Seychelles Drowning In Human Rights Violations

Note: - Foreign Affairs Minister Does Not Change Course: Cover Up Is The Order  
              of the Day. Violations in Seychelles Are Getting Worse Each Day.

Come To Seychelles, Have A Cocktail at Sundown
This week, after the USA Human Rights Country Report-Seychelles came out on Republic of Seychelles, which exposed many State sponsored ongoing malpractice and numerous malfeasance on part of the PL government of Seychelles, Minister Jean Paul Adam quickly went into cover up mode, calling the report” sensational”, and invited anyone in the USA to come to Seychelles and see for themselves the situation.
I almost threw up when he said that.
Invite Them To Seychelles

Every time Minister Adam gets a damning Human Rights Report, or abrasive reaction from the international community on SPPF PL conduct, he cunningly invites them to Seychelles as if he has nothing to hide. The recent invitation of UN to see for themselves , the issue of HUMAN TRAFFICKING back fired on Adam last month, only. 
On arrival, the State usually  flies visitors to Desroches Island for a lovely expense paid holiday ( Kalamarsh Sharma- Commonwealth Secretary General). Soon after, the Commonwealth forgot about its collection of Reports on Seychelles and went numb and dumb. 
There are not too many Kalamarsh Sharma’s in the World Mr Adam, thank God for that, the State PL will have to do better.

Human Trafficking in Seychelles
Heads Up USA Country Report
While the USA Country Report has been the most detailed in many years, and shows there is now a real effort at the Port Louis desk to study, document, report on Seychelles, many key points are left out, which I will highlight, with the hope that the next Report on Seychelles is even better and the PL government will fit firmly into the Tier III category where they are heading, aid will be suspended by USA and European Union, then finally, we can come to the table, in the spirit of Reconciliation, to face PL’s atrocities, and their lack of seriousness when dealing with Human Rights wherein, they are always the violators.
I.    Commonwealth Reports Seychelles Yet To Make A political transition from One Party State to multiparty Democracy.
The Commonwealth, who has been the most significant observer of elections and transition process, in Seychelles, has said in the 2011 Presidential Elections Report(page 38) , that “ Seychelles is yet to make the transition from one party state to multi party politics from 1991, though parties exist”.
State Continues To exercise Absolute Controls Over Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in contravention of Article 168 of Seychelles Constitution which requires that the SBC be Independent: The state and dominant party SPPF PL control 100% the content and presentation of the SBC. The President has access, anytime to the SBC, as do ministers and government officials promoting the governments’ agenda.

Kamlesh Sharma
Opposition parties have no access or voice in the country through the SBC. Press conferences are called, and they do not attend nor cover the issues opposing parties, in spite of the news broadcast being 100% funded by Public Funds and State retains full daily access, no counter views are available on the national broadcast station, inhibiting Freedom of Choice.
II.    Under the Constitution, the Commissioner of Police has full Police powers, Article 160 (1), and was intended to be a wholly independent officer without any political persuasion or favor.
However, in practice, the officer of the Commissioner has now fallen under the direction of the Minister of Internal Affairs Minister Joel Morgan, a political appointment in the PL government and former Parti Seselwa or SNP.
III.    The Constitution of Seychelles requires that warrants be secured to establish Probable Cause for a residential or premises search under Article 20 Right to Privacy. However, the PL has implemented the NDEA Act, which over rides this constitutional protect of the citizen and they regularly, conduct warrantless searches of premises, residents, in direct contravention of the Constitution of Seychelles. The Right to Privacy is a cornerstone of democracy,  that insures the citizen’s home is secure from the State without fear or intimidation.
IV.    The one party state tactic of population control via Random Road blocks is more prolific then in the one party state. In these cases, Police , NDEA randomly stop vehicles on the road, conduct searches, without Probable Cause that a traffic infraction has been committed. This practice has risen to the level of harassment of private citizens.
NDEA thuggery

The State knowingly passed the NDEA legislation, understanding that it will expunge the Right to Privacy and severely curtail the Right to Freedom of Movement to control the population, in spite of Police not being trained well to do their work within the Four Corners of the Constitution of Seychelles without declaring a State of Emergency under Article 41 (1).

V.    The Minister of Internal Affairs, in usurpation of the Constitutional Powers of the Commissioner of Police has imported 50 Gurhkas all non Seychellois citizens, to be employed in the Civilian Police Force, in contravention of the most basic fundamental democratic principle of acceptable Police Powers: “all Police Forces must be …of the People, by the People, for the People.” It is believed that the Gurhkas are a crack military force, photos emerged in 2013 with Gurhkas holding AK-47 assault rifles in a training exercise at the Port facilities; they  have been planted in the Police Department to repel any insurrection in the country to stifle the will of the people, and to impose the hard will of a military State that has creep-ed away  Fundamental Freedoms step by step, leading Seychelles away from its aspiring Democratic Credentials set out in the 1993 Constitution, and placing her squarely in the “Authoritarian Regime” category.
Add caption

VI.    Human Rights Watch Organization filed by Christopher Gill was denied registration in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 under the Land Registration Act Section 101.
It is believed that the PL do not want any independent Human Rights Watch Organization in the Country. Hence the denial to register this organization, and advise by the government that it will not be registered. The Attorney General has refused discussion on the matter.
While the State does not fund any Human Rights Watch Organization, to keep it in check, it does fund the Chamber of Commerce by Scr. 800,000.00 per annum and it does fund ruling political  parties, its own: Scr. 6 Million per year.

VII.    The Seychelles Human Rights Commission has functioned as a window dressing to the World, and is perceived due to its very close ties to the Army, and government, to not be a credible Commission. Appointments are made by the President.
It stifles and buries human rights complaints in RED TAPE as a matter of practice.
VIII.    One member of the Human Rights Commission was exposed by Al Jazeera for attempted money laundering, and he was never asked to resign.
IX.    The country remains a One Party State with exception of one single MNA in the opposition (Mr. David Pierre former SNP), widely believed to have been propped into place to give the ruling party minimal credibility. His seat was granted by Court of Appeals in a dubious ruling.

X.    District Branch offices
Were to close down after the passing of the Constitution in 1993, and they remain in place, dispensing largess to the population, and brokering of relationship between the Citizen and government.
XI.    Election Reforms were promised, and ruling party officials promised to attend these deliberations, which later, they did not attend, leaving the discussions up to lower party functionaries and no SBC air coverage of the events took place in full as promised.
XII.     Public Orders Act passed in 2013 is considered to be more draconian then the previous Public Order Act (1956). The Right to Assembly Article 23(1) and Freedom of Expression Article 22(1) two corner stones of Democracy and respect and tolerance of Human Rights, has been curtailed severely and materially, reflecting the POA of Uganda in the region and the Attorney General has said it is a very modern and progressive law.

Nepalese mercenaries in Seychelles
National NGO LUNGOS has visited the President and expressed their concern as a national NGO on the new law, in as much as it will stifle the  best democratic practice in Seychelles and further solidifying the authoritarian culture aspired by the regime.
XIII.    Seychelles Has Not Filed Any Human Rights Country Reports since becoming a signing member to the UN Charter of Human Rights in July 1993. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Jean Paul Adam, has said that Seychelles lacks financial resources, to file these required reports. Yet the Ministers of the Government gave themselves a 38% salary increase in 2008 and a 100% salary increase is due in June 2014 with pensions for life for all politicians. All of 2013, no effort was made to compile the growing list of human rights abuses in Seychelles since 1993.  Seychelles remains under SANCTION with the UN Human Rights Committee for NON COMPLIANCE with material Treaty provisions.

XIV.    Seychelles has yet to make strong statements to discourage human rights violations of its Police Force. A recent case involved an army cadet, wherein he was apparently beaten by Gurhkas, and in the end, he was advised to simple say he fell down, to not face repercussions in the job for himself and his mother, employed with the Seychelles Police. The matter has since been closed by the State, but the Public generally does not believe the official story. But a picture speaks a thousand words.
XV.    The list of murdered missing disappeared during the one party state remains unsolved, and no active effort has been made in 2013 to find the missing persons such as Hassan Ali, or the murderers and co conspirators of the murder of Mike Asher and Simon Denousse. The case of the assassination of Gerard Hoarau still remains unsolved, though new evidence has been provided to Scotland Yard in London.
When the Police Commissioner has been asked progress on these crimes, his reply is: “I cannot discuss this, I will lose my job”.

XVI.    Generally in 2013, the State embarked on a program similar to One Party State Era to disregarded property rights protected under the Constitution Article 26 and Article 27.  The government implemented a new Zoning Law that turned private property in Public Reserves in an arbitrary manner without any clear legal zoning standards set out as required under Zoning laws with due respect for The Constitution. This is seen as a returning of property rights in Seychelles back to the one party state era and an attempt to stifle debate in the country, and keep citizens at the mercy of the State.
XVII.    Human Sex trafficking carried on in 2013 as State remained in denial of the same. This is clear from testimony of airport staff collaborated with hotel staff in . The government has remained steadfast in denial. No legislation is in place to deal with this illicit human activity at the end of 2013.
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Contact Author:
Name: Christopher Gill
Tel: 248 2503990


  1. No information on this two US contractor who die in Seychelles,pp have sent something in Mauritius their family are patient waiting for the cause!

  2. US,UN if their not apply to international law sanction this government.

    Thank you.

  3. The Report was filed in detail, to address the Tier II status Seychelles has unfortunately been placed on.
    Tier II is a human rights caution or yellow warning sign to come into compliance.
    Unfortunately, the Seychelles Government has denied the past reports filed by the USA State Department.
    Consequently, State Department felt it is in the interest of Seychelles and its partners, that a more detailed report be filed in order to assess whether Seychelles should be down graded to Tier III status.
    Tier III status affects US ability to assist a State.
    The European Union follows the recommendations of the USA Country Reports when determining how AID is administered to a Nation-State.

  4. I live oversea, some time on the weekend I listen to SBC seen 35 years I left Seychelles,but this broadcasting are the same shit to listen you can its still control by those rat in power we call them dictators.I just listen to football commentator when my local team playing a international team after I shut it down.

  5. The Gurhkas cost the seychelles government over 150,000,000.00 scr. per year. Who is really paying for this, government of seychelles or Mr. Khalifa????????????

  6. Michel bumbo klaat oh ras klaat!.

  7. Gurhkas must go back home,can pp tell us how many they spend on Gurhkas?Thats why they are asking IMF more bail out.PP what Gurhkas are doing on our soil?Michel you don't trust Seychellios?Than Seychellios have no trust in you pp have lots of problems for a small island like this but Michel has no solution his solution is pollution bringing all kind foreigners to pollute the island.

  8. With SBC nothing had change like this wicked system will never change their mentality and will never stop stealing its peoples with corruption.

  9. Caption; The Seychelles GURHKAS-SAI.

  10. The pictures of the Gurhkas are totally outrageous. The photos speak miles on human rights violations and the culture of brutality by SPPF PL - using foreign forces to oppress and intimidate the Seychellois people.
    The photo with the AK-47 Assault Rifles in hand, is taken in a public housing development. The Gurhkas holding the AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLES are also pictured in the other photo wearing Blue POLICE uniform and caps that say POLICE.
    This shows a clear intent on part of the SPPFPL to use military level machine guns on the civilian population to curb unrest as it arises.
    The USA and EU should take steps to look into the matter, account for arms, and make a clear statement that assault rifles in a civilian setting is totally unacceptable. Additionally use of non citizens in the Police Force is patently offensive to democratic practice.

  11. Michel and pp your police are still brutal remove 5 teeth of this young man if its Gurhkas take revenge its time throw a bomb petrol at them when their are at sleep. Seychellios you don't know were those Gurhkas sleep.Seychelle police are putting their life of their family in danger.We don't have police in Seychelles police should protect the public not beating peoples.if it was one brother may be the next day some of their family was all ready feeling the pain in their ass also.Michel don't look for trouble,trouble will trouble you.

  12. There was a boy beaten by NDEA freee weeks ago now today in Seychelles today another young man beaten and 5 teeth remove from his mouth.
    Even those suckers at Seychelles Nation are same to publish this kind of picture and news in their shit new papers.I will make those bastard cops test their own medicine.

  13. No one can stop it!!I ask myselves were are opposition how long they will tolerate this kind of things that against our constitution.

  14. Police are there to portect indiviudals rights ,not rape individual rights.Police under Pp is nothing than state paid killers garb in police unifroms at the sevice of a gang fo crooks call PP ,that in the 21st century is becoming more brutal for they cannot stop the speed at which change is coming to them.Plice brutality might delayedto some extend the change on the way but cannot stop it.

    All police officers iwho rape police ethics.rules of alw ,and the country's constitutuion should be treat and deal with as criminal and therefore harshly punished.

    Chief-of -police thg QUARTRE should be the first to be made responsible as hcief of police and his inability,unwillingness to put a stop at the massive and growing abuses of indiivduals rights by thugs and foreign mercenaires.Dito ,Jusitce should be clean up from ofriegners illegally controlling our institutuions and pocket astronomic salry for being illegal and under qqualified and crooked as those who illegally employed them.

    I also vonluteer myself to be the vnext victim of PP criminals.I would like to see part of my family being brutalize,for i would asure PP,Michel /FAURE anyone that when this hape,hours later i would order my guys to go and remove the üaid criminal woh brutalized my family and axed his hand,put it in a bag and carry it to Michel/faure.I asure i would teach them the lseeon they never experrience in 4 decades of brutalizing Seychellois ,which also explain why they think they can continue wth their brutality and get away with it.

    Where are the lawyers representing those brutalized Seychellois ?why they ave fialed to speak out,work together,protest PP brutality on their clients?Why are RAM;VOCLER have their mouzhd zipped?Why is while UN recognize that we in a rogue terrorist state IMF,World bank continue to sponsor the crooked ,brutal ,regime?

    Seychellois.4 decades being slave under a handful of criminals is more than too long it is high time we screw those crooks.If you do not do it ,i will come to do it for you in 2016.Please ,donot cry out of the astrocities exercise by my guys n those monkeys.For,be sure when my guy get into actions ,they are not going to--Nogociate,give forgive,pardon anyone,accept ecuses from any donkeys--No their missions is cristal clear, namel search and execute all those monkeys. on the spot.NOT PRISONER---we refuse feedinbg donkeys and crimes.



    jEANNE d?aRC

  15. Gurhkas beat up citizens, SBC which is suppose to be Independent does not cover the event.
    Seychelles Today covers the event.

    Its contracts for advertisement will end.

    Its paper will eventually lose its license.

    The shareholders will suffer, because they exposed the Truth.

    This is journalism in Seychelles.

    We cover it on the blog, and we get slogged day and night for it.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  16. The police display of lawlessness typifies that we are in a dictaotiral police open prison.

    The situation has worsen and will continue to worsen unless Seychellois take a stand against this little gang of crooks by forcing them out and direct to Montagne Possee gulags.where their real home should be.The elvel of abuses are depply connected to the current stage monopoly capitalism ,which has deliverd high level vulnerability and high level of economic insecurity to increasing section of the population,along record profit to the coporate ruler and his small gang of clics.It is also a desperate attmept by the one-aprty state to intimidate the mass ofr there is clear signs that change is coming and could not be might be delayed for a while but cannot be stopped PP.Thise crooks are in fact afraid of change and the consequnecse they would face for their crimes.

    Yes,1) by taking their family members ,make them pay back for their astrocity of thier sons or duaghters "2)By amssive protest,3)by insuruing all cases non resovle are kept so that those responsible could in the fututec face justice----not punishing thme w,would path the way for future police astrocities),4)Take on directly on their suppririos be it Chief-plice .thug QUARTRE ,Morgan or any other officials who allow those brutalities to occur and never investigate the cases.Donot hesistate to deal harshly with Chief-of Escobar GOVINDEN --he is a main raper of justice and a main protector of Pp criminals.5)lawyers representing those many cases of brutalitiy should join forces to publicly oppsoe the kangaroo justice teemed with illegal foreign judges,and defence their clients rights,they could even write to Un asking then to open an Interantional case against Pp thugs,ask that Iternational orgaNIZATIONS SUCH AS imf;world bank FREEZE ANY MORE LOAN TO THESYSZTEM ,AND THAT UNTIL THERE IS REAl democracy.UN report jsutifed the orgue regime.Noe UN should act by asking those international organzations to stop any deal with Pp thugees,until real change take place.

    Un cannot on one hand criticized and confirmed this regime crokkness but at the same time tell us IMF and World bank actions are justified-.International huamn rgihts organizations should also deliver--we have heard a sinlge word of critic during te last 4 decades of Pp state terrorism,it is high time to speak out.

    Obama.when took office spoke about democraticizing Africa..well since he is in office Africa has known an increase of dictators and they have become even more brutal than ever.And nothing seem to stop them ,since Obama demonstrates a weak leadership,that which does not reflects USA traditional policy towards Intenrational crooks,dictators,toeeirsts.Dictatorship OBAMA is state toerirsm--what are you waiting for and the UN to declare dictatorship as terrirsm and start arresting those crooked leaders like MIchel,Kim,Castro,etc...once they cross their country's borders.

    it is time for U.ICC to publish a international arrest warrant ,targeting all dictators.Arrest them send them to the HAAG so that justice can be done.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. As to SCULLY,a mercenary --how we deal with him?Well,not though PP,but tough his country's justice---This is a guy working for a dicatorial system,committing atrocities on Seychellois-----a court case for participating in roganized toerrirism and support a dictaotiral system could be pen against him in IRELAND.This guy is abusing other huamn rights outside his homeland,but still he could be arrested,jail for his act of abuses committed in Seychelles.This guy can be punished under Irish Laws for his conscious action of pariticipating in organized crimes by a state.
    What SCULLY is doing in Seychelles is punishable under Irsh law-So Irsih governemnt should be inform of the present of an IRSH CRIMINAL on our ashores ,brutalizing Seychelles in return for money--which is consider organized crimes be it by state or groups.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  18. We are calling for sanction on Michel,Morgan,Adam,Faure anf others US,UN and EU to ban them crooks from traveling cease their acess block their offshore account for them to respect international.

  19. Police been brutal and aggressive themselves when on duty under alcohol their mouth smile only baka and on drugs corrupt fucking cops and seen foreign in Sey-police them sucker have become more corrupt and brutal.If their brutal you Seychellios brutal them family.They chose who to took out teeth.

    Akoz zot pa vin fer sa Praslin?

  20. I will wait and see if there is any case against those brutal gard-bou!They kill in police custody at Beau Vallon police station.There get away with it how long you will continue get away with crimes form 1977 until 2014 those wicked still at it.

    Kouyon gard-bo stop harassing peoples or you want to see action taken with your family or even your police station? one more time and the last time.

    If he has done somethings wrong its your duty to run behind him Seychelles gard-bou got none fitness condition to run to much dirty water like baka in their body just put their uniform and off for duty.

    You have to hit someone in his mouth and took out his teeth this in our society is unacceptable.Seychelles gard-bou have not learn how to keep their cool when working under pressure.During Brtish time our police caught those kind of training.

  21. I am less concern with SBC,but the illegal mercenaries from GURAKS,SCULLY and others illegally controlling our institutions of a soveiegn anation.No sovereign Nations wouls import foreigners to be judges,police officers ,Ambassadors in the place on Nationals.Thi foreigners should ealve our land immediately .or Seychellois should start chasing with axe.knives.harppons,by all means.Those foreigners have no rights to be controlling our institutions wahtever Pp's justifications.

    SBC is not idenepednece and no single instituions could be indnepednt unde a dictatorship else it won^t be a dictatorship should press,medias.people be free.SBc is the mouth of aprtileppe and that to advertise illegal Chinese and Indain celebration day,fake Carnivals,etc..... And all those monkeys lat SBC should be consider collaobrators and should face justice just like MIChel.Faure,Morgan ans the rests.SBC promote teorror,dispossion,sell out,foreign conolization and defence Pp's crimes.But the problem As UN report shows they cannot no longer hide thier crimes without being identity.

    It seem all is being under taken by FAURE to sdilence Seychellois--law to enter indivudual houses iwtohut warrant,arrest at will,even law to arrest drug addict by force on streets to send them unwillingly into a palce without their consent--or criminalization of Drug addicts--or defamtory law all that to protect the system ,a system that rule without the consent of the people.FAURE dream of being PRESIDENT .but he also know he won't be by free anf fair election,so he istrying to intimidate Seychelois before he took office from JAM and ensure Himslef on power.

    But FAURE,not this timw 2016 there would be two things---Free an d fair election or the use of force.And beleive me,should you allow to use the later,theire would be a blood bath --you will be executed on the spot like GHaddafi experience or CECESCAU .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  22. PP have 50 Gurhkas me have 100 hundreds EU special force inmate.

  23. There are no law in Seychelles that's why we have to break this jungle law and take the law in our own hands soon or later.if police continue acting like monster when approaching public.

  24. Mark Waro & Nikol Tiran thank you for exposing police brutality in Sesel. Now, Zen Paul Adam defend this !

  25. Although under the Constitution, the Commissioner of Police has full Police powers, Article 160 (1), and was intended to be a wholly independent officer without any political persuasion or favor, this article was copied from another constitution of a country where a Chief of Police is normally contracted to hold the post for a specific period of time. And the candidate is chosen by the recommendation made by the Police Board of Commissioners. But in Seychelles nothing is done democratically, the Chief of Police or Commissioner of Police as is known there, is chosen by the President, and of course it would be one who supports his ruling party and willing to be his lackey in every way for him to stay in his job for as long as possible. This is why Seychelles will always have incompetent Chiefs and unprofessionalism in the Force.

  26. Seychelles' modern history has been disfigured unfathomable acts of official cruelty and inhumanity.Literally,no one has ever been held accountable for crime acts that can be soberly described as monsterous.Today ,there is a diabolically cruel and wicked criminal enterprise masquerade as government that has continued the sadistic and barabrous legacy of impunity.

    Over the past decades and recently ,there have been massive documentation of gross Human rights voilation in Seychelles under thugees Pp.Yet,there has been not a single indenpendetly vierified prosecution of Human rights violation under the current dictator.No regime or government officials have been prosecuted for crimes aginst Huamnity.

    Ending the culture of impunity---i argue that convincingly that Donor countries and multilateral lending institutions providing "developemnt funds"have significant leverage against the dictatorship in Seychelles,and could help bring acccountability for Human rights voilations and closure to the culture of impunity.

    There are ways to pressure Pp thugees.Donors should deny Seychellois ministers a seat at Diplomatic tables.......IMF,World Bank and others should co-ordinate aid projects in Seychelles(ensure that money given goes to the people not in the pocket of the dictator and clics) and should ensure that International resources do not support policies that are anthema to Human rights values.....The Eu should aggressively enforce the COTONOU Agreement ,which requires nations that receive European assistance to repest Human rights,democratic principles,and the rule of law.The Eu and USa should weild more of the clout at the World Bank and other International organizations to link development grant to porgress of press freedom and Human rights.
    The Three vital porpositions:1)The indulgence and benign indifferent of the EU,USA and other International organizations are partlyresponsible for emboldening the dictator to continue to practice it culture of impunity.2)These same Donors and lenders hlod the key to ending that culture of impunity by making all non-Humanitarian aid to the dictatorship contigent on improvemnt in Human Rights.3)The dictatorship will continue to conjure up the specter of Huamn trafficking ,internal chaos to cling to power and pereptruate reflexive support from the Donors ans Lenders.We must make the Donors and Lenders take their moral responsibility for the complicity in the uidctator's Human rights abuses.We must do everything possible to get them to publicly condemn the regime's represssion and astrocities.Secondlky,we must demostrate to them with empiracal evidence(already proven by Un report and other precvious articles by SFP) that the iad nad loans they provide ,are pivotal in sustaining the system of repression and Human rights abuses.We must make convincing moral political and legal arguments that show the rule of law and growth of democratic institutions in Seychelles(as else where)will serve their long-term interests better than the expediency of supporting a regime that can sustain itself onl through violence nad brutality.In short,we must use all our resources to force Western Donors and Lenders to publicly choose bewtteen Democracy and rule of Law in Seychelles on one hand,and dictatorship and Huamn rights abuses on the other hand.That should be the cornerstone of our global advocacy strategy.

    ZERO tolerance for Pp culture of impunity.Those who refuse to learn from history should learn from their Constitution.If we donot learn from the burdensome legacy of impunity,we shall be condemned to porlong and tolerate it for ages to come.The old abage is ture in Seychelles case"The limits of tyrant are set by level of tolerance of those subjected to tyranny".The peopkl of Seychelles have tolerant ruthless dictatorship for FOur decades,.They are now hungra nad angry.They hungry no of food to sustain thier b odies,but also a Human rights culture enchored in the principles of rule of law,democraca and institutions to nuture their spiits.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  27. REPLY
    Indeed the People of Seychelles are thankful to Seychelles TODAY for doing the right thing, and exposing the ongoing GROWING culture of POLICE BRUTALITY advocated by James Michel, enforced by Joel Morgan, who is advised, by Consultant Mr. Raymond St. Ange ( ex- Seychelles TODAY writer) and they over sight the Police Commissioner in violation of Article 160 of the Seychelles Constitution.
    The culture of moving towards Authoritarianism is progressive since 1993 after the SPPF surrendered back the recognition of HUMAN RIGHTS. All that they accepted in 1993, they have crawled back to today, we are back in ONE PARTY STATE.
    People of Seychelles, today DAVID lost his teeth, tomorrow it can be me, I came close to an altercation with a GURHKA pushing his weight around on a random vehicle check that turned into pure harassment last month. I am not alone. Many Seychellois that are honest and hard working, are being harassed by the POLICE.
    If the POLICE do not respect decent citizens, if the POLICE do not respect the rights of even those accused, the POLICE loses the respect of the CITIZENRY.

    While the law should apply to all citizens, POLICE ABUSE and BRUTALITY should not apply to any single CITIZEN.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP)

  28. Wile Seychelles TODAy palys its role as press,and must encourage it fro helping expose PP thgutocracy.One must also recognize that Politicians and Oppostion leaders to the LIke of RAM:VOCLERE etc have done nothing in this regards.SFP even before Seychelles Today has been repeeatedly expsoing those abuses ,in all its forms.

    All Seychellois.Free-minded press Like Seychelles Today,and every individual has a responsibility to act and defence lberties and Human rights.I would encourage Seychelles Today to continue doing so,and call of RAM,VOCLER to join SFP is the fight instead of staying silence,which is a from of apporval to the system atrocity.I could imagine though,that RAM,VOLCERE have no comment,protest ot make against police brutalites in this Country for pp brutaitlies benefit them too.All those like RAM.VOLCERE who stay silence ,must be consider collaborators and thus support pp brutalities of citizens and they must be dealt with as Pp criminals.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  29. PP recruited GURKAS to deliberately butchered Seychellois.mercenaires are not just illegal but costing Tax payers mollions.PP use Tax payers money to mercneaires to murde,brutalize tthe Tax payers .ONLY despots ans dictators recruit mercneaires.WHY?Because they do not want an important well-tranied indiginous army capable of toppling thmeon their door steps.So they will argument that well-trianed para-milatry(NDEA)with compliment the mercenaires.This of course,is a justifiable expense and hencemany mercenaires will find employment with despots and dictators.

    Michel governemnt has implemented UAE policy of recruiting Mercenaires to do their drity jobs.UAE it is beleived to has an army of 65.00 men of whci h90 percentage are>GURKAS(ut there is no public figures,their numbers are kept secret),which probably those in Seychelles were trianed and sent to our sohres by Khalfia the despot friend of Michel the Butcher.But alos the policy of recruit expats is an idea of KHALFIA---IN UAE ONLY 20 PERCENT of Citizens are real EMIRATES(and 10 percent Arabs) ,the rest are all foreigners who came as EXAPTS workers decades ago and were not controlled but simly abuse as cheap slaves.After decades of abusing others, KHALFIA has now realize that his country has been taken,teemed by foriegners and he cannot send them back .a situation that KHalfia and Michel want to create in Seychelles.As KHalfia the reeasopn to use GURAKS ,mercenaires is to ensure that the majority do not topple them.the only way to do that,is recruit mercenaries who often from the wordl poorest countires pay them to butcher citizens in return for money.

    We want to see all GURAKS and other mercenaires like SCully out of our country and that immediately without any conditions.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  30. rECRUITNG MERCENARIES TO MURDER A SOVERIEGN COUNTRY CITIZENS,Is consider a crime by Internation COnventions,.GENERAL ASSMEBYL RESOLUTION 44/34fo 4 december 1989.ENTRY IN FORCE20 OCtober in accordance with article 19. So the recruitemnt of mercneaires by PP is not only Nationally illegal but Internationally.Another abuse by pp terrirists.

    UN REPORT ,did not even condemn that, but instead said,GURAKS were recruited ti help police.We are soveriegn,there could be no justifications,and UN presentative should have known instead ,that the use of mercneaires is illegal and according to UN CHARTER.

  31. NDEA is the cover,the umbrella under which KHALFIA has disguise his personal army in order not to attract our attentions.It is the replacememnt of his Navay the,one he wanted to base (with mosque)in our SGC base.To keep them active(not to get bored)Pp creates NDEA disguise as special unit to fight DRUG DEALERS8Not that not a single hard drug dealer has ever been apprenhended---reason--if NDEA apprehend them ,then NDEA would in a few months be out of job for their would be not escobar left.NB miCHEL TOLD US HE KNOWS THEM ALL.iN OTHER WORDS,IF ndea WOULD APPREHEND Pp hard drug dealers,NDEA would have nothing to disguise itself under to hide its real identity and thus must be closed,Closed means,Khalfia would not be able to stationed his army call GURAKS on our shores.

    NDEA is a criminal state orgnaized criminal gang,at the service of KHalifa to protect pp.The plan is simple--give Khalfia all he wants and in return he would protect,sponsor and ensure that Pp stay on powerforver:For the longivity of PP ,is alos the longevity of Khalfia on our shores.No Democratic governemnt would ever allow foreigners like KHalfia ,Chinese etc to rape our soveriegnty,dignity of our people unless you a crooked dictatorial dictaotiral regime.

    and of course ,GURAKS who are illiterate NEAPLESE and very poor would not hesistate to butchered for money Peole who are not theri family members ,something a National might feel more reticent to do or even refuse to do or turn on PP itself.

    Mercnearies have not palce and nothing to do in our soveriegn country defnce ofrces.They must leave our land immediately.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  32. Yes it is planned ,In fact Pp follows amd implment the same policies as in UAE.For instance,UAE imported mercnearies from Nepal/GURAKS,or Pkistan..SUNII)as mercnearies to butcher Nationals ,but also gifted thme pasports in order to create an artificial balcne in regards to SHIA who are the majority.And in order to ensure that there is not risk of Coup.All army members are made of foriegners.The policy does not stop here,-USing EXapts also is part of the policy whic hsi not to use them as cheap slave workers but also to wit time give them passports ,make them artificial Nationls to create a balance in popualtion thus allow Pp to win elections forver,and use those fake Seychellois as a kinds of TRIBE;CLANG group that could be use to create chaos,as we see in CREMEA in case Pp is in danger of being topple.The use of foriegners as MABASSAODRS;JUDGES alo part of a bigger strategy of enslavement of our people by both PP and Khalfia in order to rob us from our land.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  33. It is a shame that we are still too frightened to make ourselves known when we criticize the state of affairs in Seychelles! So many dictators have already fallen in many places in the world and why not in Seychelles?What is this power they wield over the people?


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