Seychelles Extends Asylum for Relatives of Tunisia Ex-Dictator

Authorities in the Seychelles said Tuesday it was allowing the son-in-law of Tunisia's deposed dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to continue his asylum on the islands for another 12 months.
Sakhr El Materi, who was convicted in absentia of corruption by a Tunisian court, appealed for asylum in the Indian Ocean archipelago in February 2013.
The Seychelles foreign ministry said Materi had been "granted an extension of an additional twelve months on his residence permit along with his wife, their three children and entourage."
It said it had been told by his lawyers that he was "still at risk of persecution and would not be granted due process of the law by the Tunisian authorities if he were forcibly returned to the Tunisian Republic."
The foreign ministry statement said Materi's lawyers had also argued that "there have been several instances of politically exposed persons being targeted by assassinations" in Tunisia.
"The Republic of Seychelles does not impose nor recognize capital punishment under her constitution and remains dissuaded that the Tunisian Republic would not seek the death penalty," the statement added.
Materi first fled to Qatar just before the overthrow of his father-in-law's regime in 2011, but the Gulf emirate agreed to expel him in September 2012. He then fled to the Seychelles, where Ben Ali and his close family used to go on holiday prior to the revolution.
Said to be the ex-dictator's favorite son-in-law and long seen as a possible successor, Materi was sentenced in absentia to 16 years in prison and fined 97 million dinars ($61 million) for corruption and property fraud.
Married to Ben Ali's eldest daughter Nesrine, the businessman was active in virtually every economic sector. His properties have either been confiscated or placed under state administration.
The north African country has also repeatedly asked Saudi Arabia to extradite Ben Ali, who took refuge there with his wife Leila Trabelsi after they fled Tunisia in January 2011.
Ben Ali has been sentenced in absentia to life in prison for presiding over the bloody protest crackdown that ignited the Arab Spring, and convicted on other charges that include incitement to murder, embezzlement and abuse of power.


  1. The alwyer of this illegal immigrant said"He was still at risks of persecution and would not be quarantee due process by Tunisian governemnt" This argument is rediculous as Pp trying-to-convicne tatic for it is all baseless.

    Be remembered that Materis landed on our shores comming from QATAR where his family members were granted Asylum and are still living.ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL ASYLUM LAW(which Seychelles does not have)A person Must be deported to the last country(thus country of departure --thus QATAR).This means ,that Seychelles governemnt should have deported him and should deported him 8NOT TO TUNISIA)BUT TO QATAR--W-HERE HIS FAMILY HAS BEEN GRANTED ASYSLUM AND WAS HIS LAST dEPARTURE POINT BEFORE REACHING SEYCHELLES.IN Other owrds--the argue made by both his Lawyer and PP governemnt --that he still risks persecution and won't be given due process is bullshit--------Secondly.extending asylum for a criminal under which Law PP?Whatever you explaiantion ,your arguments ,you actions in regards to MAetri is and will always remian illegal,it is Anti-Constitutional,against our rule of laws .

    A country that does not have Asylum polcieis---what it does and should do,acoording Interantional Law?Give a short stay ot the person(if S/He was in danger--Materi was safe in QATAR)and then HNAD THE PERSON TO THE UN REFUGEES BuRO.

    tHE republic of seychelles PP TELLS US "dO NOT RECOGNIZE capi>tal sen>tences"BUT STRANGELY ALL pP FIRENDS ARE DESPOTS AND DICATORSS WHO BUTCHER their people are will,for fun like KHALFIA the despot annexing our Christian Land,Catros,Putin,Mugabe,Kim of North Korea,Assad,CHinese etc.....

    Moreveor,Pp has yes,no capital punishment laws--Well ,it is not needed-for for anyway they are iegllaly murdered by state paid thugs or mercenaires,ro by PP aprty leaders to the likes of Butcher Michel,FAR.

    Both MAteri's öawyer and Pp governemnt are acting illegally --We do not have asylum policies thus a how Materi's lawyer represent Materi?Which laws does he use--probably his own made ones.

    Jeanne D'Arc


  2. PP will continue extends asylum for more years to get his money and then later granted him our citizenship.Tunsian people should come and get him dead or alive.

  3. PP said Materi fled from Tunisia to QATAR then FLED >TO SEYCHELLES.Pp Materi did not fled to Seychelles for he was not at risk in QATAR who in fact gave to him and BEN ALI and family asylum.MATERI SHOULD BE SNET BACKT OQATAR his last departuree point before Seychelles.MMateri as his fmaily members BEN ALI are not wanted in QATAR but invited and protected------One must be a fool to bleive that Pp can protect MATERI better than QATARIS government.

    MATERI present in Seychelles is ILLE>GAL AND WOULD STAY ILLE>GAL whatever PP arguments.It is not arguments^ro attmept of justifications ba MAteri's lawyer and PP who determined the law in Seychelles but the Constituions---

    Therefore ,when your actions are anti-constituional no justifications can overule rule of laws and constituions Pp.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  4. PP can not stand on their own feet their need peoples like him to sponsor them election is coming that's why they are extending for more one year next year will be again one more year.Criminal are welcome in the house of crimianls like pp.

  5. And in the meantime Jam just congratulate Joe Sammy.
    Why that late?
    He knows Joe don't support the PP clans....that why!
    How about the BIG FIVE?
    Until now none is sending a congratulatory message to him!
    JOE knows better......
    Keep up the good work Joe.
    You are the Anse Etoile man of the last 50 years.
    Mr and Mrs Hitier raised you well all the way my friend.
    I still remember while on my usual Sunday tou-du-nor in my Vauxhall you were entertaining small kids singing under the bois-doz tree the song of the Beetle ;"OBLADI OBLADA LIFE GOES ON" There were no trwa gitar ek en tambour. It was your guitar and your voice cracking everyone.

    1. Maybe JAM is congratulating Joe for his silence! A reporter and singer who never said a bad word about the regime.

      nikol roz

  6. Joe has been recognized by thew France government,and Michel is probably jealous about it.So by Standing along Joe,The butcher somehow feels like( in his little donkey head )as the mentor,spiritual guide etc.. on JOE.But when you look at the merciless gaze with blank cruelty of a canibalized crook who is MICHEL,with evil power to maim and merder the innocent and the sees the devish pathos that drive such a crook to the like of Michel the Butcher the chief resposible for police brutality in Seychelles.

    Seychellois are waiting for Michel to comment on the on going and repeated brutality on civilians.Quite shocking indeed for a Commander-In -chief who seems to have time to send codolecnes to CHinese governemnt,UHURU KENYATTA,amybe even for PUTIN for invading and annexing Ukriane territory,but no comment from Michel of the brutality of his mercenaries.It is ture,though ,that rarely one would see a dictator or Human right abusers coming out and show their ture faces,and confirming the victims' allegations.

    No words for COmmander-In-Chief (maybe becuase he feels more as Crook-In Chief) imported ROBOCOPS--who are pre-programmed killing machinearrwsting and ,torture machine soely to rape Seychellois' Human rights in their own home.RBOCOPS--do what they are told.they never asked questions,They shoot and ask questions after,just as their Master Michel,who act and think latter.

    Let us make no mistake,QAUTRE is not some isolated freakish rogue polic CHief in Seychelles rogue police state.He is the gold-standard of post-FAR governance.There are Hundreds of mini-QAUTRE that have infested the stae apparatus and metastasized through body politics of that country.For those min-tyrannts constitutional accountability means personal impunity;illegal official activity means prosecutorial impunity;moral depravity means moral probity and crimes aginst Humanity means legal impunity.

    Michel and his governemnt must be held accountable for privious and all brutalities commited by his mercenaries and paid locals killers.All those responsible,who bytaying silence Like RAM and thus participate in the astrocities must be held accountable and punsihed for their actions and collaborations.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  7. Recently 529 Egyptians defendants were sentenced on death row, PL what is the condition of our three brothers in that country? Errrrr..... or J.Morgan can you update the people of Seychelles of the latest news?

  8. In Materi case-THings are cristal clear.Materi should be deported to QATAR his last point of departure beofre Seychelles.The arguments made by both PP and Materi^s lawyer are nonsense,Seychelles governemnt do not need to,or have to send Materi to TUNIESIA as Pp wants to tell us.But simply to the country he last deaprted from before Seychelles in this case QATAR.QATAR is the country that must decide if it would deport MATERI to TUNISIA or not.WHY?Becuase MATERI when feeing TUNISIA frist destination was QATAR not Seychelles.Asylum law we donot have ,so PP which ulaw authorized you to extend Materi stay?

    AND 3 Seychellois jailed in Egypt (on the death row) without clear evidence,and no interest by PP to get them back home.

  9. PP want Joy to jump on the ship of crooks may be,but joy will not take them crap and joy will change who he is pp,call Jean Ally pp he has run of idea for you new lyrics?
    A guy like joy you will never influence him Jam his better educated than you he know what its good for his country and what is wrong but for JAM even doing wrong is right for him and co.

  10. The Three(3) seychellois will be forgotten in this list of death row inmates. James Michel recently congratulated Egypt for a transition.

  11. Michel hwanted to use Joe's show fro himself.The buthcer wanted to give us the impression he is the guy behind JOE^S success,he is Joe^s composer,song writer,etc.... The Butcher felt the award should be for him.You know dictators like titles in order to glorify themselves ,show that they are above other individuals,they are divine.etc..

  12. Partilepep tells us "we cannot send MATERI back to TUNESIA"You donot have to send him to TUNESIA--becuase he didnot flew from TUNEISA to SEYCHELLES but vias QATAR where he and his family were given Asylum.Where you have to send back MATERI partilepep,as define by International to the last departure point beefore he reached our shoeres namely QATAR.Partilepep told us MAteir fled QATAR,not partilepep he was invisted by aprtilepep.AMteri is not wanted in QATAR how then could it be that he fled QATAR? DOes partilepep confused Bne Ali the dictator with MATERI?When a country does not have Asylum laws.---the procedure hand the person to ICHR or Un body responsible for REFUGEE partilepep.

  13. Republic of Seychelles stated that they extended another year for Elmatri the Tunesian wanted in his homeland. Who are these REPLUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES look like? They also want stronger and longer sentences for drug dealers ..... so why don't make a law to send all criminals like ELMATRI back home?

  14. PP are protecting El materi from death penalty from Tunsian authority!! what about those three Seychellios in Egypt waiting for death penalty s**ker communist.Who is representing those guys in Egypt?No body.

  15. Asylum to resident arête sa ban liki Minister of Foreign Affair am warning you this group in Tunisia will make you pay they are prepairing your name are on their list and they already know were all you crooks live and which house and want colour.

  16. Long sentence for Seychellios behide bar and more Seychellios in rehabe then they can make more asylum become Seychelles citizen to vote for them in the future.PP you let toxic come on shore no one else and NDEA fight against drug is just f**king fake clowns.

    They fight on drugs are only on the one who push but were those guys get those drugs to push on the streets?From the hands of pp escobar now they are coming with harder punishment but themselves are letting toxic coming on our shore been brought by Russian mafia.


  18. Taxpayers money stolen from the Tunisian people...... Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the Seychelles Government. Unbelievable!

  19. There is a good side to all of this, at least the crooks are all in the same place. It will be easy to round them up. We are going to need a bigger court house.

  20. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  21. Meteri should not be on our shores regardless PP attempt of justification.Why?We donopt have law on Asylum,Second,when a country does not have asylum,the procedure is to handed the perosn in question to UN in charge for refugees(UNHCR),Thirdly,MAetier beofre reaching Seychelles,was given together with his family members namely Dictator BEn Ali Asylum in QATAR,therefore,he should be send back to QATAR,and not TUNEISA as PP wants to sell us and use this arguement as jstufification to keep MATERI on our shores.MATERI ,is did not fled QATAR,as PP wants to tell us,but rather invited by Mancham.Materi has no reasons to fled QATAR,as he is not BEN ALI the butcher ,but his son of law.wanted for corruption not murder,which thus anyway won't face Capital sentences as BEn Ali would should he be aprenhended.Note Also ,PP illegal extension of Matier present in Seychelles ,was not given,for it seems it has been extended for eternity whiout any procedure or engagememnt by Pp to do what is needed namely ensure that UN takes care of him as refugees or prepare his departutre to QATAR where he is welcomed and has been granted Asylum.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  22. Materi had been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment,not capital sentnce by Tunisia court----so theri is no justification of Materi's lawyer and partielepep not to send him back.+& years improsonment is not capital sentence Partielpep--Capital setence Partielepep means execution.Mateir should not be send back to Tunisia, but to the last departure point before reaching Seyhcelles--namely QATAR where all his family members were granted Asylum.Partilepep wants somehow to present Materi as Ben Ali as if Materi was President of Tunisia thus might face death sentence for his astrocities.

    Captial is pratice in UAE;SAUDI ARABAI;BAHRAIN;OMAN;CUBA;N KOREA;CHINA all Partilepep dictatorial friends.Note the different between capital sentences in the USA which is legislated and have been decided in a democratic way to that of capital sentneces dictated by dictators like Khalfia .Kim.The foremr though also inacceptable has been decided by the people in a democratic way while the later are dictated by dictators thus illegal and criminal.

  23. That is the problem, the blind supporters of "Partielpep" will never understand the difference or the meaning of "demrocratic way". It is not in their culture to be democratic. Like a snake shredding its skin......... Rebranding of SPUP to SPPF and now Partilepep.


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