Observation of Father Wavel Ramkalawan

Lent is approaching Father Wavel says, it is time for penitence, self- examination and so on. Yet he has a million rupee case against Mr Christopher Gill. It seems to me that Father Wavel is loosing faith. It pains me to read such beautiful written sermon and knowing from what I have observed he isn't what he preach.
Father Wavel said ' It is a fitting time to see how the Christian leaders of our country approach forgiveness and give their fellow humans a second chance in society.' Does it mean he is going to drop the case against Mr Gill? Would he finally unite with Mr Gill?
Father Wavel said, ' Lent is a time of forgiveness and compassion.' Is forgiveness and compassion comes with a price tag of one million rupees? Please help me understand, because everything Father Wavel wrote is not what it seems. Is it just me or is something wrong somewhere?
Father Wavel said " We need new hearts if we are to be agents of change. Let our Christianity be not a philosophy, but a way of living". How can anyone be agent of change if there isn't UNITY?

Another interesting paragraph of Father Wavel's sermon :
I ask the Christian leaders in power today to ask them- selves a very simple question when they are faced with is- sues in performing their duties:
“What would Jesus do if he was in my place?”
Father Wavel, I have a few questions for you Sir, do you think that Jesus would have sued Mr Gill? Do you think that Jesus will say to his fellow men ' do not give legs to a snake? Do you think Jesus is happy about this law suit? Depriving two young children of their parents hard working funds, just to satisfied your pride?
You were a very well respected man Father Wavel, where and when did you get so lost? I feel like a fool for believing in you all these years and it sadden me having to spill out what I did, but you leave me no choice! Please consider unity! It is never too late to do what is right! Be the man of God that you were suppose to be, try and stick to what you preach. Words isn't enough, because words are just that ' WORDS' ! Take your sermon to the next level; ACTION! FORGIVE & UNITE FOR HEAVEN SAKE!

Written by Sesel Nouvel (SNN) 


  1. This is a real shame for the entire opposition. Father Wavel you have made a big mistake and you will destroy SNP over attacking and suing Mr. Gill. Be prepared for the worse if you do not practice what you preach we are all looking at you with suspicious eyes.

  2. Very suspicious indeed. Wavel is opposite everything that drops from his mouth. If that man was his words Seychelles would have been a better place, all opposition would have been united.. It is such a shame that Wavel is driven by money and sex.

    To me it looks that only SFP has the heart and ability to change. SFP admit when they are wrong, they look back at their past mistakes and bring change.

    As for the rest they are all about big talk from empty barrel..

  3. I agree that Wamkakawam have made a big mistake, SO HAVE SFP WANG SANG.
    Seychelles Freedom Party is a bunch of stupid asses that do not get along. They keep fighting among themselves like cats and dogs.
    Check out Christopher Gill's page for example, Sang Wong has displayed himself like a ' headless mother hens' running from ' HE to SHE' trying desperately to identified SNN and sabotage the group page which happens to be the only supporter of SFP, isn't that ironic?

    Seychelles freedom party died before it started due to malfunction, it will not get any better than failure after failure. Even Jean Paul has move on to better change leaving the damn asses behind. The proof is in the pudding that Sang Wong baked on Christopher's page. If we do not comment on your wall it does not mean that we are blind it means that we are not flies to lay on disgusting shit. GET A LIFE YOU GUYS. Toll prove us that you are not a coward submit my comment for I have more to say.

    1. We are a democratic political party where people agree to disagree. We are not a bunch of yes-man like they have in SNP. We do not stifle people's ideas and expressions just because we do not agree with one another. May this be a lesson to you idiot.

      Kindly let us know who you are next time so i can publish your comment.
      Stop being a coward.

      Gary Tall

    2. SFP are people with a conscience, if they do not see eye to eye is because they all want what is best for the Seychelles. Which mean they are stronger than all those yes Sir thank you Sir! And by the way we do have a life, one that is like a thorn in the butts of those selling our patrimony.

  4. Sshhhh! What going on now?


  6. In his big ,overseized Galsses and moustache RAM seems inspired back then by the person of STEVE BIKO---it is amazing how this little turncoat ,evolaated into a stooge and wicked.

    THe dafamtion case is nothing than a game of high -stakes poker,where you rack up years costs on an unpredictable outcome.

    Now.PUBLISH --means any communication to a third part.

    -Publishing includes statememnt on the Internet,newspapers,letters to the editor and meida releases etc...and even spoken by somebody to someone else.A COOMUNICATION DIRECTLY TO A PARTY YOU ARE CRTICISING CANNOT BE DEFAMTORY.

    -Any person or organization who contributes to defamtory publication ,including by distributing or publishing,reporting,reproducing someone else words,cannot be held liable for damages.E;G if you talk to a journalist you have published comments to them,they republished them to their editors,etc..and the editor reproduced it for the community.
    YOu,the juornalist are all potentially liable.
    _IN RAM hypocracy,it is clear the dafamtion case is politcally-motivated ofr it is one way of silencing thier oppostion-----RAM definitely think ,it could rob CHRIS for some millions by using a kagaroo court recently criticized by UN -
    for incompetency,corruption,bias,illegal etc..)where all are ruling party affilaites and slave on the system.This is the thugery of a failing gangster governemnt and its stooges,and intend to defame in away, SFP and distort its leadership,.It is in fact ,a personal attack against CHRIS ,(a loved public figure) intedning to discourage people from beleiving in the figure and supporting his cuases.The problem RMA/PP SPF is loved and it wouold be difficult to discredite a honest person ,love by the people.YOu know why the people love him--He is truthful,sincere,a patriot,a freedom loving person,quality that crooks do not have.

    The presence of politics in criminal case is like the proverbial elephant in the living room.

    Inrernational bodies such asUN--OSCE have recognized that the threat posses by criminal defamtion laws and have recommended that they are abolished .----Fro instance the OSCE has called for the abolishion of all laws that porvide penalty for the defamtion of all public figures or which penalise defamation of the state or state organs.The UN,OSCE;OAS, SPECAIL MANDATES have gone even further, stating"Criminal defamatory is not a JUSTIFABLE restricvtion for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION;all criminal defamtion laws should be abolished and replaced ,where necesaary with civil defamtion laws.

    The most effective defence aginst accusation of defamtion is the TRUTH,which is an absolute defence aginst case of defamtion.RAM must pove on his part that his lies are truth.something diffcult in deed to prove.

    Finally RAM needs money he can no longer pocket from PP.to sponsor his lavish lifestyle and pay VOlcere his due for being lapdog.

    My piece ofadvice to RAm and Volcere is guys you should find a real life,and stop sucking tax payers blood dry.

    RAM should remove this defamtion case brought agisnt Chirs,which is absurb and in fact would further tarvnis RAm own tarnishing image further.The people understand those scam game palys by corrupt,wicparty.s stooge to keep the salary and prolong the system that feeds them.

    It is high time you reconciliate and ask forgiveness to your own conscinece RAM you shameless hypocrite.YOu will inherit the wind together with Michel and pp dog.

    Jeanne D?Arc

    1. Jeanne, this blog is registered in the United Kingdom and beyond the jurisdiction of the Seychelles Judiciary.

      Ramkalawan has no leg to stand on. Gill will make him look stupid in court. He should have done his homework.

      Gary Tall

  7. RAM inspired by S .African FREEDOM FIGHTER STEVE BIKO above and RAM the multi-millionaire Priest who turned crook,playboy,an active member of PP organized teorrirst group,a hypocrite,wicked below.Should not RAm ask for ofrgiveness for his wickedness,and give back all the millions he illegally pocket from PP,robbed from Tax payers' coffer?Should RAm pays his ANYMONY to all those weômen he secretly had children with,and show some morality,be a responsible father at least?

    Father RAm you a disgrace,a shame to your religion,to the people who beofre support you and put their faith in you including part of your family members vicitim also of the system and your action RAM..
    You^re a coward dog?

    Jeanne DÂrc

  8. Oh Gary, I asked you to keep this to yourself.
    On the matter of Mr. Issac. I would like everyone to recall, that we cleaned up the SFP with the departure of Mr. Isaac who submitted a voluntary resignation after smashing a for the third time, a 470,000.00 truck to near pieces and after he was charged with reckless driving, DUI with equivalent of 30 beers in his system, according to the Police, which he personally attributed to RUM Chocolates.
    This incident was on the heels of his famous meeting with El Matri, wherein I advised him not to take any money from this man.
    In politics, people come and people will go.
    What must stay is the steadfast adherence to the principle of SESEL POU SESELWA, which the SFP has kept alive, and the MSR has brought back when PL SNP and DUP forgot all about this founding principle.
    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Thank you all for your kind words of support, but most of all, thank you fighting corruption and helping to lift up Sesel Pou Seselwa, when so many are ready to sell it off for cheap Bubble Gum slogans.

    Kind Regards,

    Christopher Gill

    1. Mr Gill, sometimes in life it is hard to keep the truth to oneself. I have spent two weeks with your family at Ile Des Palmes and i came to the conclusion that Mr Ramkalawan will never be a man like you.

      Your dedication to your business, your employees and your family brings Ramkalawan to shame.

      For a man who was brought as a child in such difficult circumstances and to rise above all the woes proves that your are an extraordinary person.

      This is what Seychelles needs.

    2. amen to this! It will not be today it will not be tomorrow but one day you people will regret not listening to Mr Gill. Do not say that you have not been warned because you have!

  9. This is not the first big mistake by RAM.Bit this time around is not even a mistake but a politcal tactic in an attmept to inhibit critical opinions.SFP is a pain in the ase for SNP .It has exposed the stooge opposition party to the extends that it cannot even hold a public meeting for most su'pporters have vanished anf turned SFP supporters.

    Can an opinion be defamatory?No RAM/PP,by merely labelling an opinion does not make it defamatory.
    Is there a different betwwen reporting on aa private and public figure ?Yes.The private figure claiming defamation.

    RAM thinks that by Binging Chris to court his tarnished reputation would be paintbrushed and give him a new image.But the problem the people have long indetified his crokness,treachery,fools game he just canot gain back the people's heart and his action aginst Chris would probably tarnished furthermore his ugly image and person.This smear tactic would fail as RAm has failed himself.
    The truth is no slander RAM!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. 19.06

    It is amazing that PP/RAm are so concern about what you call STUPID ARSES----You have noted also that you are yourself a stupid arse for you cannot make the different between educated indivivudals and under equated individuals like your masters Michel,Faure,MEriton,Mitsy.

    You amazing how you demonstrates your stupidity---SFp is not fighitng or been fighting with any other Oppsotions,but simply asking them to deliver be real and stop faking ans playing the stooge.RAm ANd VOlcere on the other hands are paid ,pamper by Pp to divide the Oppsotion for a divide Oppsotion is the toolthat could nesure PP victory not the legitimate of the voters.

    That RMa And Volcerego around on SBC to take about change,freedom but refuse to UNITE all Oppostion to defeat Pp is what you can cqall stupid arseholes.
    SFp is the force that is dettering PP and his gang for freely committing their crimes on the people of Seychelles.SFP works and exposure of Pp and his ilks SNP-DP has been supported by Intenrational bodies like USA,and the recent UN report of which you have a copy below on this blog.Stupis arses are those who do not understand the definition of ANNEXATION like PP for they think RUSSIAN illegal military control of part of a UKRIANE is not annexation but indepednece probably.

    Andyou knwo ,what against your stupidly even God is helpless.To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of an ignorant.And you know what bro,it cost ot be stupid like you,the stupier you become the more costly it become.Look at waht RAM stupidity has cost Seychellois ,4 decades of Slavery,bankrupcy,corruption,dispossion,organized International crimes,etc....And it we donot stop stupid people like your likes,we are doubt to end up as modern slaves.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. We are Seychellois, and Seychelles belong to us! We want our freedom back! We are Seychellois with a purpose and our purpose is not to be slaves to UAE! We want to continue with our religion belief, we want to continue to speak the language we were born to speak. We want to continue dressing up into our native fashion wear and we do not want having to wear a vale over our faces.
    We want to know why President Michel keep on lying to us. We want to know why Ram will not unite. We want to know the truth and we want it now!

  12. Thank you for your comments and support. My life as you know has never been easy.
    I was born in difficult circumstances beyond my control. My Father was Mickey Mancham, my Mother was married to founder SPUP Peter Gill.There was great rivalry in those days between the two sides.
    I have always strive to be just, seek truth, and do the right thing. It has been a compass in my life. Sometimes, doing the right thing is hard, sometimes it is painful, but it must me done.
    Life was never suppose to be easy for me.
    It never will be, but we must not seek comfort in life, we must seek to leave the world a better place for our children and their generation. I live by that.
    Once again, thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Christopher Gill

    1. No Mr Gill, it is us that should be saying thank you. Thank you for showing us what PL and those false prophets are all about. Thank you for exposing truth.

  13. Seychelles was one of the most peaceful country to live,it had no ethnic,religious,racistical conflicts --Pp has imported those problems to our shores--by importing thousands of expats,illegal selling of our passport,patrimony------We see Mosque being illegal built by Arb on our christian land,Illegal foreigners being gifted our patrimony,passport sold to foreigner who now vcan claim part of Seychelles as theirs.Hindu expats being allow to proccession our christain streets with Hindu religious celbration, or Chinese expats celebrating illegal Chines/Seychelles day,etc..etc...

    We need to reduce expats,stop the illegal building of mosques on our shores,sillegal sell out of our patrimony and passport who give foreign rights as Seychellois when they not Seychellois and sme illegally present on our shores.

    What we heard in Malaysia case namely foreigners traveling on Illegal passport--it is just a question fo time before we heard foreigners traveling on illegal Seychelles passport(This would not be illegal for Pp teorirsts sold thme illegal and have never inform INTER POL and given a list in order that those passports illegal distributed to potentail terorists are cancelled etc...

    RAM ANd VOCLER---the seperate two-evel soul.--LAURELL and HARDY in thier comic show.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  14. I no longer cried for my little island in the Indian ocean, I look, I read, I laugh and I thank God that I am blessed from being far away from that place I used to call home .
    I look, I read I laugh and wondered if Seychellois will ever see evils for what it is. Give me Tall and Gill with their big mouth anytime of day, they are real! But please do not give me a fake priest.

    When Wavel left Seychelles wanted to be priest was just a fake move so he can escape from his own devious sins. When he came back, he came back with the idea of becoming President. Nonetheless wavel keep on preaching what he cannot practise & writing sermons on Face Book bullshitting his members and supporters.. Wavel said let us pray, stupido closed their eyes and prayed. By the time they open their eyes the bastard became priest millionaire. What a clever fat cow!! wahahahaha You Seychellois people have a lot to learn. The only one that can save your asses is Gill, the man you will love to hate! The man that dare expose one and all. Cheers to Tall and Gill!!

  15. When Wavel left Seychelles to become priest, he was only escaping from his devious behaviour.

    When he came back he said ' LET US PRAY' so stupido Seychellois closed their eyes and do exactly like Wavel have asked. By the time they open their eyes Wavel became a priest millionaire laughing all the way to off shore banking!

    When will Seselwa see those stooges for what they really are.

  16. We are like the children of Israel living 40 years in a dessert, wandering, lost, looking for guidance from God.
    In1992, we follow Papa La Bab, ex Playboy, cum Buffon.
    In 1998 we followed Father Wavel cum Priest Millionaire.
    Then in a vile way, the SPPF shove PDM down our throats, and chaos reigned.
    Only Christopher Gill has made sense every step of the way.
    Thank you, and we are grateful someone open our eyes.
    Wavel shame on you. You make me sad for our Church, I only wonder what else lurks behind those robes.

  17. Being a responsible,honest ,genuine leaders are never easy.Crooks would bombard you nostop becuase truth hurt,expose them,Mnedela,Gahndhi and many famous leaders experience the same difficulties.Mnedela was even called a Terorist by his enemeis and those who wanted and warshgip division,racism.

    cHRIS HAVE ENEMIES---- When one has enemies is always becuase he stand for something.The good things about it ,it those enemies each time they react,attack they prove how the person they attack is successful.Chris has made enenemies not in the population but in the handful Pp gang simply becuase he tells them the truth.

    As stated in GALATINAS."Those people are zealous to win you over,but for no good.What they want is to alienate you from the US(people)so that you may have zeal for them".

    The critics,defamtion cases open against Chris,slanders,all are proofs of his success,his popularitiy,which create jealousy,anger of those who would like to be loved,have people rally behind them but donot have the intlelectual ability,capacity,talent,charisma,than Chris to entice people and amke them rally behind poe person.

    it all about talking the truth RAM.It is about being honest,about being a real patriot,about loving freedom,and about caring for one people.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  18. When he says let us pray, chain down your girls and wallet! Do Not Close your eyes.
    How many people have given him money and lived to regret it? Now PL invites them to conferences.

  19. Wavel is cowardly and in disgrace leading his supporters to the doom.

  20. Its becoming a fashion on the island Seychelles politician suing each other may be RAm is thinking suing Gill to get rid of Gill for him to continue acting like politi-chien lafen for more fat salary this lazy cunt.Gill is a pain for him and other fake politcian, Ram kote I fer mal ek ou egoist priest.

    Thank you Gill for exposing those rat race.

  21. Mrs Wavel needs to come forward and tell us what Wavel is all about.

  22. Reply To 09:09

    I need no thanks for exposing PL regime and the poison they set for Ramkalawan and company.
    This is my duty as a Freedom Loving Seychellois to expose malfeasance with Public funds,abuse of position, and compromising Seychelles opportunity for real change.
    If speaking the Truth is an actionable offense, then I am ready to face multiple defamation suits and counter suits as they come.
    I only ask that Seychellios unite in cause, for a better country, and step forward everyone, to help the Seychelles Freedom Party deliver Freedom to our people.
    I thank those who are stepping forward every day, to help, and carry the torch of Freedom to its rightful place . When one runner drops from the race, it does not mean the race is a bad cause, it means someone else must rise to the occasion, to take the torch forward. That someone, is you and I collectively.

    In the meantime, I ask you all to exercise restraint and pray for Father Ramkalawan, that he will place his ego aside, and start doing what really Jesus would do in his actions, as he has vowed when he became a Priest of the Anglican Church.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellios!

  23. Who is Wavel walking with?
    Is this the proposed new First Lady for 2011?

  24. Ram have to come forward and tell Seychellios why he don't want to unite.

  25. He cannot unite because if he unites, he cannot make deals with PL SPPF like David Pierre. This is where the money is for sell outs!
    Can Ram afford not to work with SFP if he was serious about change? No.
    Can Ram afford to not deal with Gill when Gill is obviously smarter then his whole congregation ? No.RAM A Duck!

  26. Wavel is about to sue SNN for defamation. If I was SNN I will quickly close the page.

    1. bring it on dada wavel!

  27. SNN has posted an article on matters of Public Interest.
    SNN has quoted the writings of Ramkalawan as he wrote them.
    SNN has question the veracity of the statements in the Public Interest.
    If Father has turned into an egg shell head plaintiff because his supporters are sick of being shamed, then Father needs to find another way.
    SNN asked Father to ask himself: "what would Jesus Do" in this case with Christopher Gill , and follow through with it.
    Do not let us down Father.

  28. "Cry Baby Wavy" cannot take the heat in a cool kitchen. What will you do when it really heats up.

  29. Hardy is crying alone!Where is LAUREL(volcere) is time around?

  30. It is apparent now most of RAM's strategies are failing badly.
    1. He and Volcere DP sat through the Reform, hoping PL would give them some kudos when SFP boyocot because PL broke their commitment to send SBC and their leaders- failure.
    2. POA has turned into a fiasco which they must now take before a court, when they should have taken it to the streets.
    3. Politics of division is backfiring as SFP has proven resilient and SNP is imploding under RAM.
    4. Fake profiles have been an utter failure.
    What next RAM?
    How about asking the SAMOAN CIRCUS to come to town and sell tickets?

  31. The pair of galsses RAm is wearing looks similar to that of MOA.What he inspired by MAO?Even CARLOS known as ESCOBAR wore the same model.

  32. Never mind about the glasses. He could wear bigger ones if he wanted. We just expected more from him. In the end, he has just taken care of himself. Its all about him and he forgot about the country and the people. He is fine pensioned out with money guaranteed for life. what about the rest of seychelles, what guarantee did he achieve for us expect for death , torture, taxes.


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