,Claude Monnaine.You want more names?


  12. Codolence to Chines victims while three Seychellois National sit on the death row in Eygpt Prison and could be executed at any given time, and PP is doing nothing tangible to get them free or at least purge their setence in Seychelles prison.

  13. Those three Seychellios in Eygpt must have a fair trail!I will do fair bit to bring their cases to human right Switzerland.I just live 45 minutes from Geneva human right building.

  14. PP is doing nothing because the drugs this 3 guys get caught with was for Govinden and co!


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